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“Conned by Tricksters”


1.     The Tricky Turnbull-Rudd Coalition

Look at these two quotes:.


Kevin Rudd at the Lowy Institute on November 6:


“The overwhelming need for Australia to tackle the great challenge of our generation is being frustrated by the do-nothing climate change sceptics. My message to the climate change sceptics, to the big betters and the big risk-takers, is this: You are betting our children's future and the future of our grandchildren.”



Malcolm Turnbull on ABC radio's AM, 27 Nov 09:


“This is not a game. We are talking about the future of our children and their children, we're talking about the future of our planet. The vast majority of Australians want to see action on climate change. The issue boils down in the mind of the Australian people, which party can we trust to take effective action on climate change?”


Turnbull has already used trickery to frustrate the majority in the party room who wanted to at least delay the Ration-N-Tax Scheme.


Now Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull have devised a another tricky plan to get the CPRS Bill through the Senate on Monday 30th November, the day before the Liberal party meeting he has called for Tuesday, where he is expected to be blasted out of office.


The plan is to move the guillotine in the Senate on Monday where the ALP’s 32 senators will be supported by Turnbullite Liberal senators in sufficient numbers to pass the guillotine. Once that has been done the CPRS Bill will be immediately put to the vote, and the same coalition of ALP and Turnbullite senators will pass the Bill.

This is indeed a cunning plan and demonstrates the length of trickery to which Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull are prepared to go together to impose this monstrous regime of command and control on Australia.


There are a number of Turnbullite Liberal senators who, right now, are being targeted as potential cross-overs. If they succumb to this pressure, they will provide the Rudd Government with the additional numbers required to pass the guillotine, and the CPRS Bill, before the Liberal Party-room meeting on Tuesday.


They include Senators Michael Ronaldson, George Brandis, Sue Boyce, Judy Troeth, Maris Payne, and Helen Kroger. Telephone calls to their Canberra offices from 9 am tomorrow would be very helpful, as of course will emails today.


Senator Steve Fielding and Nick Xenophon may also need encouraging.


The generic email address for senators is


Malcolm Rudd and Penny Macfarlane will agree to anything to get this monstrosity onto the law books. Once there, it will be very hard to dislodge, and very easy to ratchet up the tax rates and eliminate the concessions and exemptions. (When did you last see a significant tax abolished?)


The people who deserve support in the Liberal Leadership battle are Tony Abbott, Kevin Andrews, Nick Minchin and Andrew Robb.



2.     Temperature Trickery



Watch for the “Scare a Day” Campaign.


“Like most people we’d like to see the world a better place, which in this context translates into our working to reduce the risk of potentially disastrous climatic change. To do that we need to get some broadbased support, to capture the public’s imagination. That, of course, entails getting loads of media coverage. So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have”.


Stephen Schneider, one of the original alarmists, Discover Magazine, Oct 1989, pp 45-48


Climategate has alerted the world to what sceptics have known for years – the temperature record has been so tainted by chicanery, poor records and secret adjustment anomalies that it needs an independent enquiry to determine what is really happening to global temperatures.


There are three major problems, all of which have served to give the appearance of more warming than has occurred.


The most notorious problems result from deliberate manipulation, adjustment, cherry picking, and truncation by the Climategate team in UK and USA to produce dramatic but false temperature graphs (starting with the notorious “Hockey Stick” graph).


For a taste of what Climategate is all about listen to:


For info on the Hockey Stick Fraud see:


These revelations alone are sufficient to justify abolition of the discredited IPCC and abandonment of its climate congress in Copenhagen.


More adjustment questions concerning the New Zealand temperature record have been revealed recently by independent investigators.




The second major problem concerns the temperature recording stations used to create the averages. With the fall of the Soviet Union, many recording stations in frigid Siberia have been abandoned. As these records disappeared, the averages naturally rose, creating an appearance of more global warming than has occurred.


The third problem concerns the lack of adjustment for urban heat bubbles that have expanded to engulf many previously rural temperature recording stations. When rural temperature records are examined in Australia, England and USA, the alleged warming disappears.


For Australia see:


For UK see:


For USA see:


Urban warming is real, but it is not caused by the minute trace of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is caused by concrete and bitumen heated in the sun, air conditioners pumping heat from buildings onto the streets, and millions of hot bodies with their breathing, motor vehicles, trains, engines, stoves, furnaces and appliances all generating urban heat.


Most of the above problems are reduced or eliminated by recent satellite temperature recording. This shows that global warming stopped over ten years ago, and solar studies suggest this cooling may continue for decades


Before the western world is sacrificed on the decarbonisation altar, we need to have an independent assessment of the selection, treatment, adjustments and presentation of archived temperature data.


Climategate has proved that neither the IPCC nor its world-wide network of paid promoters of alarmism can be trusted to do this.


Tricky Pollsters

We are continually being told that polls show that a majority of Australians want Parliament to pass the Ration-N-Tax Scheme.


It is all a matter of tricky questions.


If you ask:


“Do you want to reduce pollution, improve energy efficiency and save the planet/Barrier Reef/koalas/polar bears/Murray Darling?”


– The answer is obvious. It is a bit like asking “Would you like free beer?”


But if you ask:


“Would you support a bill that is unlikely to have any beneficial effects on pollution or climate, which will crucify our backbone industries, double your power and food costs, and transfer billions of dollars from Australian Taxpayers to third world dictatorships?


The answer is likely to be a resounding “NO”.


Turnbull says that a Liberal Party that opposes Rudd’s Ration-N-Tax Scheme will lose the next election.


This need not occur if it explains the options clearly, instead of asking “Would you like free beer?”


The public firestorm that recently hit the Liberal Party shows that the opposition is out there. Next it will be turned on those Labor Candidates and Union Leaders who are serving other agendas instead of protecting the real interests of their members and supporters.



3.     What the people really think – some recent polls.


Alan Jones put an online poll on his Sydney radio 2GB site on Friday 27 November. The question was "Should the federal Opposition be supporting the government’s ETS legislation?" The result was 97% NO and 3% YES. But within minutes the site - for the first time - crashed. Despite attempts to restore service, it continued to collapse. The reason is obvious. There were far too many people wanting to register their outrage against the machinations of the Rudd-Turnbull coalition.


A Galaxy Poll conducted exclusively for The Sunday Telegraph on Friday night, showed a huge 80 per cent of voters do not believe the Government has provided sufficient details about an ETS with only 26 per cent now supporting the Turnbull-Rudd push for the Senate to pass it into law immediately.


90% of Coalition supporters and 75% of Labor voters say they don't understand the ETS and want the Government to explain it better.


There is a big angry electorate out there. Once they are told they have been “Conned by Trickery”, they will focus their anger on the tricksters.


Keep feeding the anger. We must stop this bill.


Viv Forbes



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