Absolute Monarchy

The rise of absolute monarchies dates back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when several monarchs in western and eastern Europe increased the power of their central governments. In doing so, these kings, emperors, or sultans secured their position as the supreme ruler and possessor of all power. They surrounded themselves with followers and advisors who were strong advocates of royal absolutism. For those that opposed their behavior and seizure of power they replied that they had been granted the divine right of kings.

However, it was not until the rule of Louis XIV that the French monarchy was able to secure formidable power. It was also during this time that the idea of divine right monarchy emerged. It was argued that the royal monarch was not only inspired by God, but also the image of God and was therefore only accountable to God. This idea soon spread throughout Europe and remained dominant during the late seventeenth and much of the eighteenth centuries.


The Darkside of Municipal Corporations Final - Watch Your Download TrayLarge File Then Open Download Folder





Data & Graphs Comparing States, Counties & Cities by Population - Must See To Believe


Top 112 Counties Greater Than Smallest States
Top 31 Cities compared to Smallest States
Click on the cell and link below to see all of these charts and more
There are 112 counties and 31 cities larger than at least 1 state run by a handful of corrupt politicians and lawyers who have bestowed themselves with the divine rights of kings.

What Public Employee Unions are Doing to Our Country - Hillsdale


"But I understood enough to see what an effect it could have on society if this money were exposed, such as no more excuse for taxes, and no more municipalities using the excuse of being broke to cut services and raise fees, etc.  So I started taking the time to call media outlets all over the country.  This included TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc.  It was a very interesting experience.  In almost every case, the lower level employees that had no authority over anything were interested to learn more.  But as soon as it got to any minor managerial level, the investigation of what I presented was stopped immediately and communication was cut off."

Credit to: Walter Burien & his great web site - https://www.cafr1.com/


Property Rights Councils
2011-11-01 A Wise Opinion Against




Get Off My Land Sign

#11 It is estimated that 25% of all mortgages in Miami-Dade County are
"in serious distress and headed for either foreclosure or short sale".


Royal Commission on Municipal Corporations (1835)

First Report:  Parliamentary. Papers. 1835/xxiii.

Defects in the Constitutions of Municipal Corporations,
according to the Commissioners of 1835

After the passing of the 1832 Reform Act the next logical step in the reform of the constitution was that of the Municipal Corporations. There were about 250 of these towns, each of which at some time in the past had received a Royal Charter to have its own council or corporation. There were great variations in how the corporations were chosen and how they functioned but in over 180 of them, only the members of the Corporation were allowed to vote. Normally they re-elected themselves or brought friends and relatives onto the council. The Commission found generally that power was held by a small number of people because so few townsfolk could vote. They also found evidence of corruption with the council members becoming rich at the
expense of the town's inhabitants.

Royal Commission on Municipal Corporations (1835)
Must Read regarding the origin and short comings of municipal corporations.

2011-09-05 A (Very) Brief History of Dillons Rule - Must Read


"To pretend to know when you do not know is disease." Lao-Tzu
"Facts are the enemy of truth." Miguel Cervantes
"The truth is more important than the facts." Frank Lloyd Wright


Municipal Corporation Revisited

Source of Book Review above - https://www.jstor.org/pss/2701241





"The assumption that, by a certain paper, called the constitution of the United States --- a paper (I repeat and reiterate) which nobody ever signed, which but few persons ever read, and which the great body of the people never saw --- and also by some forty subsidiary papers, called State constitutions, which also nobody ever signed, which but few persons ever read, and which the great body of the people never saw --- all making a perfect system of the merest nothingness --- the
assumption, I say, that, by these papers, the people have all consented to the abolition of justice itself, the highest moral law of the Universe; and that all their own natural, inherent, inalienable rights to the benefits of that law, shall be annulled; and that they themselves, and
everything that is theirs, shall be given over into the irresponsible custody of some forty little cabals of blockheads and villains called lawmakers --- blockheads, who imagine themselves wiser than justice itself, and villains, who care nothing for either wisdom or justice, but
only for the gratification of their own avarice and ambitions; and that these cabals shall be invested with the right to dispose of the property, liberty, and lives of all the rest of the people, at their pleasure or discretion;..."

 “Letter To Grover Cleveland” by Lysander Spooner (1886)

Click on link below to see the chart (Page 30 of 74) of presentation of the Brotherhood of Darkness showing the extraordinary power of bottom up societies based on love vs. top down societies based on fear and force.  A society basing itself on fundamental and founding principals is infinitely more powerful
than societies using fear, control and force, i.e. "It wasn't the world being round that agitated people, but that the world wasn't flat."


Subject: Reverse Engineering Evil Empires,
e.g.  Licensing, Plating, Coding,   unalienable Rights, e.g. The Right To Travel Unrestricted 
TO: King County Employees, i.e. servants of the Natural Born and Rightfully Naturalized
bcc: 1st Distribution - King County Council, Rural America Property Owners, King County Sheriff Office
bcc: 2nd Distribution - Washington state employees, Assoc. of Washington Cities, Legal Freedom Foundations, Washington Supreme Court
bcc: 3rd Distribution -  Media, Jefferson County
bcc: 4th Distribution - Montana State House and Senate


We are reminded again by Tim Eyman's news below & above why there is little difference between political parties, i.e. politics is a manipulated religion. Here is another example - https://www.businessinsider.com/republican-budget-hypocrisy-2011-7
Licensing of unalienable rights, e.g. right to travel unrestricted only applies to artificial legal fiction public and private corporations. The right to travel along with 70 other unalienable rights are inviolable, immutable, indisputable, unrestricted, unqualified and absolute. No one can vote these rights away. No natural born American may be licensed, taxed or coded for any reason at any time by anyone by force nor may any data be gathered by violating additional unalienable rights, e.g. the right to privacy. Citizens cannot be forced to do anything they do not individually contract to do.  American Citizens cannot be forced to contract through adhesion or coercion, i.e. force voids all contracts.  American natural born and the rightful naturalized never subordinated their sovereignty. In other words, there are no reasons to comply to any forced takings of private or public property by any predatory cereal agency whether government or public or private corporation.  A few higher courts are waking up out of their self bestowed political hypnosis regarding traveling is a right not a privilege to tax. Here is a must read site with some case decisions reflecting above high truths. https://www.sodahead.com/united-states/the-right-of-travel-vs-drivers-license-revenue-ploy/question-1475649/ .
You may go to "Freedom From De Facto Laws" to arm yourself regarding these vehicular takings, 2/3 down from top of page - https://www.freedomforallseasons.org/FreedomFromDefactoLaws.asp.  Traffic court attorneys know the game and this is why they guarantee they will win your traffic cases, i.e. the judges know too.  This is all about illegitimate revenue for a morally and financially bankrupt network of municipal corporations. 


