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    EU Referendum
    Sunday, December 26, 2010

    Snowfall, ice, Arctic-level cold and all the rest have caused major disruption to the UK infrastructure in the last few weeks, not least because our gilded civil servants have been looking in the wrong direction. And they still are.

    Thus we learn from a report published today by Defra that the UK’s infrastructure will “struggle to cope with climate change”. “Floods, rising temperatures and higher sea levels threaten the UK’s road, rail, water and energy networks between 2030 and 2100,” it says.


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    Consumers will have to learn they cannot expect cheap heating and lighting and to go where or when they want as floods, rising temperatures and higher sea levels threaten the UK’s road, rail, water and energy networks, it says.

    Dear God. The country is grinding to a halt NOW, and they are still prattling about global warming in the period 2030 to 2100? These people are truly off their trolleys. They are seriously mentally ill.

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    8 Responses to “In the land of the morons”

    1. amicus curiae Says:

      DEFRA= Joke, much the same as USDA does.
      they are all for GM and chem use as evidenced by accepting funds from Bayer for bee death research, that disallowed tesing for poisons as a cause.
      GM plants are supposedly( they arent) able to cope with heat, forgetting they need More water and chem, so they must push the warmist claptrap to satisfy their controllers ie big agri.
      see todays NYTimes for a stunning example of doble speak over Siberias forgotten snow??? causing the cold i the Nth and anything else they can cobble into it.
      so? if siberias been snowy for some years? why? are we told that the permafrost is melting?
      typical bullsh*t with no truth and lotsa spin for the warmist agenda.

    2. roderick usher Says:

      >>>Dear God. The country is grinding to a halt NOW, and they are still prattling about global warming in the period 2030 to 2100? These people are truly off their trolleys. They are seriously mentally ill.<<<

      Yes, that's precisely the way it is. But what else can you expect when ideology trumps science? And when leaders such as Al Gore look to the "bottom line" to fatten their net worth? When that happens, all the rest of the rank-and-file care about are their pensions. And, regrettably, those are about to go up in smoke, as it dawns on taxpayers that they're financing an Elite Privileged Class of government bureaucrats who now have the best of everything, while the private sector get relegated to Second-Class Citizenship.

    3. metoo Says:

      Find personal solutions, share.

    4. Pacal Balam Says:

      It’s probably the climactic finale as predicted in the final chapter from the book of moron…

      MARK OF THE BEAST Reply:

      Predicted and known by millions of people who walked the earth 40,000 years ago. Those that understood astronomy, gravity, and electomagnetism. Another group knew the importance of the sun. As we approach end times science and religion merge in an elegant fashion.

    5. Frances Says:

      It is the Ice age today.

      MARK OF THE BEAST Reply:

      Not a big one although large enough and long enough to reduce the population as the NWO has mandated with a little help from BP. As I said this summer, The North Atlantic Conveyor has failed. Goodbye Europe. Russia and China shall align themselves and march across Europe unopposed as they head for the final showdown on the straits of Migitan. America will join Israel and it will be a very bad day for planet earth.

      I don’t want to hear any anti-semitic remark from biggots. There are tyrants of every creed, race, and nationality on this planet, and they all form the NWO. Evil does not descrimate.

      There is an event coming on Januay 1, 2011 (1111) for you numeroligists. I will not post it until Thursday afternoon.

    6. MARK OF THE BEAST Says:

      What do you expect from a group of peole who worship money and were led by Adam Smith to a big lake which he declared to be an ocean. They were misguided from the start. Of course biggomists were glad to join the march toward the city of sin. Every good Mormon had five or six wives who were treated like chattel. They treated their wives like any good peace loving muslim would.

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