Hydroelectiric dams are Economically Feasible and provide Flood Control, Irrigation, No Pollution, Recreation, Deliver Current for Heavy Industrial Loads and Reliable. FreedomForAllSeasons votes hydrodams as the power to deliver us more freedom in American into the future until we can develop true and honest more economical forms of power like geo subterrian heat extracting loops for steam generators and ocean tidal generators.

Dams Unpowered with Potential for 1 Megawatt


Dams Number of Existing Non-Powered Dams
This is where the real "alternative" power awaits in America in the harnessing of some 550 non-powered dams. The enviromental extremists, eco terrorists and the subsidized benefitting non government organizations, e.g. solar and wind generator manufacturers and the American mainstream media do not want this truth spoken. Spread the truth.
2016-11-19 US DOE Assessment of Energy Potential at Non-Powered Dams in United States
mThe Benefits of Hydroelectric Power
Power Economic Feasibility

How to Not Reduce Power


Heavy Rain Flows To the Sea
2021-03-21 Trump EPA Chief Pruitt: Biden' Snergy Agenda Is Disney World (Biden paying off donors)
2016-10-19 Economic Feasibility of Hydroelectric Power Lake Champlain Ecosystem Assessment


2020-02-11 Flathead Electric Coop Montana Hydroelectric Power Threaten



Electric Vehicle Combusts
Green New Deal = EV on Empty
GM halting production of the Chevrolet Volt electric car and laying off 1,300 employees - More Government Subsidized Junk Engineering (I told you so) Reports have been taken off the web and no other report availiable I can find.





Paris Accords The Truth Dr. Shiva
  • The “IPCC” is a pseudo-scientific organization with a political agenda composed of a global elite who seek to use “Carbon Credits” to make trillions.
  • The Paris Accords is a public relations vehicle to manipulate the world to push an agenda that is not based on the scientific method but rather on scientific consensus.
  • The U.S. “Green Fund” of $100 billion was the slush fund to be used to funnel monies through different NGOs to pay off consultants, lobbyists, influencers, and ministers in foreign countries to get leadership of every country to support the Paris Accords.
  • Between now and 2030, China is allowed to increase their pollution up to 22 billion metric tons of carbon, and India up to 4 billion metric tons. After 2030, the companies will have to buy carbon credits to offset their pollution.
  • There are zero benefits of the Paris Accords to working people, except to raise taxes and the cost of products and services. The Paris Accords will have trillion dollar benefits to a handful of global elites.



2022-01-02 Rethinking CO2
Coal Exports
American coal is an invaluable export and trading commodity.


The U.S. also ranks:

  • FIRST in worldwide reserves of coal;
  • SIXTH in worldwide reserves of natural gas;
  • ELEVENTH in worldwide reserves of oil.
Source: https://www.e-education.psu.edu/egee102/node/1930


St. Helens vs. WA State

Do you get it? - Coal Plants are not the problem!!! -

1. It is the policital hacks and

2. The benefiting NGO's who cannot stand to tell the truth because it would cost them their careers.

3. The uninformed have swallowed the blue pill.

2018-10-28 Climate-Change-and-Health-WP-FINAL


Energy Cost Compare Bar Chart

There is no economic value in alternative energy, therefore it is not a viable alternative. It is subsidized without a vote by the tax payers for the benefiting Non Gvt Organizations.
2/3 of coal used for 1/3 of power
CO2 is the food of life
Year 2100 Power = 2.5 Times Today
Agenda to eliminate 98% of world energy supply
Green movement opposed to forestry
www.ecosense.me (Dr. Patrick Moore's web site to check out)


Energy Produced Per Employee
This data shows again the relative cost of manpower required per employee to generate the applicable type of power. Solar and wind power generation do not compare to the labor efficiency of coal and natural gas.
This is why oil, gas and coal still generate 80% of America's and theworld's power.
Data source: "Land, energy and mineral lockdowns by Paul Driessen
2021-05-31 Blackouts Hit 13 states Beyond Texas in Deepeniing Power Crisis



