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From: Roni Bell Sylvester
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Subject: Climate Change in Homemaker's Language

Climate Change in Homemaker’s Language

By Roni Bell Sylvester © 2013


Politicos pitch so damn much gobblygook and psychobabble at our heads, our brains are turning mushy. We don’t know who the hell to believe. 

The biggest gobblygook psychobabble is this thing Politicos call Climate Change. They tell us spankingly, “You bad boys and girls have brought us a hot rock called Climate Change. Although we cannot prove your breathing has caused hot rock, we are compelled to tax and ax you until you stop…breathing.”


Here’s an immediate example of a tax and ax push in Colorado. Some in the 2013 Legislative Session are conjuring the idea of designating a chief tax and axer to be a “Climate Change Chief.” They claim this position will save Coloradoans millions of dollars and lives.


But, they refuse robust debate between anthropogenic global warming (AGW) believers (see Al Gore) and any scientist whose findings are contraire. A big red flag!

And against Colorado’s constitution “withhold your vote if you’re to derive any personal benefit,” they instead lap up funding from government funded green energy entities. Another red flag!


Yes indeed. This is all too confusing for me, much less most of us who are not astrophysicists, climatologists or politioists.

I’m just a plain ol’ homemaker who requires laying everything on the table until I can see the whole picture.  Not unlike laying out a dress pattern, I take the words as pattern and fabric as fact, then pin both together until they fit “perfectly” (as Mom would say).  After cutting the fabric, I un-pen the words, stitch the fabric into a dress, make fitting adjustments and hem to the “just right” length.


Here’s what I laid out on the table; though a teensy bit, it still packs a wallop!


5500 BC – 2750 BC Cucuteni (Ukraine -Trypillians) and the Tripolie (Russia) cultures possibly ended because of “Climate Change” – that may have brought droughts that devastated farming.

1500 BC - 1300 AD  Anasazi   (Four Corners area of the United States ) abandoned the area and moved, possibly due in part to “Climate Change” – that may have brought droughts that subsequently diminished food production.


100- 940 AD Aksumite (Eritrea and northern Ethiopia) a combination of drought, Nile River changes and “Climate Change,” likely contributed to the culture’s demise.   

7000 BC - 3300-1300 BCE Harappan or Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) (Pakistan and western India) the decline in this culture is linked to “Climate Change.” Because the Indus Valley Civilization encompassed the largest land mass, it holds the distinction of being the largest known ancient civilization.  Its farming relied upon monsoon seasons without irrigation infrastructure, and when the monsoon shifted eastward, the water supply dried up.

1400 - 1600 Droughts occurred in the lower and central drought in lower and central Mississippi.

1721 - 1736 Droughts in Iowa

1850’s-1890’s North America was subjected to three major droughts.


1930 to 1936 North America’s Great Plains area suffered devastating drought.


1950 to 1957 Texas was subjected to its most severe drought to date (2013).  


1988 (100 years after the Blizzard of 1888) Wide spread drought qualifies as the costliest natural disaster in the history of the United States.


15,000 to 25,000 years ago: Number one flood in North America (Oregon and Washington states).

Actually, the Ice Age holds the record for at least three of the most major floods in world history.


When I stood back and studied the whole picture, huge questions jumped out! Where were the Coal plants and breathing humans who drove SUV’s to them?  When hasn’t climate changed?

What would a Climate Change Chief change?  


I saw an ugly fit. What do you see?


Roni Bell Sylvester

Volunteer Editor