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Please Spread “Carbon Sense” Around. Time is Short. They vote this week.



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1. “Global Warming” is Man-Made after all.

There is a colossal scandal erupting in the blogosphere, and in the better media. Someone, probably an insider offended by what he saw was going on, leaked a large volume of emails from within the global warming priesthood centred within the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, UK.


These show a pattern of manipulation, suppression and selection of data and evidence all designed to create and maintain the global warming myth.


So now we know – Global Warming is man-made after all – it is created by a small group of dedicated believers posing as scientists using manufactured data, selected statistics, dodgy computer models and “mates reviewed” papers.


No one has fully assessed what it all means yet, but for a flavour of what will be revealed see:


And also:




Sceptical, Gullible or Devious?


In the global warming spectrum there are three groups – the realists, the alarmists, and those serving other agendas and interests.


“The realists are sceptical, the alarmists are gullible and the vested interests are devious.


“Sceptical” is a more worthy position than “gullible” or “devious”.


Viv Forbes, Carbon Sense Coalition, Australia Nov 2009


All of this supports what “Carbon Sense” and many others have been saying for ages - we need an independent enquiry into the science. That will probably find that man has no control over the climate, and all that the Cap-n-Tax scheme will do is destroy jobs, profits and future prosperity.


For a comment on the rise of the Unsceptical Scientists, see:






2. It’s all about Cash



The global warming campaign is not about climate, or pollution, or energy conservation – it is overwhelmingly about CASH.


Cash income for government wastrels who have trouble balancing their books and funding their election bribes; cash profits for bankers, traders and speculators in the permit trading game; cash receipts for carbon credit harvesters; cash subsidies for those manufacturing and installing alternative energy playthings; cash foreign aid in “climate compensation” for failed (“less developed”) states; cash windfalls for countries like Russia from selling their surplus emissions permits; cash investments from refugee industries seeking carbon tax asylum in places like China and India; cash research grants for sycophant academics; and cash welfare handouts for “lower income supplicants”.


Where does all this cash come from? From obvious and underhand carbon taxes, “environmental” fees and emission permit fees funded from increased energy and food costs. The cost will fall on every consumer and every shareholder. Everyone who manages a weekly budget or a retirement nest-egg should be very afraid of what these dangerous people are planning.


If you want to understand why something with fragile scientific support gets such massive media and political support, just ask “Cui bono?” – Who benefits?


Jo Nova puts it well: ‘Global Bullies want your money”. See:





3. Last Chance to shore up the Liberal Party and Defeat Cap-n-Tax


The Malcolm Rudd/Penny Macfarlane Cap-n-Tax Scheme will probably be voted on early next week. The outcome depends mainly on the Liberal Senators. Now is the last chance to encourage the rapidly growing band of climate realists including Nick Minchin, Cory Bernardi, Julian McGauran, Tony Abbott, Dennis Jensen, and Christopher Back. They join the strong Nationals led by Barnaby Joyce and Ron Boswell in the senate who long ago took a stance opposing any version of an ETS. They saw the sense and the political benefits in opposing every ETS as the public awakens to the reality that carbon demonisation is a baseless scam. The public is waking up fast, and it is becoming a worried and angry electorate.


There are also closet climate realists in the ALP. Soon the stronger of them will have to come out and defend workers and consumers


Every little bit helps. Politics is a numbers game, so please add to the numbers opposing any form of Cap-n-Tax Scheme. Write and/or phone your local member, senator and party machine and make sure they understand we will work to unseat everyone who votes for this legislation. Write to you local paper, ring talk back radio. Like Horatius on the bridge, we few amateurs are opposing the massed phalanxes of well funded Green Warriors looking to pillage our economy, grab power over our lives and set up their new world empire.


And for another assessment of those tricky people exposed in Climategate see:




Viv Forbes

November 2009



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