The Galileo Movement

I have just returned to NZ from a month in Australia, wife and I had dinner in Brisbane with Malcolm Roberts and his wife - I also had a business meeting with Malcolm. This is the second year we have spent time with them. In a word, Malcolm is a brilliant person, and he is determined to upend the fraud he sees surrounding this whole global warming issue - in science, the IPCC, government and business.

The objective of the Galileo Movement :
is to not only stop the Oz carbon tax (leading to carbon trading) - but to ensure that it can never be resurrected !  This is a tall order, as everyone knows, but the leaders of this 'movement' are dedicated to it. Case Smit and John Smeed personally financed Lord Monckton's Australian lecture tour last year,  for example - they have financed setting this effort in motion. They are both retired, their interest is in re-establishing honesty in science and government !

Malcolm has told me that they will need to raise over $200,000 to break into Australia's mainstream media with their message. Is that a big deal ?????????????????   Actually, no, because it is just $100 per each of 2000 people. This is the perfect chance, folks, a real David vs Goliath scenario - don't miss out on being a part of this - donate here :

Share this message with all your contacts, and ask them to do the same. 

Sincerely, Ken

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