ABSTRACT - one paragraph
The "public sector" is not public at all in the true and honest meaning.  British municipal monarchies infrastructure were not taken completely out of the colonial governments when the British were thrown back into the sea in 1781 at the Battle of Yorktown. This despotic hierarchy has destroyed more American freedoms and rights than King George III occupation of the colonies from 1675 to 1781.  This network of state sponsored tyranny can easily be privatized, capitalized and repackaged into private enterprises competing with like kind services and offered back to any Citizen or community of any size who wishes such services without the tyranny of regulation and taxing.  In other words, there is no longer (and never was) any need for a public sector especially one which subvert and extort free Citizens and the free private market.

ABSTRACT- one page  
For those who did not get a chance to read the "Brotherhood of Darkness" presentation sent out July 2011 recapping in pictographs what 6 years of research has found, I offer the following mini treatise to help understand the massive treachery which bundle every little taking of our rights, including  auto tab larceny.  This mini treatise restates how the municipal corporation monarchial monopoly has been overlaid in America using old European tools of the trade, i.e. de facto larceny upon the Citizens, all their property and traditions.  The Sheriff of Nottingham lives on.  Few people understand how this British monarchy and corporate game ties into the global to local takings.  Local means you and everything you own including your public property and your home town.  The government owns nothing and has NO power in a true and honest free society.  The individual American rightful Citizen owns and controls it all.  The municipal game board perverts the higher truths to perform the takings so you will accept them and not resist being taken. This game is called "Divine Rights of Kings" and has been used for millenniums and is also used by the church bestowing divinity upon themselves by themselves. To better believe this, you merely have to look at what is not done.  No one in government responds to these higher truths because they well know they would loose their stranglehold and their self bestowed  power instantly.  There is no question the higher truths in America come from the "Laws of Nature and Nature's God", the Declaration of Independence and the spirit, intent and success of the first American Revolution.  These high laws completely and absolutely set us free from this "divine rights of kings" treachery. We own all land and personal property in allodial.  Individual Americans hold all the power, force and sovereignty in their individual hands not collective hands.  Sovereignty was never given to any legal fiction public or private corporation, city, county, state or federal entity.  True and honest government, in a free society, has no role in the individual lives of Americans. No power was given to any American government employee or  facsimile of government, however defiantly government employees want to believe and act like they have this power.  Government public corporations like private corporations may only write charters and regulate and code their own employees. If this was not true, they would obviously enslave all of us, like they have.  How did this massive taking happen?  A very few political, legal, financial and business leaders bestowed themselves with the power only the natural born and rightfully naturalized have been given.  Then this stolen power was centralized through a network of municipal corporations.  This tactic of centralizing and over laying municipal power by taking property caught on like wild fire.  Over 92% of American's who are the true and honest natural born and rightful naturalized are swept into legal fiction adhesion tyrannical contracts where the municipality writes codes over the free born as if we were municipal employees.  No government corporation or private corporation has any rightful authority or jurisdiction in your life, homes, land, family business, vehicles, animals, personal property.  Nor can "government" rightfully keep you off your public property or deprive you from the use of it or regulate or profit from your labor to use public lands and water.  Government can only provide multiple use of public lands.  You have an unalienable right to live on your own private AND public property and homestead and raise your children and food.  Administrative types, e.g. mayors, councils, executives, so called representatives, senators, governors have no rightful de jure power to take property or restrict it, as much as they delight in creating fiction to do so.  Government employees are brown shirts, not blue or white shirts.  They are the servants of the people. Think of them as only public utility providers who cannot deny you what is rightfully yours to use.  We have been intentionally dumbed down to forget who we are, thanks to the state run municipal systems.  We are the new kings and queens of the land.  Municipalities are brown shirt utility providers not thugs who create fictional codes for their employees to cast over the local Citizenry.  The following mini treatise will prove to you more material to convince you beyond any reasonable doubt that municipal corporations are an unnecessary blight on local Citizens and THEIR community which can easily be dismantled and shifted into free market enterprises eliminating tax tyranny with free choice.    


Reverse Engineering Evil Empires, a.k.a. Municipal Corporations
1. Discerning higher truths over lower political manipulated de facto lies  
Politics is a religion and those who espouse one religion over the other by definition do not see the higher truths.  Dishonest men and women destroy the high truths every day in every field, most especially in politics and religion.  They distract us with one hand to focus on manipulated "facts" while we fail to see the other hand stealing the higher truths .  Again we see the hand is quicker than the eye. 

The municipal beast reflects anger, hate and violence and fractionalizes and manipulates the higher nature of man into lower political subdivisions and parties exemplifying and baiting the rightful and truthful differences in the local Citizenry.  Political subdivisions, political parties and the current form of so called
"democratic republic" is no republic at all. It is a manipulated dynasty.  Municipal corporations and political subdivisions are prison camps of a highly centralized and manipulated evil empire intentionally designed to create a war mongering way of life among the natural born and rightfully naturalized people who have normal differences.  

