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Hello Bud & George

Please provide fax and email contact for planning commission.

List of and email addresses for members - would be appreciated.


ps: my shoreline mgmt submission - feel free to share this if it would help in any way :

Dear Planning Commission Members
Jefferson County As a tax paying riverfront property owner, I should have a much greater say in this deliberation than people from outside the county - what you do here directly effects myself and the residents of Quilcene and Brinnon - and our posterity. Having gone through the existing process for building permits recently, both on our Dosewallips property and another Coyle property which has a wetland - I have experienced the controls, regulations and processes first hand. I can tell you that the processes are already overprotective , time consuming and expensive. Speaking as a taxpaying user of the existing system, a scientist and an environmentaly conscious organic gardener - I can tell you that the overprotection and the manner of it's administration are killing rural Jefferson County's economic future. Regulators chosen by the DCD are often seen by taxpaying landowners as overly restrictive, and are rarely seen giving benefit of any doubt, in grey areas - to the taxpayer. I would remind you folks, that economic hardship is the standard of rural Jefferson County residents already. There is no excuse at all, for Jefferson County residents to have to travel to Kitsap and Clallam for shopping and employment. It is unacceptable, and a human rights violation, that elements within Port Townsend feather their own economic nest by qwashing development elsewhere in the County. This element have used overly protective regulation to enhance the PT UGA by not allowing economic competition to flourish. The only "industry" allowed outside PT is home construction. For this home construction we are forced to use Canadian timber products. (just check Carls and Hadlock - all lumber comes from Northern BC on big diesel trucks). Additionally, home construction is constantly under attack by regulators - making it increasingly unaffordable. Furthermore Jefferson County no longer allows affordable sized rural properties to be subdivided. So the only remaining "industry", which is homebuilding, is going away. That is the last bastion of possible employment for rural families, who are being forced out now - or onto welfare. What is left for rural areas is 20 acre parcels where wealthy retirees are the only possible persons, who can afford to be there. What I am laying at you feet is a story of hardship and oppression that is the product of special interest groups controlling the political processes of Jefferson County. These interest groups are frequently from outside this county and their claims are usually not based on best available science - or for that matter, on science at all !! More rigid regulation is not acceptable to those who are it's victims, the people whom this planning commission was created to serve !! Respectfully Ken Shock PO Box 234 Brinnon 98320 796-4234
sailboi@gmail.com  https://brinnonprosperity.org