Friday, November 27, 2009


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Keep up the Heat on Liberal Warmists.


Today will be “The Longest Day”. We must keep the heat on the warmist Liberals. Let every one of them know that we will watch their voting, and, in the next election, will actively oppose everyone who does not vote and speak against the Ration-N-Tax Scheme.


Here is a bit more ammunition to spread around:



“Why Bother with Wong Lite?”


The Wong Ration-N-Tax Scheme will sell carbon ration cards to increase the cost of carbon fuels, thus forcing consumers to get by on less energy. But it also creates a loophole by allowing industry to buy dodgy foreign ration permits, and allows profiteers to create and trade in worthless bits of paper.


It will have a trivial effect on global emissions, and no beneficial effects on climate or pollution. But it will destroy real jobs, increase the cost of living, and create a carbon trading bubble economy.


But instead of totally rejecting this silly scheme, the true believers appointed Malcolm Rudd and Penny Macfarlane to fix the unfixable.


The new scheme they concocted will compensate some consumers, at the expense of others, for the increased costs of energy. It also gives free permits to the biggest producers of carbon dioxide. It has even less chance of reducing the use of carbon energy, and can have no beneficial effect on climate or pollution.


Why bother with Wong Lite? The subsidies we get from Canberra are the taxes we sent to Canberra, less freight charges both ways.


Let’s give real industry some real certainty and scrap the whole stupid idea, right now.



The Channel 9 Interview with David Bellamy and Viv Forbes


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Climategate Scandal Spreads


For a humorous comment on the Climategate Scandal listen to:


And for a pungent comment by Christopher Monckton see:



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