It is critical to understand this diabolic game board to free ourselves from those who profit from creating legal, science, financial and monetary fiction for mind control, i.e. the Brotherhood of Darkness.  Governments may only tax other artificial legal fiction entities.  Public and private corporations cannot touch the natural born Americans because we are their creators. We are sovereign.  Government employees are not sovereign. Private and public corporation bylaws and codes do not apply to the natural born, we are not their employees. True and honest free societies separate their business clearly from the lives of the
natural born and rightfully naturalized Citizens. 
2. Political party mentality creates a fight or flight action reaction frenzy
When we live in a constant state of hate of others, whether it is inflamed by religion or political religion, we are consumed into a spiral of primal bipolar thinking paradigms, e.g. fight or flight, action reaction, love or hate, kill or be killed, etc.  The current era of a manipulated democratic republic is a dark shadow likeness to a true and honest higher form of a free society. Never limit your individual freedoms by your or someone else's belief systems.  American natural born and naturalized are unlimited, government is limited.  Government cannot limit those who created it.  Government can only limit itself.
3. Political parties and THEIR invention, the municipal monarchy, are the problem, the symptoms are tyranny and hate - the solution is free choice
What I am suggesting  is the core problems we are currently facing and fighting in King County and America are not political or religious ideologies at all.  These are the symptoms of a much  broader and deeper disease (dis...ease).  This disease creates the beast we are all forced to live under called tyranny, a.k.a. the municipal corporation and its police state, a.k.a. fear.  When Americans are given complete control over their individual lives and regain free choice completely and absolutely, political differences will be no different than the color of your skin.  You will accept these differences as you do now with any friend or family member who is different than you.  You would never think of condemning a friend because he thinks different than you or drop a friend because he or she jerks you up because of your behavior.  A free and open society encourages individual differences and discourages centralized power and control at all levels of the society.  In a true and honest free society you encourage open communication and serious action to correct any problems. The current network of dark municipalities manipulate facts into lower forms of freedom and ignore the higher truths which open the doors to the higher freedoms.  The municipalities do not and cannot provide any value added services for several reasons.  Municipalities cannot go into business or compete against local business for any services especially including basic utility services.  If they were allowed to do so, like they are doing currently, they would shark out the nation because no private enterprise could compete with the tax larceny process they are extorting on property owners.  A true and honest free republic is based on a free market of supply and demand not on a municipal monopoly.  Private corporations cannot monopolize business nor can public corporations.  The reasons are obvious. The politicians and lawyers who wrote up these municipal charters were hypocrites giving themselves "divine rights of kings" to steal opportunities for free enterprise extorting the local Citizenry at the point of a gun all while they tried to regulate every means of protection away from you and charge you for a license to do so.  Better said, they took away your free choice along with the local business choices and put you choice and your labor and property into their pockets so they can control you and profit from it.  This model is a travesty and an absurdity.   
4. Political parties mutate normal human social behavior using inhuman eusocial planning strategies for ant & bee colonies by rat packing humans into municipal fiefdoms
Local citizenry is intentionally kept in the dark and are only given staged choices and press by the Brotherhood who run the municipal monarchies.  Hate is fostered at every turn with Pollyanna marketing tricks used by the political parties and political subdivisions.  People are treated like cattle  and gross acts of herding humans into highly negative charged political prison camps and high density housing fit for ants and bees. Furthermore, the municipal and eusocial mind set further locks up peoples traditions and way of life by shifting from the rightful expansion of the highways and byways for individual transportation to mass transit which few people freely choose to use and all are forced to pay because these systems would never be used in a free market as there is no return on investment.  There is no true and honest value added for the massive cost involved in municipal projects. Humans are social, ants and bees are eusocial.  There is a huge difference. 
5. Political parties and their chains of municipal and BAR associations create false choices using dialectic theory to distract Citizenry from core takings of Citizenry private and public property
Municipal corporations and the global to local elite (Brotherhood of Darkness) further use negative stimulation of the cities, counties, states and D.C. Inc. in many ways.  One of the methods is by creating and influencing false flag dialectics of extremely charged emotion to stampede citizenry to decide between two evils.  This dialectic is not unlike the Hegelian Dialectic thinking https://www.crossroad.to/articles2/05/dialectic.htm.  A political dialectic of limited agenda choices is offered up to the voters to decide, but neither addresses the core takings.  The BAR associations help the Muni's craft these ballots.  The mainstream political parties are such creations, i.e. they are the appearance or color of a solution to a another apparent problem we all buy into on one side or the other.  Those who have long ago woke up to this dialectic sham have stopped voting so the herd becomes more charged with manipulated agendas by the global to local elite's and the political parties, BAR associations, city and county municipal associations, bankers and the NGO scavengers beating their drums of deceit.
6. Free societies embrace and encourage individual differences and free choice vs. "global to local" centralizing power and eliminating individual choices
Free societies do not force anyone to do anything they do not wish too because free will and free choice are absolutes all protected by the highest fundamental and founding laws of the land above the municipal charters including the state constitutional corporate bylaws.  Free societies engender individual and community differences.  Free societies are not municipal Stepford town franchises assimilating individual independence.  America is a culture of rebels and gun slingers, no one tells a true and honest free American what to do if they want to live long or at least live in peace.  If you wish to be a socialist, Marxist, collectivist or communist in America you merely gather up you own kind and establish a virtual or physical community of like minds.  Or you may wish to be free from any society or belief system and live without government incursion of any kind, then you simply gather up you own kind and establish such a community of free spirits.  This is the beauty of free choice.  Differences are embraced in love and acceptance and open debate and not persecution by highly manipulated artificial political, legal and "scientific" fiction dialectics created to broker hate to better turn the herd into a chute and corral leading to slaughter. Once you remove force and offer up true and honest free choice the legislative, judicial and executive nightmare melts into a limited free government.  Is this so hard to understand?
7. King County and especially large municipal corporations engender hate mongering through political, legal and financial false deviousness vs. solving core takings 
There is no beauty in the beast we live under called the municipal corporation and their political subdivisions.  It is a hate mongering political, legal and financial machine designed to divide and conquer through primal fear engendering actions by forcing humans to live like cattle and sheep afraid to death of what the next taking is going to be.  King County Council and your 15,000 employees geographically position yourself and secure yourself to minimize input and change.  You are all cowards and cheap political thugs.  All this nonsense so a few elite politicians, lawyers, bankers and self benefiting scavenging groups can live off the disharmony they have foisted upon millions of unsuspecting and apathetic people while pretending they and their nightmare are normal. It is a pathetic sight once you awaken to this system of predatory taking.  The British municipal model of government is a fallen program which has devastated hundreds of millions of good people at the direction of city, county, state, federal and higher legal fiction groups within the Brotherhood who created this false appearance of freedom.
8. Political party systems are a self feeding paradigm where positive self correcting change is designed out and negative change is designed in 
Once individual free choice is removed from the equation, false freedom is easily defined.  Individual Free choice is the cornerstone to a free society.   You cannot have partial free choice, either we all have it or we are all slaves.  The irony is Martin Luther King, this county's name sake knew this,  but the Citizens were never set free. There is no need for a public sector in a true and honest free society because all the functions are provided by the private sector.  You purchased these services as you see fit or bundle them into economical packages which suits your budget.  Tax upon the Citizenry is not only not necessary it is criminal and strangles private sector growth.  In enlighten societies no government is necessary.
All the material is provided herein to wake yourself up.  This is not rocket science.  Please find examples of key pictographs in above Word 2007 presentation attached.  If you do not have Word 2007 link here and go to the top box for other formats of this presentation https://www.freedomforallseasons.org/FreedomFromDefactoLaws.asp
It is time to cast off not only "car tabs" at any price but all medieval belief systems imposed on us by political, legal and banking liars who create myths bestowing power and profit on  themselves by herding us into their political prison camps while pretending there is no other choices.