Coal Pie Chart


The EU has 468 - building 27 more... Total 495
Turkey has 56 - building 93 more... Total 149
South Africa has 79 - building 24 more... Total 103
India has 589 - building 446 more... Total 1035
Philippines has 19 - building 60 more... Total 79
South Korea has 58 - building 26 more... Total 84
Japan has 90 - building 45 more... Total 135

China has 2,363 - building 1,171 more.. Total 3,534

That’s 5,615 projected coal powered plants in just 8 countries 

USA has 15 - building 0 more...Total 15  !!!

And Democrat politicians with their "green new deal” want to shut down those 15 plants in order to "save” the planet.

Whatever the USA does or does not do won’t make a Tinker’s Dam regarding CO2 unless the rest of the world, especially China and India reduces their coal-fired power plants as well.

This is on one reason why President Trump left the Paris Accord


US Energy Consumption
Click on pie charts above for a good read on American energy consumption now and in the future.
The Economics of Nuclear Energy


Coal Carries the Load No. 1


Pungent Sound State Energy Cabal

Glen Beck Explains Who is Funding Green Energy Companies
2017-12-16 Click above Glen Beck show to see how green energy companies are funded.
Then drag the red dot to about 26 minutes into pitch.


Williams: The Bilderberg Bullies

By C. J. Williams

"Control energy and you control the nations, control food and you control the people"

Quote credited to former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger. On the run for several years now, avoiding foreign authorities wanting to question him about war crimes, conspiring to assassinate, and crimes against humanity, it appears Kissinger may be joined at the hip with a cartel of conniving control freaks and their cronies.

2010-12-29 The Bilderberg Bullies







Credit to www.carbon-sense.com for all the cartoons and most of the articles in this box. Viv Forbes, the editor, has given me permission to post his work with credit. The incredible cartoonist is Steve Hunter.
country with no heart
Hans Off Our Coal, Cos, Cars and Cash
The Green Elephant
2018-08-30 snowy-elephant
2018-08-19 Time to Clean the Stables in Canberra
Drain The Swamp
Famine at the City Gates
2018-06-11 conquering-famine
2018-04-21 diesel-in-shed
2018-04-14 green-dictatorship
2018-01-25 coral-sea-battles
2017-11-25 green-policy-shock
2017-10-13 lights-out
An Inconvienent Blackout
2017-08-26 shadows-over-greentopia
2017-06-27 climate-hustle Movie Launch in australia
2017-06-15 signs-of-sanity
Rip Out Paris Treaty
2017-05-17 kill-paris-treaty
Battery Baloney
2017-04-01 battery-baloney2
2017-01-25 Please Find people to sign the CO2 Petition. See below.
2017-01-22 no-time-for-resting
2017-07-18 finkel-fails
One Dark & Windless Nigth





Wind Turbine Grave Yard
Wind Turbine Grave Yard
These wind turbine blades are made of fiberglass and will never deteriate


Texas Freezing
2021-10-23 "Dems want renewable energy and he ask them where are you going to get the raw minerals for the new energy source....one wind mill takes 4.7 trillion tons of copper ore and other minerals...the Dems have no idea..." Telegram Matt Rosendale Presentation.

2021-05-31 Blackouts Hits 13 States Beyond Texas in Deeping Power Crisis

"Wind power in particular appears to have been a major victim of the weather conditions, with turbine blades rendered inoperable due to ice, a phenomenon that reduces efficiency can ultimately stop them from spinning. Wind generation has more than halved to 4.2 gigawatts."

2014 May 16 from KG

I saw an article on windmills a while ago (which originally I thought - "how can this be bad?") but convinced me otherwise. In the end, profits did not go to the people on whose land the windmills were placed, but back to the electric companies. So, you might say alternative energy Does work, but the big companies find a way to take the profit for themselves.

