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                                                                                                                            Good Neighbor Law
Request for recall of Gore's global warming product
Denver, Colorado November 24, 2000
Good Neighbor Law (GNL) Chairman, Colonel Mark V. Trostel, Vice Chairman, Dr. John Maulsby DVM, and GNL Co-founder Charles W. Sylvester, held a press conference at Colorado’s capital (Denver) to request a recall of Mr. Al Gore’s global warming product.
"Because Mr. Gore's product has no scientific basis or support, and is bringing undue harm to many," said Chairman Mark V. Trostel, "we stand  here today to formally request a recall of Mr. Al Gore's global warming product."
Good Neighbor Law bases its stand on the combined facts that: CO2 is not an air pollutant- it is simply food for plants and marine life essential to support all life on Earth; Al Gore has been invited and yet refuses to defend his product though honorable debate.
GNL  claims Mr. Gore's global warming product is so defective, that its defects have already caused injury to many. And if left to run un-checked, could result in a man-made catastrophe that would destroy residents (with exception of those who have advance warning and wealth enough to protect themselves) everywhere on earth.
In a call to Dr. Willie Soon (Astrophysicist Harvard/Smithsonian), he explained,  "As recently revealed in the emails from the ClimateGate incident, it is now essentially proven that a large part of the so-called consensus evidence about CO2 and global warming were essentially made-up constructions by key leading authors and scientists running the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Reports."
Dr. Soon said, "It appears that materials from Mr Gore's books and movies are of course the more exaggerated versions of the IPCC reports.  I am saddened by this news, for it is a travesty both for the science funded by the governments, and for the public trust endowed upon all these irresponsible scientists and politicians."
While GNL can provide many incidents whereas children -whose studies revealed facts contrary to Mr. Gore's CO2 theory - have been ridiculed by teachers, physically shoved by students and more, Trostel (retired Chief of Colorado State Patrol) compassionately reminded  "One child harmed is one child too many."
In some cases these actions became so destructive to the child's well-being and learning environment, that the parents had to remove the child from the school.
GNL considers these could possibly be construed as forms of abuse that can be directly attributed to Mr. Gore's global warming product. If that bears out, couldn't this then be consider as crimes against humanity?
From a medical standpoint, Dr. John Maulsby, DVM stated, "If one were to make similar errors in disease diagnosis and treatment,  the patient would face certain death." 
Maulsby continued, "Because Mr. Gore is a very brilliant man, surely he has knowledge of the risks involved in using this defective product? If so, then I believe he's made a conscious decision to continue manufacturing and marketing this defective product, and should be held accountable."
GNL officials demand that the "Proper authorities should launch a full and immediate investigation to identify each material that is connected to Mr. Gore's global warming product and found to be defective, and pull it off the shelves!  This investigation will most likely find parts of 'Inconvenient Truth' and 'Cap and Trade' to be exceptionally flawed. If so, they should be yanked from our schools  and government policies and spifflicated immediately!"
Charles W. Sylvester explained, "Good Neighbor Law means `to use your own so as not to harm another.' The reason Good Neighbor Law was formed, is to educate people on how to be a good neighbor," adding, "we stress the need for expediting said investigation!  This defective product should not be allowed to stay on the market. It should not be allowed to bring harm to another."
Trostel stated, "Good Neighbor Law formally asks any person who has reason to believe they have suffered mental, physical, and or financial loss as a result of Mr. Gore's global warming claims, to please step forward and join us in consideration of bringing a product liability claim against Mr. Al Gore."
Chairman Trostel concluded,  "We must unite together to do everything possible, to prevent one more child from being harmed by Mr. Gore's  claims. It is in this consideration we demand the recall of  any materials connected to what is now widely known as - Mr. Al Gore's defective global warming product."
Reported by Roni Bell Sylvester
Volunteer Editor
L - R   Charles W. Sylvester, Mark V. Trostel, Dr. John Maulsby