This pictograph (Page 15 of 74) shows what happens when your home is assimilated into a growing criminal network of global to local municipal corporations who  write their own bylaws to steal private and public property and take and torture private property owners life long for power and profit. There is absolutely no justification or need for this tyranny as their is no justification for rape, robbery or murder. https://www.freedomforallseasons.org/FreedomFromDefactoLaws.asp
 Data is shown in detail below.




This pictograph (Page 34 of 74) shows how the municipal racket is played. Few Americans understand what has happened to them, many believe they are free, less want to know and even less have a clue of what to do about this syndicated criminal racket called public municipal corporations.  Many people cannot understand this even when it is explained to them, i.e. they have swallowed the monopoly completely.
How Banks Created Governments in THEIR Image

This pictograph (Page 20 of 74) shows a true and honest free society where the natural born are sovereign and cannot be taken (strangled to death by legislative and municipal fiction for revenue) for any reason by anyone at any time. https://www.freedomforallseasons.org/FreedomFromDefactoLaws.asp

This pictograph (Page 37 of 74) shows no one can tax, take or regulated the individual birth rights above.  This especially includes any state, city or county  municipal corporation.  The state cannot sanctify taking these birthrights by writing bylaws, charters or so called "constitutions" which intentionally write out and ignore the highest fundamental and founding laws of the land.  If they could do this, they could take all your private and public property and kill you by de facto legislation, exactly like they are doing for the last several centuries.


Municipal public corporation "business" models are not only out of date, they are primitive and tyrannical.  This political ideologies originates from British royal "divine rights of the kings". Its existence is debased on dysfunctional aggressive behavior using repetative thuggery which is the very definition of criminal insanity.   No one should obey any coding against natural rights. This is the purpose of local militias, they are to protect the locals from invasion of foreign laws, i.e. British municipal commercial codes.
Over the last 6 years I have documented the growing criminal nature of municipal corporation systems to hundreds of property owners and hundreds of government types.  This is a multi-headed snake of treachery equivalent to the despotic structure used by the church and monarchies in the dark ages to
extract revenue for their brutal priests and lords and rulers. 
9.  The municipal corporation of King County has a net worth of $4.1 billion as of 2008,
(Net Worth = Assets - Liabilities) yet never has enough of your property.....
  • plus an annual revenue of $2.8 billion in 2008 yet they extort thousands of dollars from individual property owners into bankruptcy.
  • Municipal business models never have enough because of the business model (racket) is intentionally designed to legitimize stealing and oppressing healthy individual differences  
  • Further evidence of the nature of this Muni legal and financial fraud is The Port of Seattle which has annual revenue of $489 million in 2008 yet they operate at a loss and further extort property taxes from every property owner to support this criminal Port Mafia.  
  • Property owners have no rightful responsibly for Port operations or municipal corporation operation...
    •  just as they have no rightful responsibility for the profit or losses of a private corporation. 
  • The states are involved in gambling and the sale of alcohol which makes my point further.
  • Government employees are given no power or authority to turn a limited free republic into a international syndicated Mafia.  
  • These Municipal Mafia organizations are dressed up in street clothes while they back themselves up with a growing arrogant police state to enforce their thuggery.
  • This is a criminally insane operation. 
  • The solution is individual free choice.
  • This should be no surprise to you as we live in a voluntary free republic.
I have a country neighbor who is paying one third of his pension for his property taxes, he is trying to sell and get out of here and so am I.  I have two other neighbors who were forced to pay over $20,000 in extorted larceny to King County DDES for nonsense land use fees.  This is what I paid for the original
cost of my 10 acres back in 1976.  There are hundreds of examples of persecuted property owners on my web site.   Property owners in America are slowly waking up to this barbaric form of legal and financial


Here is another chart (Page 22 of 74) from the Brotherhood of
Darkness pitch showing how the incorporation of cities shifted from
simple free choice services to a Brotherhood of Evil.