I'm not convinced that solar or wind could NOT profit the small guy. It could be that they don't want it to and, therefore, try to make it look bad?

REPLY FROM GEG: (Edward Griffin - https://www.realityzone.com/currentperiod.html
Just a short comment on this: I have spoken with many people who are off the grid and derive all their power from alternative sources, such as wind and solar. In one case, they use both. They all say it is not cost effective compared to conventional power. The initial cost is much higher than you may think, and maintenance is a costly add-on. Batteries, for example, need constant maintenance and must be replaced about every 8 to 10 years. The cost in money and time is prohibitive for most people, even if pro-rated by a utility company over thousands of customers. People like being energy independent, but economy is not their goal.

Companies that produce power from wind and solar generators usually go broke unless they are subsidized by taxpayers. If companies delivered power derived only from solar and wind, consumer rates would rise substantially. Many would say they cannot afford it and insist on being subsidized by government, in which case, they will pay it anyway through taxes and inflation plus a rake off for political administration.

I hope the day will come when technology will make renewable energy a cost-effective alternative, but that day has not yet arrived.


World's Largest Wind Farm Discovered
Wind energy producers have received $10.5 billion tax credit for the electricity they generate during a facility first ten years of operation . This heavy subsidization is used to fool Americans to believe wind power is competative. All state film and green energy tax credits must be stopped.

2020-11-07 What's Wrong with Wind and Solar by Prager University Senior Fellow

What's Wrong with Wind and Solar? Presented by Mark Mills

Are wind, solar, and batteries the magical solutions to all our energy needs? Or do they come with too high a price? Mark Mills, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, analyzes the true cost—both economic and environmental—of so-called green energy. Watch now.
Colombia Gorge Washington Windmill Farm - No Wind, No Power & Forced Tax Taking to subsidize political power




Solar Panel
Nevada Rancher Bundy BLM Taking
Engery Cost per KWH Solar

2016-02-02 Mojave Desert Natives Expose Dark Side of Solar

2016-01-02 Techno Economic Fesibility Analysis of Solar Photovoltaic Power

5. Conclusions 3) It was found that the techno-economic assessment of Solar Photovoltic
(SPV) systems lacks the data releated to economic parameters like payback period, net
present value, rather they are generally based on annualized life cycle cost methods.


VII. THE CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb) LIE


VIII. The True Big Picture of Red vs. Green


Red Ink Spills DC Inc vs Oil Spills

Tell the Administration to Explore American Energy
"Fracking has also been used to bring back to life dormant oil fields.  I remember in the 60s I worked for the BLM one summer and part of it was spent north of Roundup.  It was an area that had produced oil at one time.  Near where we camped there was an open pit lined with tar like gunk that filled with dead birds which had gotten stuck in the tar.  Anyway that is an area that may be brought back to life.  The Bakken formation extends way west of Sidney {Montana} but it gets so thin there's not much point in drilling.  These methods are more costly and only are economical as long as oil prices stay high."

Jim K. Old Montana Friend of FreedomForAllSeasons and also son of a U.S. Forest Ranger in Montana.




No drill Zones

The NO Zones


"On a side note: The Poarch Creek Band in Alabama took a short-cut for placing their sacred burial cemetery into federal trust (a process that takes about 6 months).  Once the burial site was placed into federal "trust" status, the Poarch Creek band asphalted over their new "trust" land so they could build a Class III casino....(placing land into trust for casinos is about a 3 year process).  So sometimes sacred is as sacred does....:)"

Elaine Willman, author of "Going to Piecess The Dismantling of the United States of America"





2012-10-21 CA Air Resources Board is a Delaware LLC Politcal Scam

"When you peal back the layers, the real issue here is not environmental protection it is more about assuring that the environmental agencies filing the complaint get access to the Cap and Trade slush fund. They want CARB to buy them off with an assurance they will have access to the billion dollar slush fund. It is all about the money."



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2009 Incoming and Outgoing



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