The Soda Water Scare

26 May 20122.

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With the failure of "Global Warming" the climatists have concocted a new alarm – the soda water scare.


Their computer models are forecasting that the oceans, which weigh 300 times more than all the gases in the atmosphere, are being turned acidic by the 0.0012% (12 parts per million) of man-made additions to the carbon dioxide (CO2) in Earth's atmosphere.


CO2 is a natural gas that dissolves in water.  The amount absorbed depends upon how much CO2 there is in the air, and the temperature of the water.  CO2 dissolves best in cold water and is expelled as the water warms. And far more would be absorbed if there was 100% CO2 in the atmosphere above.


When concentrated CO2 gas is bubbled under high pressure into ice cold water much CO2 dissolves, producing acidic soda water whose pH (acidity) could be as low as 4. This is 1,000 times more acidic than pure water whose pH is a neutral 7.


But oceans are much warmer than that and atmospheric CO2 is at much lower pressure. Therefore in the open ocean, pH seldom gets below 8, ten times more alkaline than pure water.


This weak soda water could only be described as "acidic" by someone pushing an alarmist agenda. There are no measurements that show that the pH of the ocean is changing more now than in the past – only models. In historical terms, atmospheric CO2 levels are now close to record lows. Corals and other ocean life have flourished in atmospheric levels of CO2 far higher than today's.


We are told that the tiny bit of natural soda water in still-alkaline sea water will dissolve corals and shells, kill fish and create oceanic mayhem?


If soda water is so dangerous, then how come people consume it in copious amounts in beer, scotch and fizzy drinks?


All plant life, on land and in water, flourishes if CO2 is added to the currently meagre natural supply. All ocean life depends on the availability of CO2 that feeds algae, plankton and other sea plants.


To suggest that today's minute supply of plant food in the atmosphere will cause an acidity crisis in the oceans is baseless scare mongering. The computer models used to forecast this disaster are no more reliable than those that have failed to forecast global temperatures for the last 15 years.


The soda water scare is not about ocean acidity. It is part of a scheme to drive fishermen from the Coral Sea promoted by the same people who want to force graziers from the grasslands, foresters from the forests and miners from the coal fields.


Like so much in Australia's politicised research industry, too much ocean research focusses on designing computer models to manufacture crises which are then used to justify locking up the Coral Sea and hobbling coastal industries and development.


The new frontiers for ocean research are not along lazy tropical beaches or beside Coral Sea resorts. The secrets to past and future climate changes will be found by real observations in the deep oceans along the mid-ocean rifts where periodic volcanism will have massive effects on oceans, atmosphere and global climates.


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on Climate Change

and Earth’s Plant and Animal Kingdoms



This is a very useful presentation of simple graphs illustrating all aspects of the global warming and carbon demonization scams. Well worth printing in colour for close study:




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Germany faces some painful Truths on

Green Energy


No modern industrial society can function without reliable electricity supplies; and it cannot compete in the world without low cost energy. Greens pose the greatest threat to reliable low cost electricity supplies.


Germany, more than any other country, has led the green/global warming hysteria. It is therefore appropriate that Germany is now starting to reap the dividends from that destructive chapter – soaring electricity costs and now the real chance of blackouts during the next cold, windless, gloomy winter.


Germany has access to four proven and efficient methods for generating electricity:



However, German Greens oppose construction of any new coal, nuclear, gas or hydro plant; are forcing the closure of nuclear plants; would like to see closure of coal plants; and oppose exploration for shale gas in Europe.


What do they expect to keep the lights on in Germany? Wind and solar energy.


Fritz Vahrenholt was a hero of the German Greens for decades. He wrote a best-selling book on the dangers of chemicals in the environment, became a "Senator for the Environment", advised Shell on improving its environmental credentials, was CEO of a wind energy company and, until recently, was in charge of the renewable energy division of RWE, Germany's biggest energy company.


However he has suddenly fallen out of favour with the Greens because he wrote a book:

"The Forgotten Sun – Why the Climate Catastrophe is not taking place".


In this book he concludes that the IPCC has underestimated the role of the sun in determining earth's climate, failed to forecast the fact that world temperatures have been on a plateau for 15 years, and ignored the natural 60 year Pacific Decadal Oscillation.


Vahrenholt has also learned some painful practical lessons about green energy.


He relates a story on how RWE invests 1.2 billion euros in renewable energy but that huge investment generates unreliable energy and no profits.


