30 Jan 2010


Dear Jack


We have just finished two days of listening to Lord Christopher Monckton and Professor Ian Plimer in Brisbane. Superb presentations by both men at three separate functions, and a remarkable turnout of people. Hundreds turn up. Every function was packed out, with people turned away. The media was usually absent, but that is changing as they see the crowds roll up. And almost no hostile comments.


Congratulations to the backers and organisers of these marvellous functions and to our loyal supporters for so efficiently spreading the word. We are creating our own media outlet, thanks to you.  People travelled hundreds of miles to attend. I met many people who were only names before. The only complaints we got were from people who were turned away from the doors.


So make sure you grab a chance to attend the functions still coming up, and make sure you roll up early. Take a media person or politician with you.




Contact the local organisers to make sure of times and places. Spread the word.


On another matter, if you have time and energy, could you please make a comment (good or bad) on the article by journalist John Mikkelsen in the link below. We need activity and visibility everywhere:





Finally, next week is crucial to the defeat the Ration-N-Tax Scheme Bill (mis-named the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme) which will probably appear again in Parliament. Turn the heat on possible Liberal defectors.


It’s also time to encourage some defections from Labour ranks. Tell them of the huge enthusiastic turnout of ordinary men and women for the Monckton-Plimer meetings in working towns like Newcastle. Many were union members concerned for their jobs. Light some fires under some old Labour mates still living in the past with the Green Fairies.




Viv Forbes
















5th June 2009


“We are not about to fry.”



The professional purveyors of panic in the Global Warming Industry continue to scare impressionable children and politicians with tall tales. Their most gruesome story is that earth is about to reach a tipping point, causing runaway warming, after which we all fry.


There is no evidence to support such scare mongering.


Levels of CO2 in the atmosphere continue to grow, while solar activity and world temperatures continue to fall - no evidence of tipping.


Moreover, the past tells us that the current mixture of gases in the atmosphere is not unusual or extreme. How these gases behave will be governed by the laws of physics and chemistry, whatever they are.


Although our views of the laws of science may change as knowledge grows, there is no chance that the science changes - just our understanding.


If the atmosphere contains much the same levels of gases and vapours now as in the past, then the chemical and physical reactions will be the same as they were in the past.


In the past, CO2 levels were five to 10 times higher than now and there was no tipping point.


Therefore CO2 cannot cause runaway warming. Past experience has proved it.



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Viv Forbes

Chairman              The Carbon Sense Coalition

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