Mass Extinction
Get the truth on Geomagnetic Reversals and Mass Extinctions, i.e. the Creation of New Species in 42 Minutes
Extinctions Happen at Time of Polar Reversals - Tell this to everyone you know especially the politicians & lying globalist green foundations rolling up your private and public property.
This graph is at 20:00 minutes into this video presented by Dr. Douglas Voght.


Cycles of Extinction


Ice Age Causes by Douglas Vout

Ok Douglas B. Vogt responded to my question on October 23, 2021 in an email, see below.

Dear Jack,
Just watch series 4 and that proved it including all the scientific evidence that it novas.

Doug Vogt

Douglas B. Vogt of the Diehold Foundaton.

"Our sun novas repeatedly. Star novas affect DNA by cosmic radiation creaing new species. Mass extinction of species and the creation of new species are unsolvable by current beliefs. All are associated with polar reversals and Novas." See above references and watch this series as you see fit.

I have an email into Douglas Vogt for some two week at this time 9-25-2021 asking how he defines novas. My initial take was the statement above was equating a solar flare to a macro nova. Obviously a full nova of our sun would leave no life in our solar system or less than before.

I have also not been able to confirm his credentials if he has any. He has numerous books on Amazon (I count 11). Not that credentials make you brillent however, it certainly helps readers to believe what you write.

Mr. Vogt states he is a "Science writer, researcher and professional member of the Geological Society of America here. He has also stated he was a salesman for election voting equipment in his career. There are a number of men on the web with the same name Douglas Vogt so he uses his his middle initial on his books as Douglas B. Vogt.

I am support his work and it makes sense to me. The statement above regarding "our sun novas repeatedly" was not a literal meaning in my mind when I read it otherwise we would not be here. It was a cliche', e.g. that solar flares are like a macro nova, my opinion only.

I believe this is the same Douglas S. Vogt who posted all this material regarding "Affidavits on Obama Birth Certificate Forged Douglas Vogt Digital Image Scanner Expert 24 Jun 2011" he is right on. Link here. This material is right on and fits Mr. Vogt's unique career path as a voting equipment and document imaging software salesman, owner of a typesetting company and a Archive Index Sytems company. One of his many tgalents is a digital image scanner expert.


Extinction Destructive  or Creative
The three cycles of God - Creation, Preservation and Destruction


Bundy Ranch BLM Standoff


Dinosaur Extinction

2011 & ON Incoming

Stop Globalist Control - Join Today Delisting Species


Wolfman Jack



Wolf Pack of 25
2016-07-11 Fed Investigation: Wolf program was mishandled - Link to Albuquerque Journal article

For the wolf lovers this should really warm your heart, for us big game hunters this helps explain why we are not planning any hunting trips in wolf zones next year or the next.  

Weippe, ID

 25 wolves in one pack is a serious force to be reckoned with….

"Jack; In Montana, in spite of a hunting season, the wolf population is increasing.  As with many environmental issues the organized groups have the attorneys and the money to tie things up in court for years.  It has been proven that environmental issues have created more government intrusion into our lives than any other thing."

Jim K. Old Montana U.S. Forest Service Friend



Government is wolf in sheepdog's clothing
Source: Dallas Libertarian Examiner
by Garry Reed

"Sources vary, but in the twentieth century alone Herr Hitler's government sheepdogs killed around 12 million of its own citizens, Joe Stalin's government murdered some 23 million civilians, and the government of Chairman Mao massacred 78 million or so of its country's population. That's just barely the beginning of the genocide list. And
It doesn't even include the monsterously huge number of people killed by governments when they force their own citizens into uniforms and turn them into raw meat on the world's battlefields." (01/23/12)




