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1. “Let’s Hear the Terms before we Surrender.”



In the near future, some 20,000 people are going to descend on Copenhagen to negotiate the terms of surrender of the industrialised west to the United Nations.


Obviously no treaty is going to be “negotiated” by 20,000 people. Most are sightseers. Any negotiations will take place in secret meetings.


Every day it becomes more obvious that the PM and the Opposition Leader either do not know what is in the drafts already agreed, or they are concealing it from the parliament and the people.


The current Copenhagen draft, on which both Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull are willing to “negotiate”, gives complete power over the Australian economy to a committee of unelected UN carbon regulators controlled by those claiming “climate compensation” from us.


This group will export our wealth ($7 billion per year), our jobs and our industries until Australia’s emissions per capita are equal to those in places like India, China and Brazil. There will be no change to global emissions and no benefits for global pollution or climate.


If we are unable to pauperise our economy quickly enough, and our usage of energy exceeds their nominated per capita carbon cap, they will impose draconian carbon taxes on the excess. “Cap-n-Tax” will become a stark reality for our children.


It is unbelievable that any Australian government or opposition could consider signing such a treaty without full disclosure of the surrender terms and the tax tribute obligations it will impose on the Australian people.


If our leaders are concerned about carbon emissions, they should insist on reducing our Copenhagen Footprint by sending just four observers - two from the Senate, two from the House of Representatives, all from different parties. Their brief would be to report in full to the Parliament, the States and the public on what is proposed – no signing of anything.


The likely long term consequences of this Trojan Horse being built in Copenhagen are so enormous that Australia should then hold a referendum on whether or not to surrender to the United Nations.


At the very least, the Senate MUST reject any Wong/Macfarlane compromise and insist on full disclosure of all draft treaties before Kevin Rudd seeks standing ovations at our expense in Copenhagen.


For an alarming discussion by Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt on what Kevin Rudd is secretly planning for us at Copenhagen see:


And for some good sense from a federal politician, Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, listen to:


For the treaty itself see:




2. Skepticism Grows.


We are told there is a consensus on Global Warming. But the opposition to the alarmist case is so strong, and growing so swiftly, that Kevin Rudd was moved to devote much of a recent sixteen page speech to attacking “Climate Change Deniers”.




Opposition Growing to the Global Warming Alarmists.


“Climate change deniers are small in number, but they are too dangerous to be ignored. They are well resourced and well represented by political conservatives in many, many countries.”




“They are a minority. They are powerful. And invariably they are driven by vested interests.”



Kevin Rudd, PM of Australia, Address to the Lowy Institute, 6 Nov 2009


Maybe the PM was motivated by a poll in Queensland marginal seats that showed that 48% of people felt he was doing a bad job on Emissions Trading, compared to 34% that gave him a good rating. Some tiny minority!


Kevin Rudd said recently: "It's time to remove any polite veneer from this debate."



Jo Nova takes him at his word and responds on behalf of all slandered skeptics. Read Jo’s strong reply at:




“Carbon Sense” also takes offence at his “vested interests” jibe. We all have a vested interest, especially all those with their hands in the government till seeking funds for things such as “Research into the effects of climate change on (fill in whatever you like here)”. For a “Carbon Sense” perspective on “vested interests” see:



A British sceptical journalist, Christopher Booker has been so moved by “The Real Climate Disaster” that he has written a book on how a handful of scientists who have pushed flawed theories on global warming for decades, now threaten to take us back to the Dark Ages. See:




3. Scare Stories, Bribery and Blackmail.

Kevin Rudd is desperate for another standing ovation from the whole congregation in the Copenhagen Climate Cathedral.


To get that, he needs to exhibit a barrister’s trolley carrying the seven volumes and 1403 pages of the final Senate-approved version of the “Ration-N-Tax Scheme”. He will use two tactics to achieve that approval:


·       A “scare-a-day” for the media. Hot buttons include drought, koalas, the Great Barrier Reef and coastal inundation. Expect more graphics from the government media and Rudd’s feted mates like Tim Flannery.

·       Bribery and blackmail. The main target here is Barnaby Joyce and the Liberal dissidents. Rudd needs to encourage mass desertion of Barnaby’s supporters, the rural folk. That is what is behind the sudden decision to give some exemption to farmers.


Make sure your local candidate/senator knows you will be watching how he votes in this crucial Senate head-count. Here is some good advice from one of our members:


“I don't know where you live, but I beg you to get a list of the twelve Senators in your State.

Circulate that list to everyone you know who lives in your State. Ask them, beg them, just like I'm begging now, to telephone all of the Coalition Senators and let them know that you will be distressed or upset or worse if you hear that they vote for the CPRS Bill.

“WARNING Do not use abusive language - abusive phone calls do not get listed for that MP's attention. KEEP IT POLITE but make sure our message gets across and is recorded. Once that Senator receives more than 50 phone calls he/she will start to get a bit edgy. After 100 they start asking around the party hacks to see if it is universal.


“If you want to make a difference, make a phone call.”


“Then tell everyone you know and ask them to make probably about six telephone calls.

Yes, I rang my Liberal Senators about two weeks ago to leave my message. I also rang the ALP Senators to say that I had been in the ALP but if the CPRS bill is passed I will never rejoin.  The light on the hill has gone out for me.


“Now, use your digits to find your Senators.”


And make sure you get active in the looming by-elections, and in all cases, vote for all skeptics and, if in doubt, “Throw the Incumbent Out”.



4. No Escape for Farmers


The Lib/Lab managers of the Cap-n-Tax Scheme have decided to give “permanent exemption to farmers”.


What rot. All they have done is exempted emissions from farm animals, which should never have been part of the scheme anyway.


But modern farms do not run on bullock teams and horse power – they run on diesel trucks and tractors, coal fired electricity and carbon based fuels for cars, helicopters and quad bikes. All of these will feel the increasing costs caused by carbon taxes.


Farmers also eat, and all food costs will rise. So will the costs of cement, timber and steel.


No matter what they say, there is no exemption for anyone. All will suffer equally, but some will be more equal than others.


Barnaby is right. The only safe option is to reject every version of the Ration-N-Tax Scheme they dream up.


Viv Forbes

November 2009



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