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Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2007 11:38 PM
Subject: [proprights] CONSERVATION FUTURES

My letter to Senator Jacobsen.......ken

Ref: Senate Bill 5217 attached

Sen. Ken Jacobsen, Seattle

I believe that this sort of legislation will have further adverse
economic impacts on rural property owners. In Jefferson County, which
is already 90% in public lands, environmental policies originating in
Seattle and Port Townsend have plunged rural folks into an economic
depression. Average earned income has fallen from par with the State
average, to only 50% of the State average.
(How's that for Futurewise, Eh?)

This disaster is a direct consequence of the GMA, which due to it's
one shape fits all definition of what a UGI is to be, has cast Port
Townsend as the only UGI in Jefferson County. Unfortunately this has
destroyed economic activity in rural Jefferson because PT is located
FAR from the geographic center of East Jefferson Co. - but the
Dem/Green PT machine selfishly uses the GMA to force what growth
occurs into their town exclusively.

Now these same interests use the funds from OUR property taxes, to
come into our South Jefferson Co communities and buy "conservation
futures" property reducing our school tax base EVEN FURTHER. Sir, do
you have any idea what it is like to see your school and your town
barely surviving?? That is what is going on in our town - Brinnon,
just like Packwood where the school has already closed due to green
policy emanating from Seattle!

I think if you folks want to drive out of the city and find that all
us rural folks live in idyllic setting, then you urbanites should pay
the cost of this policy. What your are in fact doing, however, is
creating ever more hardship for real people. I don't know about you,
but when I was a kid they taught me to live by the Golden Rule.

I don't think the Dem/Green Seattle political thrust puts people
first, in fact what has been done to rural folks in the name of the
"environment" is a Sin - by any definition!

Sincerely........Ken Shock

cc: interested parties, King 5 News, www.Citizenreviewonline.org


Senate Bill 5217 (Allowing counties to increase funding for
properties acquired through conservation futures.):

Introduced by Sen. Ken Jacobsen on January 12, 2007, to allow
counties to increase property tax levies up to .125 cents per $1,000
of assessed value for acquiring conservation futures. The bill would
also increase the amount allowed for maintenance and operations of
parks and recreational land from 15% to 25% of the taxes levied.

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