"Scientists are talking about resurrecting woolly mammoth again, but this time they are serious. The government-backed 'Mammoth Project' seeks to use frozen mammoth sperm from well-preserved frozen mammoth remains to artificially inseminate living relatives and bring the mammoth back to life." In this contest you are asked to save taxpayers' money by bringing mammoths back to life with the power of Photoshop. Show what life would be like if mammoths ruled the earth these days - use them in modern movies, advertisements, magazine covers, or any photo scenes.
P.S. Rumor has it that Republicans are behind the whole thing as they need a mammoth to replace an elephant who decided to retire from being the GOP symbol. Democrats replied that they will bring back the prehistoric ass (not Jimmy Carter though)." FreakingNews.com


"If you put the government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years
there would be a shortage of sand" Milton Friedman


Polar Bear on Ice

"Polar bears belong to the genus and species Ursus
maritimus, which means, "sea bear". The term sea bear is appropriate because polar bears depend on the sea for much of their diet. Besides weathering extreme temperatures on land, polar bears go extreme off land, too.

In fact, many polar bears spend a great amount of time in the water and on ice floes. Not only have their coats and paws evolved to help make them good swimmers, their body shape has too. A polar bear's body is more elongated and streamlined for swimming, they are missing the shoulder hump of the brown bear. And its neck is longer, which helps keep the polar bear's head above water.  

Polar bears can swim approximately four to six miles per hour and have been spotted far out to sea and as much as a few hundred miles from shore or even on ice flows."


Natural Extinction Rate of Species epoch history

Is There Periodicity to Extinction

Extinction is natural and its rate varies
extremely AND naturally over epochs



Marine Extinction Epochal History

Extinction intensity varies extremely
AND naturally over millenniums.


Biodiversity decline over ages


Out of 1263 U.S. species listed, as of 12-31-2002, 40 were delisted.

Of those 40,
16 were classified as "recovered",
15 were incorrectly labeled and
9 were classified as "extinct".

Only 1.27% were "recovered" and they will
ultimately become extinct due to much higher
natural forces driving them to extinction
against man caused "recovery".

USFWS Threatened and Endangered Species
System (TESS)


Clean Water Restoration Act

2010-07-04 National Landscape Grab (MUST READ)
AMERICAN LAND RIGHTS (Check out more on this massive taking)





Grren House Gases Are 99.99% Natural

Man made contribution to the greenhouse gases totals 0.28% (.0028), i.e. insignificant


Sun's radiation on the earth

God Causes Global Warming AND Cooling - NOT Man


"There is no reason to expect the reality of immeasurable and
unbounded life to satisfy your puny little thoughts".
Kodo Sawaki
Zen Calendar, April 13, 2010


Solar Cycles


Sunspot activity since 1600


Global Temps Epochal History

CO2 and Temperature vary naturally throughout the ages


US Debt by War

Above graph shows true man made events
caused by central banks/brokage houses and
"governments" for profit and power.
CONgressional CHRONology - How They
Confiscated YOUR Property Over History
(Work in Process)



USA Debt History

What Does EXTREME Debt have to do with Environmental EXTREMISM?

True and honest independent science has been embezzled for profit and power using debt, a.k.a. grants, to extort and interlock a growing massive state funded network to snuff out individual and state independence and allodial property ownership, i.e. sovereignty.

We are living in an era of outcome based agenda junk "science", a.k.a. "Best Available Science", i.e. political "science", i.e. larceny on a global scale.

Governments are manipulated by central brokerage houses and elite government and non government groups who directly influence the printing presses in 60 some countries. They create illegitimate debt from the printing presses to receive illegitimate usurious interest, which is paid with illegitimate taxes and property confiscated from the natural born Citizens by tyranny.

The central banks and global elite groups use this debt to extort and manipulate governments, through a growing police state, political parties, media and academia by creating regulatory illusions (LIES) based on predetermined agendas funded by self serving grants (debt) with deadly hooks.

This is done to create outcome based policies to tie up and take private and public property. A few examples of these illegitimate acts by the Houses and Senates of the union of the states and the states are: EPA, ESA, Dept. of Ecology, Rails to Trails Act, Shoreline Management Acts, Growth Management Acts, the unFereral unReserve Act, 14th Amendment, 16th Amendment & 17th Amendment are fraudulent.

