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The Last Fling of the Thermophobics?

1st December 2010


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The Carbon Sense Coalition today called on Global Warming Minister Combet to conserve carbon fuel by not attending the “Last Fling of the Thermophobics at Cancun”.


The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, said that to waste any more tax dollars or tonnes of carbon on this stupidity was an obscene extravagance.


“For 20 years now the thermophobics of the IPCC have been trying to shock us with dire threats of global warming.


“But if they are so scared of warmth why do they go to places like Cancun for their annual office party?


 “Cancun is a lovely tropical beach resort – warm weather, azure seas, white sugary beaches, great reefs and fish, amazing lagoons, a whole strip of massive resorts and cocktails by the pool. Definitely not a hardship location - perhaps they realize their party is coming to an end and want to have some fun before they are pushed off the gravy train?


“If they really want to cure their thermophobia they should have their next conclave in Archangel or Murmansk. And it should be supplied only with wind and solar power. Let them see and feel the deathly grip of darkness and ice.


“Maybe they would learn that life has nothing to fear from warmth or moist air richly laden with the gas of life, carbon dioxide.


“What we all need to fear is a frigid, dry and carbon deficient atmosphere and the remorseless advance of silent, sterile, life-extinguishing ice.”



Somewhere in Russia, mid-winter early 2010.


For more pictures of global warming in Europe see the source of the above photo at:


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Permanent Crises – Permanent Control


“Permanent crisis justifies permanent control of everybody and everything by the agencies of the central government”.


Aldous Huxley, 1958






Solar Panel subsidies:

A billion dollars to provide cheap electricity to wealthy households


A billion dollars that could have been used for housing, schools, hospitals and health programs was drawn into solar subsidies to provide electricity that could have been produced in far cheaper ways.


There is no sunnier first world country than Australia. If solar was going to be a raging success anywhere, surely it would be in the land of the Sunburnt Country. Instead the Australian government has poured in more than a billion dollars to install solar panels on the roof tops of private homes.  It’s a text book case of misdirected spending. See:



Quick Comments from Readers:


Hi Viv

Saw your article on ClimateRealists re Boycott Cancun Circus.


Keep up the good work.

I have added your site to my 'Fav' list.

Al Shelton

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



You will be pleased to hear that your release below was printed in full by the Jakarta Post today. It was also top item on the double width column on the left of the page.

Rgs Ken


Carbon Tax


Gillard and the Greens are still determined to introduce this before opposition can mount.


A carbon tax can do nothing at all in the short or medium term to alter emissions – trucks and planes will still fly unless they have secretly invented solar trucks and planes. Power stations will still generate power unless they have worked out how to get the sun to shine at night and the wind to blow steadily 24/7. Some trucks, planes and power stations may go broke or cease operating, and costs to consumers will definitely rise further.


Our only hope is that the Gillard-Green Coalition will collapse because the Greens will not support Gillard unless she agrees to their draconian emissions cuts targets.


Then again, maybe we should hope the Greens win that argument. The effect on the economy, jobs and living costs will be so dramatic that the fragile government will fall and hopefully the carbon tax will be swiftly repealed.


So, those big business vested interests supporting a carbon tax need to be warned – there is a very high political risk for those investing in solar/wind/ethanol/carbon credits etc. What can be introduced by one parliament on a lazy afternoon can be repealed just as easily by another. Shareholders should keep an eye on such companies to make sure they have adequately reported on and insured against this very high investment risk.



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