10. County government and its vast network of 3,141 other counties and thousands of city Muni corporations and their associations in America are clearly a criminal enterprise. 
  • King County Council and all 15,000 employees are using legal fiction thuggery to bully free Citizens. 
  • Once you shift your perspective to the real nature of the municipal hierarchy rooting to British soil and eastward the "divine right of kings" bias becomes obvious to open minds. 
  • Political party and religious affiliation should be as insignificant on these municipal corporation boards as on private corporation boards in a true and honest free society. 
  • Municipal corporations rightfully have no more power if not less than a private corporation in a true and honest free society
  • No one can transform personal theft or injury by calling it another name or redefining or ignoring the higher truths. 
  • A true and honest public corporation is very limited in its charters. 
  • A honest public corporation provides a utility infrastructure for basic services at the free will and free choice of its natural born.
  • Citizens are never taxed and are only billed for direct services provided the service is reasonable and competitive. 
  • Furthermore, if they do not like the service, they can find another provider, municipals do not monopolize or use force in free societies.
  • Municipal business is only voluntary, this is how it used to be, until the Municipal global to local Mafia took over. 
  • The Municipal corporation "business" model can easily be eliminated completely and replaced by private service management groups who bill the Citizens for direct services used only
  • All other non value added services are offered up to charities, churches, wealthy individuals, foundations or corporations.
  • In a true and honest free community they may have a rotating board of the Local Chamber of Commerce and interested Citizens to over see a community but it is free choice. 
  • The only taxing would be a small single digit uniform tax on the local corporations.
  • Family run businesses cannot be taxed or regulated. 
  • Municipal corporations are increasingly sliding into financial ruin and debt because the model is debased on brokering hate and amplifying the taking of property by using tyranny.
11. Please read the Declaration of Independence again to fully absorb what the colonists hated about the British Monarchy, i.e. King County is a British Municipal Monarchy. 
  • The city, county, state and federal municipal network replaced the power structure of King George III. 
  • While General Washington and the first American Revolution pushed off the British and General Howe's 30,000 regulars and Hessians, the municipal monarchy remained in the infrastructure and belief systems of the colonies through those who profited by them, e.g. the bankers, lawyers and budding politicians. 
  • This sick tyrannical hierarchy continues to this day to live off the blood, sweat and tears of generation after generation of Americans.
12. Any taxing upon the natural born and rightfully naturalized Americans is strictly forbidden by the Laws of Nature and Nature's God, the Declaration of Independence and the spirit and success of the first American Revolution. 
  • Municipal corporation bylaws and state constitutional bylaws do not trump the higher laws of the land LONANG, Declaration of Independence & the first American Revolution.
  • Americans only pay tax by free choice in the price of the goods when they purchase services and products from a corporation. 
  • Individuals and family business do not pay tax nor can they be regulated,  they are natural, i.e. not man made legal fiction. 
  • Only artificial legal fiction corporations pay tax to artificial legal fiction public government corporations. 
  • When direct and indirect taxes go away, all the arbitrary & capricious nonsense collapses and there is only true and honest government funding for limited infrastructure.
  • Municipalities have shifted their limited corporate legitimate revenue funding limited utilities to illegitimate predatory cereal agencies stealing more property.  
  • Originally cities and counties only billed for direct services, if Citizens had no other choices for utilities, this was another tactic of taking without individual consent.     
  • The American natural born are sovereign and free they created private and public corporations to serve them NOT to pay for them or be prayed upon by them. 
  • King County is an artificial legal fiction corporation with no power bestowed upon it by the natural born to touch, take or tax those who are the rightful kings and queens. 
  • Only the lawyers, political thugs and the central bankers (the Brotherhood of Darkness) dreamt up this nightmare.  
  • King County municipal corporation and its employees are servants not dictators.
  • King County employees have no standing in the lives and property of those natural born and rightfully naturalized in King County. 
  • King County is a political subdivision not a prison camp run by 15,000 thugs roaming around writing legal fiction codes upon individuals who never contracted for these takings.
  • Read all about it here - https://www.freedomforallseasons.org/FreedomFromKingCountyTheGreatImposter.asp
13. British forms of tyranny were done away with after the Battle of Yorktown in October 19, 1781 when Cornwallis and his 7000 men surrendered to General Washington. 
  • This was followed by another battle where 1000 Kentucky riflemen who devastated British backed Shawnee Indians. 
  • We are now in the third American Revolution because British municipal monarchies were not completely dismantled in the original colonies. 
  • Nine southern states and Texas have tried to leave this Brotherhood and millions were killed for false flag reasons, i.e. lies. 
  • The days of holographic legal, political, monetary and financial manipulated fiction thrown over the private lives and property of its Citizens by a few elite's are over. 
  • America is a free country of free individuals who have established individual lives on the highest principals and truths found in the Laws of Nature and Natures God, the Declaration of Independence and the spirit and success of the first American Revolution.
14. Government subdivisions, municipal corporations and their agencies and charters were never given any rightful power over the American individual natural born.
  • Any fictional power municipalities and government employees believe they have is self bestowed by a few political and legal thugs as the territories rolled blindly into the union.
  • This is what happen to the so called state of Washington - https://www.freedomforallseasons.org/FreedomFromTheStateofWashingtonCONstitutionThatNeverWas.asp
  • Government employees are servants while at work with no power over the natural born for any reason. 
  • All government branches and agencies are advisory not adversarial otherwise we would all be your slaves, right? 
  • Individual natural born and rightfully naturalized hold all power and sovereignty. 
  • Sovereignty was never bestowed on any government branch, agency or employee. 
  • Conversely, if you were rightfully bestowed with such powers as you think you have, you would have the divine rights of kings.
  • As we all know, government types do not have, nor were you ever given, divine rights or sovereign immunity yet they claim it as if it were so. 
  • Government types are completely liable in the people courts, i.e. true and honest Grand Jury and Trial Jury courts of de jure law.
  • State constitutions, county and city charters are corporation bylaws which have been so perverted from the higher laws of the land they are mere bylaws for Mafioso.
15.  No power over the individual natural born was ever given to private corporations. 
  • Corporations are chartered to serve and protect the American natural born and rightfully naturalized. 
  • In exchange for their existence and limited taxation, they are allowed to operate under very limited and strict higher fundamental and founding laws of the land. 
  • Public or private corporations cannot become predatory and turn on those who created them. 
  • The corporations are to serve the free and provide employment and basic services at the cost of a small single digit tax upon the private corporations. 
  • This combined with the sale and lease of natural resources and the cost avoidance of never paying interest upon limited short term loans is enough to fund basic infrastructure.  
  • This small tax on all corporations including oil and natural gas companies pays for the transportation infrastructure as well.
16. Both private and public corporations may legitimately regulate their employees as conditions to employment, they cannot regulate the Citizenry for any reason.
  • Private corporations may not regulate their shareholders, it is quite the opposite, the shareholders regulate the corporations. 
  • Public corporations may not regulate the natural born or rightfully naturalized local Citizens. 
17. Private and public corporations merged and sharked out the private and public sector by eroding individual free choice. 
  • Ending Municipal Monarchies is not rocket science, it is simple financial management
18. King County Municipal Corporation should be dismantled and sold off to private American bidders using the above mentioned direct bill for services model which will end all tyrannical taxing.   The Port of Seattle should be sold off to a private corporation who has the balls to cut it down to the bone or shut it down entirely. The current Municipal corporation business model never has worked because it is debased on a tyrannical taxing system versus a free choice private corporation based on profit and financial independence in a free market.
19. The first city, county or state to free itself from this municipal tyranny will make the California and Alaska gold rush era pale in comparison.  This will be the stake in the heart of the  municipal vampire.  Once free will and free choice and a free market replace municipal governments a golden age will return and a true and honest free society will rebuild itself out of the ashes. What centralized power fears the most is individual free choice.  History is a resplendent example of this lesson.  Yet the cycle of taking is so attractive, glamorous, illusive and subversive, that it takes generations and hundreds of years before some critical mass of the society wakes up and/or the society collapses. 
20. The reason why we have no free choice in this "free republic" is simple.  With free choice there is much less need for the political pyramid, BAR associations, global to local municipal associations as well as all their nonsense cereal agencies who were created and maintained by the police state.  In other words, an oppressive dialectic like a political municipal hierarchy engenders dependence.  This is why no state has left the union and no county or city has chosen to fight.  The "Global to Local", a.k.a. Locust, live on hate by creating it day in and day out.  Once the awareness of free choice and free enterprise can easily replace municipal monarchies there will be a rolling shift to free choice.  Most people do not realize they are not truly free.  When they understand that there is more than enough resources in a very limited and simple free republic without direct or indirect taxation upon the natural born the municipalities and their thugs go away, DDES melts, King County municipal corporation and all their bonds melt and they are a mere limited shell.  The problem is not that you don't have enough resources, the problem is you have too much.
21. Once individual free choice is protected, municipal empires will collapse to limited basic services.  Rightful public corporations exist like any other corporation.  They cannot steal property and they most be competitive.  The consciousness and morally of a few small municipalities are rising to this level of awareness and doing away with their police departments and outsourcing everything else.  Who needs taxes when you do not need most municipal tyranny and can privatize the rest.  The political dialectic creates deceptive options, false fears and subversive agendas.  Municipalities have no business regulating any other business or editing how private homes are constructed.  Municipal employees have little to no academic credentials and no unbiased experience in fields.  Municipalities are rim by politicians who have no credentials in managing large corporations in the free market. How I build my home is between me and my contractor, architect and structural engineer.  Legitimate funding would only be used for limited services.  Academia must compete for business in the open market just like Hillsdale College.  Cereal government agencies such as DOE and DOT would never be part of a true and honest republic. 

