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OK - do you want to know who I think is doing this to us???????????????????  
Do these entities control our media?? Our banks and governments?? 
We will have to fight smart - because they are holding the Aces - Ken

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Subject: Letter to Editor - carbon dioxide

Dear Ed

Didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I read your article 'EPA  set to issue health warning on carbon dioxide' (AFR 20 Feb). How about a health warning on water vapour, or oxygen?

When I came to the paragraph near the end of the article 'A major challenge for renewable energy producers is how to efficiently store the often-transient power harnessed from the sun in daytime and the wind on gusty days' I knew the reporter either had his tongue in his cheek or his foot in his mouth.

The real problem with these 'renewables' is not how to store energy, but when there is no power to store - rainy days, gloomy days, smoke from bushfires, dust from volcanic eruptions (yes folks, there are volcanoes still erupting in the southern hemisphere) can neutralise solar cells, and the wind doesn't always blow when you need it.

Life on Earth depends on this wonderful gas called carbon dioxide. Where is the evidence that it is harmful in concentrations even two or more times those existing now? What is the mechanism its detractors claim can cause global warming? Water vapour is the principal 'greenhouse gas' by a huge factor.

The 'global warming' industry is perpetrating the greatest scam in the history of mankind. Do we have to destroy our Australian economy by imposing emissions trading, or caps, or taxing carbon dioxide, while the emerging economies smile in the sidelines and happily buy out our resources at fire sale prices?

John McRobert

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