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The Global Warming Jig is up. We must now go on the offensive. Please pass this around.


Viv Forbes



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Please spread “Carbon Sense” around. Talk to friends and neighbours. Keep sowing the seeds.


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“Time to go on the Offensive.”



Like the British Eighth Army in North Africa in the 1940’s, climate realists have been in continual retreat since the Climate War started.


Led by Al Gore’s trained regiments using Nobel prize gunpowder, backed by academic and government snipers using manipulated temperature data, financed by endless conveys carrying tax payer funds, reinforced by a steady barrage of scare forecasts from the media and legislative carpet bombing from pliant politicians, the Green Army looked invincible.


But suddenly the tide turned.


What started with the Climategate scandals was followed by the defeat of the Ration-N-Tax Scheme in the Australian Senate and the defeat of the IPCC in Copenhagen. Then we had the IPCC fraud regarding Himalayan glaciers and the serial failures of the weather forecasts from the alarm-promoting British Met Office. Now data manipulation scandals are unfolding in USA, New Zealand and Australia.


And finally, with the sound defeat of a key Obama Senate candidate in USA, we are seeing the end of the climate equivalent of the long Battles of El Alamein.


We hope Churchill’s comment is apt today:


“Before Alamein we never saw a victory.

After Alamein we never saw a defeat.”


We must not relax after these small victories. In Australia, the Rudd/Wong/Turnbull Axis will never surrender. Already there is talk that the Greens, supported by Turncoat Liberals may allow the Ration-N-Tax Scheme to pass in the Australian Senate.


It is time to go on the offensive.


What can we do?


We must alert people in politics, business, government, media and the unions that they face a revolt of their supporters, shareholders, consumers, customers, employees and staff if they provide uncritical support for the global warming agenda. Specifically:




This battle will be international and Australia, Canada and United States are key battlegrounds.


As an example of what one person can do, here is part of a note I received from a US voter exulting over the defeat of the Obama Senate candidate in Massachusetts:


“By the way, Viv, over here the "cap & trade" legislation is all but dead. It was passed by the House of Representatives by a thin margin, but has no chance in the Senate. One reason being the electorate is boiling pissed off and the left is very afraid.


The member of congress from this district (CA Dist. 45) voted for cap & trade. I phoned her Washington and her local office, and sent an email addressing her uninformed vote, adding that I will work and contribute to her opponent in the coming election. I know a half dozen others in this district who did the same. One friend even drove out to her local office in Palm Springs (200 mile drive) to speak personally. Of course she wasn't in the office, but he sent me a photo of the front of her office with himself and other angry constituents.


Our district rep here is a Republican! One of 8 Repubs who voted for cap & trade. I'm carrying out my pledge. I met with her opponent in the next election, contributed, and today I'm walking the neighborhood to gather signatures to get him on the ballot for the June primary election. If he wins that (he will) then it's on to November.


Within a mile's walk of our house, we have 117 registered Republicans to sign up. There are 15 others doing the same today in their neighborhoods. We have to have 3,000 signatures but are aiming for 6,000 to get Clay on the ballot.


This is a new phenomenon to have conservatives attending rallies, walking to gather signatures. I've never seen anything like it - it gives me great optimism.

Regards EFK, California



Persistence alone is Omnipotent


“Victory is a matter of staying power.”


 Elbert Hubbard



Listen to ninety seconds of very plain talking from a new breed of politician in the EU:


As Malcolm Roberts put it recently, in plain words, the alarmists need to be told in a loud voice:

“The Jig is Up.”






“Rudd – Promising Poverty or Blowing Hot Air?”



A Statement by Mr Viv Forbes, Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition, Australia.

22 Jan 2010


The Carbon Sense Coalition today claimed that Australian PM Rudd was either promising poverty for his grandkids or blowing hot air.


The Chairman of Carbon Sense, Mr Viv Forbes, said that in Copenhagen, PM Rudd advocated cutting production of carbon dioxide by at least 20% by 2050.


He added:


“However, back in Canberra, PM Rudd says Australia’s population will increase from 22M now to 36M by 2050.


“A bit of simple maths shows that he thinks our grandkids can exist on just half the carbon energy per person that we use now.


“But the PM also promises a nation building program of rail, road, and port construction. What fuels are all these new vehicles going to use? Is he expecting nuclear powered trains, solar powered trucks and wind powered bulk carriers?


“The Copenhagen Rudd is promising a poverty stricken future for our grandkids. Or maybe the Canberra Rudd is just a lot of hot air.”


Viv Forbes

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Moving Cattle at Helen Springs, NT. Will cities get their food using Solar Powered Road Trains?



Read Dr Walter Williams on the Global Warming Religion:


For a good summary of the Global Warming Debate listen to John Coleman of the Weather Channel:


For the unfolding story on how temperature records have been manipulated worldwide to enhance the Global Warming story see:


Finally, make sure you swell the crowd at one of the Monckton-Plimer meetings around Australia:




“Carbon Sense” is a newsletter produced by the Carbon Sense Coalition, an Australian based organisation which opposes waste of resources, opposes pollution, and promotes the rational and sustainable use of carbon energy and carbon food.

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