This chart above shows the legitimate vs. illegitimate sources of revenue for all government agencies, i.e. public corporations. All public services funded by tax tyranny can easily be converted and/or outsourced into private companies who would in turn offer their services in a free market and compete with others offering the same service for the consumers (ex tax slaves) to purchase by free choice. Private insurance policies can spread this risk much more efficiently than municipal monarchies slave camps called political subdivisions.  The false ideology that a free republic needs a system of forced tax tyranny to run a municipal empire for someone else's shortcomings is the height of a political agenda statement.  Roads are paid by a small single digit percent tax on oil and gas companies, they may pass this through in their pricing.  You cannot tax the corporations, tax the gas pumps and tax the people because the people pay all the taxes, i.e. you are compounding the taxes to multiple powers which is criminal insanity.


Tax Taking 101 - How Corporations Stick It To Individuals
1. Corporations  pay about 7% to 16% per year of the total IRS federal revenue tax taking for years 1994 – 2012. See black line with blue triangle data points.
2. Individuals pay about  37% to 52% per year of the total IRS revenue tax taking for years 1994 – 2012 - see brown line with blue X data points above, some  3 to  7 times more than corporations.
3. If you eliminate the fraudulent individual indirect excise income taxes and transfer that Individual excise tax on the corporations, they will pay about 3.8% to 6.7% more of their total revenue for years 1994 – 2012 and pass most of that thru to their customers in their product and service pricing -  see black dash line with yellow square data points above. 
1. Corporations pay about 1% of their revenue currently to federal income tax taking for years 1994 – 2012 – see black solid line.
2. Individuals pay about 14% of their Adjusted Gross Income to federal income tax taking for years 1994 – 2014 – see brown line.
3. If corporations paid their federal income taxes and the individual “income “ excise tax they would pay 5.2% to 7.1% of their revenue annually for the years shown 1994 – 2012 – see black dash line with yellow square data points above.
4. Again the current “income” tax fraudulently forced on individuals is an excise tax, not an apportioned tax and not a direct tax so redirecting this individual excise tax to the corporations where excise taxes are true and honest in a free Republic is the answer.
5. The actual Individual “Income” tax would be lower than shown above because Individual Adjusted Gross Income includes wages , profit, and dividends as reported by the IRS. This data took long enough to extract let alone breaking out wages only.
1. This is a dollar graph to better visualize the significance of the tax taking of individuals.
2. Individual “Income” taxes on Adjusted Gross Income pay near 50% of the total federal tax taking
3. Corporation  Income taxes on their total revenue pay about 14.5% of the total federal tax taking  for year 2011, most recent data available.
4. Why are corporations paying so much less and why are the individual state Citizens paying  so much more? 
5. The answer to this rhetorical question is the corporations have lobbied since day one to breach the fundamental and founding laws and settled case law thereby transferring their rightful indirect taxes upon wages or private property?
1. American corporations total revenue is 3 times American individual and family income (wages + dividends + profit), yet American wage earners are paying 14 times the federal tax private corporations are paying.
2. All while tax taking of any kind on wages and private property (including by apportionment) goes against settled American case law AND founding law AND fundamental law.
3. The current form of tax taking of private property and wages is immoral and goes against ALL fundamental, founding and Christian laws, charters and actions of this FREE Republic.


In a true and honest free society, corporations would pay a small single digit uniform indirect tax which they may pass on in the pricing of their goods and services. Free Citizens do not pay any direct or indirect taxes because they pay for everything when they freely choose to purchase the goods or services.  They cannot be taxed at all let alone multiple times in a true and honest republic.

Again, natural born American individuals pay no direct or indirect taxes by force because they pay when they freely choose to purchase the goods or service.  Corporations are an artificial legal fiction entity created by the free people to employ them and to pay for the cost of a limited government through profit and the free market.  Corporations pay most taxes and may pass them on in their pricing. 

The pricing must also compete with others in business who may or may not pass the tax through and instead absorb the tax in their profit.  There is NO need to tax individuals because the corporations can easily absorb the cost of a limited government and free individuals freely decide where and from whom to buy. 

It is key to understand that this global to local Brotherhood of Darkness has orchestrated the taxing of individuals many times over while the corporations pay little or nothing in comparison.

Additionally they have illegitimately cast their private and public corporate employee codes over the natural born and rightfully naturalized.


