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We still need your help. The Senate vote has not yet occurred, and even if the Wong Ration-N-Tax Scheme is defeated, the Liberals still need backbone support on the matter of Global Warming and all the foolishness surrounding it.   



Viv Forbes



Carbon Sense


Opposing pollution of the atmosphere and the mind. 


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“Fuelling Future Famines.”


This generation of pampered westerners is the first tribe in the history of the world that seems determined to destroy its ability to produce food.


The history of the human race has always been a battle for protein in the face of the continual challenge of natural climate change. Nothing has changed for this generation, except the wildfire spread of a destructive new religion that requires the sacrifice of food producers on a global warming altar.


Food creation needs solar energy, land, carbon dioxide and water. All four food resources are under threat.


Eons ago, long before ancient humans learned to use the magic warmth locked in coal, millions of woolly mammoths were snap frozen in the icy wastes of Siberia. They are still being dug out of the ice today.


In the last few weeks, in a mild repeat of this past climate disaster, massive snowstorms have killed millions of domestic animals in Mongolia and China. The capacity to produce and distribute food has been decimated across the top of the world from Northern Europe and Russia to North America. When orange groves in Florida are damaged and Texas gets six snowstorms in a few weeks it is obvious that nature is damaging the world food supply.


Solar energy produces all of our food. Those who follow the sun are already recording a dramatic change in sunspots, which tend to reflect solar energy. This seems to indicate that the current frigid conditions affecting the Northern Hemisphere may not be an isolated weather event but may be a harbinger of natural climate change.


Global warming has never been a problem for mankind. But global cooling is a killer.


Australia can feed itself and is a major food supplier to the world – beef, mutton, cereals, sugar, dairy products, pork, chicken, eggs, seafood, nuts, legumes, fruit, vegetables, beer and wine.


However green extremists, supported by foolish politicians, are gnawing at the foundations of Australia’s food chain. And the biggest threat today is Climate Change Policies.


Land is an essential ingredient to most food production. All over Australia, uncontrolled regrowth of eucalypt scrub is silently reclaiming our vast grazing lands, the source of the lowest cost beef and mutton in the world. Generations of graziers have created and maintain these grasslands against the ever present threat of capture by woody weeds. Now their hands are tied and their land is being stolen by global warming politics. The suffocating scrub will soon pass the tipping point, beyond which grasslands are destroyed and the land is no longer capable of food production.


Land sterilisation is also occurring via the stealth of Wild Rivers, World Heritage and other lock-away-land policies.


Even more food producing land is lost by policies that subsidise people to grow carbon forests in the stupid belief that this will somehow improve the climate by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Trees, grasses, sub-soil critters, grazing animals and carnivores are all part of the same carbon cycle. If one life form gets to monopolise land and carbon resources, it is detrimental to other life.


Still more stupid are market destroying policies that use government mandates and subsidies to convert food producing land to growing ethanol for cars. This has already caused massive dislocations to markets for corn, sugar, soybeans and palm oils. Forcing people to convert food into motor fuel is not a sensible policy and always adds to food shortages.


Carbon dioxide is the breath of life for all food production. Imagine the stupidity of trying to capture this harmless will-o-the-wisp in order to bury it in carbon cemeteries. Luckily for our food capacity, this suicidal policy of carbon capture and burial is unlikely to succeed.


Finally, let’s look at water, the life blood of all food production.


Australia probably has access to more water per head of population than most countries in the world. However, decades of government mis-management have made us more vulnerable to every drought. Many government policies have encouraged the waste of water resources.


There are huge unused water resources across the north from the Fitzroy River in the West to the Flinders River in Cape York. Most of this water is untapped and unused because of government anti-development and land sterilisation policies.


In the south, other silly government policies have supplied water for “free” to the cities. Anything free is wasted. Because of urban demand, food producers are now being denied water at any price, but there is no real price rationing in the cities.


When natural climate change in the Northern Hemisphere is combined with political climate change in our southern food baskets, the real crisis creeping up on the world is not global warming caused by industry, but global famine caused by politicians. 


As Genghis Khan said wisely “Only a foolish horse fights with his feed bag”.



Warmth supports Life. Ice is lethal.




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Viv Forbes

14 Feb 2010




Viv Forbes is Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition. He is a geologist, soil scientist, financial analyst and farmer who has had experience in government service, politics, mining and grazing. He and his wife own a small grazing property and own shares in a small coal exploration company.  He is self employed and lives with his wife on their farm.


(PS They installed their own pure wool ceiling insulation in their home at their own cost 20 years ago.)






The Monckton-Plimer Tour of Australia



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There are Two Dead Elephants in Parliament

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The People’s Network beats the Media Monoliths and the Government Propaganda Machine


The climate consensus promoted by Big Business, Big Government, Big Media and Big Academia has come unstuck. The shoddy work and partisan promotion by IPCC and its cronies has been exposed, the romantic idea of powering the world with sunbeams and sea breezes has collided with engineering reality, and the public has caught a whiff of the true meaning of green politics – taxes, ration cards and big brother controlling every aspect of our lives.


But it has not been mainstream media illuminating the dark corners of the global warming castle – it is the fast moving people’s media – the internet and the blogosphere. Independent thinkers, retired scientists, amateur detectives and ordinary voters are spreading information and changing public opinion.


As Matt Ridley of The Spectator notes:

"Despite 20 years of being told they were not just factually but morally wrong, of being compared to Holocaust deniers, of being told they deserved to be tried for crimes against humanity, of being avoided at parties, climate sceptics seem to be growing in number and confidence by the day. What is the difference?

"In a word, the internet. The `climate consensus' may hold the establishment -- the universities, the media, big business, government -- but it is losing the jungles of the web. After all, getting research grants, doing pieces to camera and advising boards takes time. The very ostracism the sceptics suffered has left them free to do their digging untroubled by grant applications and invitations to Stockholm."

Like Tom-Toms in the jungle, each picking up and repeating the message with the speed of sound, so do our supporters grab every message and send it in spreading circles of communication at the speed of light.


Thank you to all those who keep the Tom-Toms beating. We are starting to write the agenda. Now we have to change public opinion and initiate corrective actions. We oppose real pollution, and support energy conservation, but all the green tape strangling our industries and our freedom will have to be repealed.





Wind Power Fails in USA


According to the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University, nearly $2 billion in money from the American Recovery and Investment Act has been spent on wind power.


The goal was to further energy independence while creating American jobs.

It has done neither.


It has created very few jobs in the US, lots of jobs in China.


As for helping the USA to achieve energy independence, wind has failed miserably. After decades of subsidies, wind provides only 1% of US electricity compared with:

·         49% for coal,

·         22% for natural gas,

·         19% for nuclear power and

·         7% for hydroelectric.


Wind turbines generally operate at only 20% efficiency vs. 85% for coal, gas and nuclear plants.


Investors Business Daily, Feb 11, 2010






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