The media focus is on Abbott and Gillard.

But the real battle is for the marginal votes and the marginal seats

in both houses of Parliament. That is where the election will be determined.

Here the preference deal between Greens and ALP threatens to give the Green minority a major say in Australia’s future. They could hold the balance of power in the Senate, with veto power over either side. (There may already be a deal with the ALP on what is passed on Global Warming.)


If you think we need to have some sense on Climate and Carbon,




Who should get your No 1 vote?

Naturally “Carbon Sense” recommends those parties with Carbon Sense.


Our No 1 recommendation is “The Climate Sceptics”,

with Senate Candidates in every state.

Check this site for candidates:



After that, almost every minor party except the Greens is sceptical of the idea that we should try to remove carbon dioxide, the Gas of Life,

from our atmosphere.

The Nationals and Family First have vigorously opposed Penny Wong’s Ration-N-Tax Scheme Scheme in the Parliament and deserve support.

As do Dennis Jensen & Cory Bernardi, who are consistent opponents of Carbon Stupidity.


The DLP and the Liberal Democratic Party have sensible carbon policies.

And there may be other minor parties and individual candidates with

Carbon Sense.

And despite Greg Hunt and Malcolm Turnbull,

the Liberals have more Carbon Sense than ALP,

so the ALP should be second last.


In summary, number every square,

put those Parties with Carbon Sense first, and



None of the Climate Sceptic Candidates will get exposure in the big media.

So we must spread their word via the internet, letters, and personal contacts.

This is a crucial election.

Please make a Special Effort to Spread the Word.



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Climate Control is futile.

Be prepared or be sorry.


The Carbon Sense Coalition today called for an end to wasteful spending on attempts to change the climate by taxing and rationing carbon.


The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, said that man will never control climate.


“Noah did not blame cooking fires for the flood – he built a boat before the rain came”.


Forbes explained:


“It’s time to stop wasting money trying to control the climate – this will be no more successful than slaughtering sacrificial goats, even if tax payers and electricity consumers are to be the goats.


“Man will never control the climate. Wealthy societies can and do improve their local environments of air, land and water. But to think that trading carbon credits, taxing carbon, or subsidising carbon geo-sequestration, wind towers or ethanol production will improve our climate is delusionary.


“Temperature forecasts from the many climate models continue to disagree and be proven wrong – they cannot predict next month’s weather let alone next century’s climate. Earth history shows that hungry global cooling is just as likely as benign global warming. No matter what computer models say, we will do what generations of our ancestors did – adapt and make the best of whatever Mother Nature deals up.


“We will always have extreme weather and natural disasters – floods, droughts, earth quakes, bush fires, heat waves, blizzards, cyclones and storms have been part of the human experience since the flood of Noah and the earthquake of Jericho.


“However, like pagans of old, power seeking politicians advocate sacrifice of jobs, assets and industries to appease the climate god.


“Sensible people prepare to cope with calamities. Instead of wasting billions on vain attempts to prevent a rainy day, it is cheaper and more effective to just buy an umbrella.


“The first need in any natural disaster is disaster proof infrastructure and equipment that can be called in to help the threatened area – flood proof roads, railways and airstrips plus helicopters, bull dozers, fire trucks, tents, bedding, trained emergency manpower and adequate stored food and water. Only a strong economy can afford such preparedness.”


Our advice for today’s climate alarmists is:


“It is better to be rich and prepared for anything, than to be poor and overwhelmed by everything”.



Making Things still Matters.


Climatism and green tape are strangling productive enterprise in Australia. We are starting to resemble an overhead in search of an income.


The climax of warmist silliness is the proposed Citizens’ Climate Assembly which will hold several gabfests and draft a long wish list of contradictory conclusions. This report will be filed in the big cabinet with the IPCC, CSIRO, Stern and Garnaut scare stories and the travelogue reports on the many climate excursions to Copenhagen, Bali, Rio, Kyoto and other hardship locations.


Innovators in Australia are now preoccupied with making innovative submissions to ensure they get on the receiving end and not the extraction end of the Big Carbon Redistribution Schemes. Everyone wants a share of the green subsidies without paying a share of the green taxes.


All the time, expanding Marine Parks are strangling the fishing industry, forests are turning into National Parks, handcuffed graziers are watching protected scrub and carbon forests smother their grasslands, cultivated cropping land is diverted to producing bio-fuels for cars, irrigators are denied water, landowners may not build on their land, mineral explorers flee overseas to escape Australian taxes and red tape, while politicians debate how quickly they can close our coal mines and power stations.


Only a rich pampered society like Australia could countenance such widespread destruction and silliness. For most of the world, life is a daily battle for food to eat and energy for warmth, lighting and cooking.


Since the days of the wool boom and the gold rush, Australia has always survived by making the raw materials essential to civilised life. Our future does not depend on our ability to manufacture red tape, invent climate models, trade carbon credits or to run a Citizens’ Assembly – we will rely, as we always have, on our creators of primary wealth – miners, farmers, foresters and fishermen and those who process or add value to their products and service their needs.


Every new tax on these people, every no-go zone and every bit of green tape reduces our ability to pay our way, provide for our dependants, support our bureaucracy and afford the luxury of environmental care and concern.


Making things still matters.



Comments Authorised by:

Viv Forbes
Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition

MS 23   Rosevale, Qld, Australia

Bio-Bug - the Car for Canberra has been invented.


Bio-Bug: A car that runs on methane gas produced by human waste has been launched and its makers claim drivers cannot tell the difference. See:





Bed Bugs for Breakfast?


If you thought Ross Garnaut was joking when he suggested that graziers swap cattle and sheep for kangaroos, look at what the Green Gremlins at the UN have in mind for us. Concerned about the global warming which they say accompanies meat production (and having failed to sell veganism) the UN is to call a 2013 World Congress to promote the eating of insects.



Finally, the Voltswagen


America’s GM (Government Motors) has produced an electric car for the beautiful people who vote green.


Subsidised at every turn, this car is still just a toy for the wealthy. This what Kenneth Green, an environmental scientist at the American Enterprise Institute, says:


"Like the EV1 that GM tried to peddle in the California market, the Volt is a vanity car for the well-off that will be subsidized by less well-off taxpayers at all stages, from R&D to sales and to the construction of charging stations."






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