22. King County council needs to be replaced by a rotating private corporate board from of local business not benefiting from the county.  County and city councils have no experience in serious management of large corporations, i.e. you are politicians and are part of the problem not the solution, i.e. you are beyond biased.  All the city, county and state leaders need to recuse themselves.  Washington state and the eastern county municipal arrogance drove out The Boeing Company and turn off everyone else.  I have watched the Puget counties for years and tracked their takings.  I have sat in some of the court and council rooms and noted the supreme defiance and regality exhibited by you and many others including judges who have forgotten the most basic fundamental and founding laws of the land.  The ego manifested by political types, lawyers, judges, county councils and administration are criminal.  The first step is too return to a completely free choice republic and bring in a rotating board of highly credible and successful private corporation directors with a history of cutting fat and empire building from their own corporations.   They would have a stake in cutting government costs because they are paying for it via a small uniform single digit tax on their revenue.  These private corporate directors would do this pro bono or for free as a service to the community and their own employees and Citizens. King County needs to go away completely which will take care of the your compulsion being in an illegitimate business of minding other peoples business.
23. Government has no lawful role in any business or service especially "emergency services" or "police services".  
First, a militia of the Citizenry protects freedom not municipal trained thuggery applying municipal legal fiction codes going against the natural laws and common law.  Privatizing municipal police departments will shift their increasing predatory behavior on innocent Citizens to protecting them ONLY through private security companies.  Citizens and businesses who do not wish to pay directly for protection may enlist and voluntarily help others who wish help. Once the municipalities are privatized, the standing police state is forced to change their uniforms to a private sector security company with no power or authority to continue its predatory nature. The era of municipal tyranny ends when it is privatized. 
Any service one wishes can easily be retained without laundering fire, medical or security protection functions through a municipal tax racket.  This is retrogressive and sucks out  private sector free enterprises at a huge cost of morphing freedom into wasteful government bureaucracies using thuggery to support what a free market can more efficiently perform.  The concept of taxing has long been outdated.  It is a medieval form of negative revenue which eventually collapses a community and society.  The ideology of taxing originates and roots to self bestowed divine rights of kings using humans as chattel.  Any funding taken at the end of the barrel of a gun is tyranny.  This is another political dialectic of fraudulent political choices being offered up to the unsuspecting Citizenry.  There is absolutely no need for municipal monarchies because they take away free choice and steal honest private free enterprise employment which can easily offer the same services without taxing anyone and perform the functions much more efficiently. 
Citizens in a free community then decide which service they want and are not forced to swallow a growing bundle of tyranny.  If Citizens do not wish to contract for any of these services they may share the risk and reduce their cost for emergency services by adding an individual insurance rider on their home or vehicle policy at their free choice.  There is no need to tax for any emergency services including fire, ambulances, aid/rescue vehicles and teams, police, sheriff, etc.  I have a "Towing and Labor" rider on my "Mutual of Enumclaw" vehicle policy for $6 for one year with a $100 limit.  You can also cover this through American Automobile Association emergency roadside service membership or other carriers.  Local Citizenry are not responsible for providing the capital and operating expenses of a infrastructure established for the collective good of the community.  This is the very reason we have free enterprise. Capital for any service is attracted in a free market through the normal dynamics of supply and demand not by backward force, regulations, usury and tax tyranny. 
If a local community of any size wishes community protection, they may do so freely, by purchasing insurance for emergencies or contracting with free businesses to care for their emergencies.  Fire and police personnel and the facilities and equipment can be sold off or merged into private free enterprises. This is no different than health and dental and vision insurance.  Government has no role competing with the free market.  Risk of any nature can be easily spread in large groups to make social concerns affordable. Government cannot go into business creating empires that are based on tax tyranny yielding net loses to taxpayers who never contracted for such services. Government cannot bundle their larceny and force it down local property owners and local businesses throats.  America specializes in innovative competitive free enterprise and can easily take over all value added government services and eliminate the tax tyranny and bureaucracy, i.e. thuggery.  Plus those services who offer value and the public sector employees simply change their uniforms to reflect who their new boss is and adjust to living in a free market vs. a municipal monarchy.  
Municipal landfills and transfer centers can be sold off or contracted to a consortium of local waste disposal companies to maintain and use for themselves and for individuals.  Taxing property owners or anyone is archaic and repressive in a free society especially with such current levels of high unemployment.  Government services are not value added because they live off of force which is further compounded by the temptation of  bundling the so called "services" into unwanted and unnecessary bureaucracy and cereal agencies who become predatory. 
All municipal departments and services can also be incorporated into private companies and capitalized on the free market and the shares sold to any American private or corporation who wishes to invest in such basic infrastructure.
A free market based on love not tax tyranny is more than capable of caring for the poor, homeless and destitute.  A network of charitable businesses is growing to care for these people.  We have a Mission Outlet in Enumclaw, Washington which is a mini Goodwill making revenue and profit by selling what others donate which provides income for the permanent staff who also are further assisted by a team of volunteers.  Churches, synagogues, charities, shelters, wealthy foundations are increasingly addressing these pressing needs of society in a growing number of communities.  You never ever establish a hypocritical tax regulating tyranny over the free born to punish one class over another.   More national and international organizations and professional volunteer groups are reaching out to help child and adult poor. 
State and municipal sponsored services are no longer needed because we can easily take care of ourselves by free market and free choice vs. tax tyranny.  Many emergency services are staffed with a growing number of volunteers which further makes the shift easier.  Societies based on love engender support for those in need and do not allow government to build cereal agencies around the misfortunes of one class transferring more burdens onto another.  This a game of Russian Roulette playing brinkmanship with the delicate lives of the Citizens and property owners and the working class who are all living on the edge due to municipal monarchy model of business tyranny.
24.  Gandhi woke up his people and kicked out the British Monarchy. He organized marches against such nonsense taxes as the Salt Tax in India and overthrew the British monarchy by peaceful civil disobedience. American's would not have to go through the hell of being clubbed to death in waves as his people did.  https://www.mkgandhi.org/civil_dis/civil_dis.htm  I ask you to read the following script in its entirety or better yet purchase or rent Gandi DVD, the 25th Anniversary Winner of 8 Academy Awards including 1892 Best Picture, it is a 2 Disc Collector's Edition.  Watch it with your family, buy a dozen copies and give them to your staff and friends and ask them to tell you how it compares to what I am saying and the pictographic truth presented in the Brotherhood of Darkness.   Place  yourself, in your minds eye, regardless of your political affiliation, as the British Empire which ALL Municipal Corporate Monarchies are.  Play the movie over and over until you get it.  You may order it here  https://www.amazon.com/Gandhi-Widescreen-Two-Disc-Collectors-Kingsley/dp/B000KX0IOA
25.  King County municipal corporation has few choices, once a critical mass of Citizenry wake up.  County municipal councils and its colluding benefactors have held this ancient monarchy ideology for centuries which have never worked without spilling blood and tears from innocent victims.  Once Citizens start exercising their rightful free choice to not pay for any forced taxing, tabs or regulation of their private property, the municipal empire and its colluding parasites will melt.  All public services can be converted into legitimate free market enterprises competing for business and employment like the private sector.  It is not "rocket science" to understand all forced taxing is stealing and cannot be justified in a free society.  Taxing creates tyranny and was only meant to be voluntary.  If taxing is forced no one is free. If you want a "million" services in your community then let the free market test the true and honest value of the service with free enterprises competing with each other for the "wanted" services.  You cannot force others to pay for "public common good" projects.  Common good through taxation is an oxymoron. There are NO services the municipal monarchy offers which create any value added or return on investment.  Municipalities are designed to not make profit because they are conceived by tax tyranny. Private companies and family businesses can take over all functions of a municipal corporation.   This is the way it was meant to be in America but was never allowed to happen.  The political, legal, banking and local aristocracy did not want to pay for anything because it was much easier to shift the cost of their monarchies onto the innocent, apathetic and uninformed common people. 
26.  Municipal Corporation record keeping
No personal records on free born American Citizens may be kept in a true and honest free society.  This a violation of some of the most sacred higher laws of the land.  Individual property titles are private and cannot be shared with the public and no rightful government would require it.  These records are easily held privately by a title company or personnel attorneys.  As the era of municipal corporations comes to an end, the public records department will be the first to be shifted to the private sector.
27. The Myth of Eminent Domain
Article II Eminent Domain  - you may find my research on the state of Washington CONstitution That Never Was here & Eminent Domain (half way down web page) -
Section 3. State of Washington Original 1878 Constitution is MISSING in the 1889 state of Washington Constitution, i.e. intentionally left out by the same politicians and lawyers who wrote the state municipal bylaws, a.k.a. "constitutions and gave themselves "divine rights of kings".
"The people of the state, in their right of sovereignty,
are declared to possess the ultimate property in and to
all lands within the jurisdiction of the state, and all
lands, the title to which shall fail from a defect of heirs,
shall revert or escheat to the state. "
Jack's comments: Eminent domain replaced the Law of
Mortmain of England. Eminent domain destroys your allodial
rights and goes against the Laws of Nature and Nature's God,
the Declaration of Independence and the success
and intent of the American Revolution. This is one of many
conflicts written into the US and state constitutions for
profit and power going against the higher laws of the land.
These takings were only intended for the territories and only applicable through District of Columbia
Article V of the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights "nor shall
property be taken for public use without just compensation"
does NOT infer private property will be taken by force NOR
does it infer private property can be taken.
Once again, we have been duped.
The Law of Mortmain is Old French (morte meyn), dead-hand....reaching from the grave.. https://www.newadvent.org/cathen/10579a.htm
28. Once people clearly understand how the network of municipal corporations fit into the Brotherhood of Darkness, they will not tolerate this municipal Mafia ideology. I hope you can see from all of the clear examples above, King County government has no power, is not needed and all municipal "services" of value currently provided under tyranny, can be converted into private enterprises.  Municipal corporations are extremely regressive.  King County government and most government types have ensconced themselves in unreachable castle towers with multiple layers of legal fiction, police and concrete making themselves into new age untouchables.  Government leaders are the epitome of corporate elite who continue exercising the divine right of kings never rightfully given to them but by their own kind.  
Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, Washington
Rollins, Montana
The Boeing Company
30 Years Service - Retired
Montana State University
B.S. Electrical Engineering
M.S. Applied Science -
Business Administration
Industrial Engineering