Learn How Central Banks Control more than the "Environment", i.e. Play God
Learn How UN Has Orchastrated Environmental Extremism in 1992
2010-10-4 The Green Agenda - Agenda 21


World Freedom Indes

USA Inc. is #48 in the 2007 Freedom Index.

This falling rank is created in part due to the tyrannical and illegitimate taking of private and public property using "earth is flat" mythology created with debt funded by the printing presses, forced taxes, fiat monetary system to take property,sovereignty, liberty and freedom.

USA Inc., U.N. and its global power affiliates, MARKET political agendas such as "endangered species", "man caused global warming", "alternative energy", "critical areas", "wetlands", "buffers", "shoreline management" acts, "growth management" acts, "sustainable development", "zoning", to confiscate American property and American natural born individual freedom and sovereignty.


The Cost of Endangered Species Act to Americans (MUST READ)


"It is ironic that the Constitution explicitly forbids the U.S. Army, even in the name of national defense, from requiring that a citizen quarter a soldier (that is, provide food and shelter for a soldier). Yet the government can require the same citizen to quarter a grizzly bear, a spotted owl, or any other member of a threatened or endangered species, at the landowner's expense.

If the Army had the same power to demand the billeting of soldiers as the Fish and Wildlife Service does now for endangered species we could expect to see soldiers feared, despised, and perhaps even ambushed, as listed species reportedly are today. Yet, in fact, the armed forces are nearly always welcome. The reason is that the military pays their way. The current battles over base closures are fights by communities to
the soldiers, not to make others take them. Thanks to the policy of compensation, it is truly difficult for the Pentagon to close a base."


"Endangered" Species Takings:


2011 & ON Incoming


2010 Incoming & Outgoing Email


2002 Thru 2009 Incoming & Outgoing Email


Yukon to Yellowstone Land Taking

2010-8-13 Late Post Who is financing these Green groups
2010-06-13 Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act HR 5101
2008-02-24 Stop the Yukon to Yellowstone Land Grab
Yukon to Yellowstone Region Map
Big Green - Inside Nature Conservancy


Extract from MUST READ article below -
Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act HR 5101

"This is an organization that talks a big game about saving the environment but in truth has never lifted a finger or raised a dollar to mitigate the environmental issues they claim to care so much about.

This is an organization that bills itself, according to its mission statement [1], as a group dedicated “to protect and restore western watersheds and wildlife through public education, public policy initiatives and litigation”
That last word “litigation” is the key, because in truth they are nothing more than a group of professional plaintiffs who have filed hundreds of lawsuits against the government and individuals to accomplish their goals. Between 2000 and 2009 they have filed 91 lawsuits and 31 appeals in Idaho alone and hundreds more throughout the West..

And this is an organization that has been funded in part with the hard-earned tax dollars of the American people to the tune of $1.2 million in Idaho Federal District courts alone by the abuse of the Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA), which others have written about [2] on these

The Western Watersheds Project is headquartered in that playground of the rich and famous, Sun Valley, Idaho. The organizaton’s neighbors include Teresa Heinz Kerry and her husband John Kerry as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger."

2010-06-13 Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act HR 5101


Reasons Why Environmental Extremism Go Against The Highest Laws of The Land

The highest charters of the land which HAVE NOT BEEN CORRUPTED are:
  1. The Declaration of Independence,
  2. The intent of the American Revolution to set the natural born free and
  3. The Laws of Nature and Nature's God (LONANG) 
Freedom To Own Land With Allodial Rights


"Just as there are certain species of plants and trees whose seeds sprout only after a fire...our nature may be like a seed that grows in the ashes of our burned over forest of illusions."

Marian Mountain


Other Urban Legends Created by Municipal Corporations to Steal Property



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