"What Germany is doing now is incredible. Although we get the same amount of sunlight as Alaska, 800 hours a year, we have installed 50% of the global solar PV capacity. With all these solar roofs we generate only 3% of our electricity but it is costing us 8 billion euros a year! And this will go on for twenty years because of the feed-in tariff. One of the arguments is that it’s generating jobs but this is only partly true, because nowadays 85% of the panels are coming from China and the US." He describes the difficulties solar energy causes to the grid, and the negative economics of buying electricity when it is expensive and being forced to sell it, sometimes at negative prices. "Our current approach is a dead end".


Vahrenholt also notes that "Only Europe, Australia and New Zealand are taking measures against carbon dioxide but these countries emit only 14% of the world's total. . . . we're destroying the foundations of our prosperity . . . and putting at risk our automotive, steel, copper, chemicals and silicon industries."


The European Energy Review has a long thoughtful article on the message that Fritz Vahrenholt has for green energy "experts" in Germany (and Australia).
It is well worth reading carefully:




See also: Germany fears de-industrialisation:




German Energy on the Wrong Track


"Indeed I think we (Germans) are on an awkward energy path.


"To give a few examples: on twenty per cent of our agricultural land we are growing energy crops, mainly corn. This monoculture is endangering natural diversity. We are burning wheat to produce bio-ethanol. For the first time in forty years we even have to import wheat. Importing food like wheat for energy use, is that really the solution we want?


"Several federal states (Lšnder) are opening up their forests for wind energy with dramatic impacts. For each wind turbine you have to cut a hole in the forest of five to seven hectares. To build a turbine of 80 tons you need big cranes and a road through the forest. A lot of forest will be destroyed and many animals, like bats for example, will be killed. The fear for climate change is so big that the Germans are even sacrificing their forests."


Fritz Vahrenholt, Chemist, Environmental Campaigner, Renewable Energy Executive, Author.



The Wheels are coming off the

Wind Energy Gravy Train


Marita Noon, writing in "Right Side News", summarises the sad state of the wind industry:


The wind energy industry has been having a hard time. The taxpayer funding that has kept it alive for the last twenty years is coming to an end, and those promoting the industry are panicking.  Perhaps this current wave started when one of Big Wind’s most noted supporters, T. Boone Pickens, said in an MSNBC interview, “I’m in the wind business…. I lost my ass in the business.”


Michael Liebreich of the research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance says, “With a financially stressed electorate, it’s really hard to go to them and say: ‘Gas is cheap, but we’ve decided to build wind farms for no good reason that we can articulate.’”




Green Companies Crash and Teeter


The Renixx index is the first global stock index of the 30 largest renewable energy companies in the world. This index has lost 90% of its value since 2008. Seventeen companies once in this index have already filed for bankruptcy and fourteen more are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. This is mainly caused by the progressive withdrawal of subsidies.




Rallies to "Smash the Carbon Tax".


The Gillard/Green carbon tax becomes law on 1 July 2012. To show what we think of this tax, protest rallies are being organised in major cities by CATA (The Consumers and Taxpayers Association) and supported by the Carbon Sense Coalition and other groups.

Rallies are planned for Sunday 1st July 2012 11.30am in Canberra, Sydney (Hyde Park) and Brisbane (King George Square). CATA is suggesting people buy a blow-up baseball bat to indicate their displeasure:


For more information see:


The Last Word

Three Inconvenient Facts

Providing the Green/Gillard government lasts that long, it appears that the carbon tax will become law on 1st July 2012.


For the first year or so, the promoters and beneficiaries will try to silence all opposition.


The first weapon will be bribery – give a special exemption or handout to everyone who complains.


The second weapon will be threats. Businesses who complain that the carbon tax has forced them to increase their prices will be threatened by government attack dogs.




The third weapon will be government propaganda. Climate commissioners, CSIRO, the ABC, the green politicians and all the alarmist apologists such as Greenpeace and WWF will come up with daily stories of climate scares or green energy subsidies at work.


Sceptic voices such as "Carbon Sense" will struggle to be heard above the din.


But, sitting there, like Vultures on a dead tree watching them struggle in the swamps of reality, are three inconvenient facts:


  1. There has been no global warming for 14 years:


Global monthly average lower troposphere temperature (thin line) since 1979 according to University of Alabama at Huntsville, USA. The thick line is the simple running 37 month average.



  1. There is no evidence that carbon dioxide controls global temperature.

  2. More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will have huge benefits for all life on earth.


Opposition to this massive stupidity will never cease. Please help us spread the word.


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