The rest of the story, i.e. the big picture on the puzzle box connecting all the takings


Public and Private Corporations Have No Rightful Power Over American Natural Born or Naturalized

  1. America private and public corporations have become the government and exercise themselves not as true and honest servants but as greedy tyrants.

  2. A vast network of un-American public municipal corporations & associations of states, counties & cities are complicit & colluding with the global to local agenda.

  3. To "govern" means to guide not control nor protect.

  4. We are in an advanced stage of this era of global to local agenda which is assimilating & confiscating ALL OUR private & public property, free enterprise, monetary system as well as our individual freedoms, liberties & unalienable rights for their personal profit & power.

  5. The public sector offers NO return on investment & NO competition, i.e. muni's are monopolies, which the private sector can better perform & without tyranny.

  6. Furthermore, ALL politicians with the help of lawyers and
    bankers have bestowed upon themselves sovereign power never rightfully or otherwise given to them.

  7. A true and honest limited republic has only one sovereign and that is the individual natural born and the rightfully naturalized Citizen.

  8. There are no American charters conveying sovereignty to any government body, cereal agency or government employee. 

  9. This global to local public & private lineage are cannibals by design and rule the world.

  10. We cannot change this syndicated global to local racket by reelecting its officers, this is the very definition of insanity, changing parties and personalities is only changing the guard.

  11. This network of public and private corporations operate on bluff and are the epitome of cowards and hypocrites.

  12. Municipal corporations have no more rightful power over the natural born, than private corporations, i.e. we created them to protect us, not prey upon us.

  13. Mayors, council members, police, DOT, DOE, code "enforcement" types were never given any rightful power over free born Americans.

    1.  If they were, we would be slaves, which we currently are until we wake up and put all of them in prison where they belong at the best.

    2. Their offices are rightfully only advisory & voluntary.

    3. These offices have been woven into this global to local bundle of lies & taking. 

  14. Natural born Americans and the rightfully naturalized hold overwhelming physical and rightful power over these tyrants by a ratio of 92 to 8.

  15. This is a free society founded on free choice not tyranny orchestrated by a few to manipulate a "majority" to legitimize extortion against everyone. 

  16. Basic limited infrastructure may be well funded on indirect corporate taxes alone, no direct taking of any property is legitimate nor necessary.

  17. Corporations pay indirect taxes directly, no sales taxes or taxes of any kind can be applied on free people in a free society.

  18. The municipal corporation dynasties are funding their tyranny with the direct aid of the globalist via the printing press and confiscation of property.

  19. The answer is free choice and free markets to replace this growing network of global to local municipal tyranny. 

  20. Americans must reorganize themselves & rise above their differences & work to protect their own neighborhoods & communities from the growing thuggery.

  21. NO taking of property is legitimate because of the criminal nature of usury, taxes and regulation. 

  22. Neighborhoods and communities must organize to protect anyone deserving, from any taking by the banks or municipals.  

  23. No investors will use their hard cash to challenge a neighborhood protecting themselves, investors want easy pickings. 

  24. Banks will try to use the Office of the Sheriff, however a few Sheriff's are being awaken as to the tyranny of repossessions.  What Sheriff is going to walk through a neighborhood armed to help a destitute neighbor keep his or her home. 

Wages CONgress vs. Citizens


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