Jack and Bob:
Feast your eyes on this new entity (Puget Sound Partnership - PSP) whose budget in the next bi-enneim is $571,000,000 of our money to clean up Puget Sound.  They got $42,000,000 of our money just to start the planning process.  All this from our great and illegal governor, sanctioned by the Legislature.
The PSP makes the PSRC seem like pikers.
When does it end?
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July 5, 2006

Puget Sound Partnership NEWS updates subscribers on the efforts of the Puget Sound Partnership to achieve a sustainable Puget Sound by 2020.

Kitsap County Commissioner Patty Lent

Partnership to deliver preliminary findings to Governor on July 11
The Puget Sound Partnership will send its preliminary findings report to Gov. Gregoire on July 11. The report summarizes the group’s initial findings and includes updates on the Governor’s five charges: developing a 2020 agenda for recovering the Sound, engaging the public, and looking at organizational structure, funding issues and the role of science. The Partnership will deliver its final recommendations to the Governor in November. Between now and then the Partnership will continue working on the five charges, will further engage the scientific community, and will conduct additional media and public outreach to gather input. The preliminary findings report will be posted on the Partnership’s Web site on July 11:
>>> www.pugetsoundpartnership.org

Wrap-up of May 31-June 1 retreat posted online
Didn’t get a chance to attend the Puget Sound Partnership’s retreat at the end of May? An 11-page summary of the two-day deliberations is now posted on the Partnership’s Web site.
>>> https://www.pugetsoundpartnership.org/meetings/

Next meeting set for July 22 in Lynnwood
The Partnership’s next meeting is set for July 22 (time TBD) at the Lynnwood Convention Center. It is free and open to the public. The agenda and other information will be emailed in advance and posted on the Partnership’s meetings page on its Web site:
>>> https://www.pugetsoundpartnership.org/psi_meetings.htm#jul22

Extra meeting dates set
Faced with the daunting task of engaging many different stakeholder groups, scientists and the general public, the Partnership has added additional meeting time to its schedule between now and November. Some locations have yet to be worked out.

  • Sept. 7-8 Retreat – Meydenbauer Center, Bellevue
  • Oct. 5-6 Retreat – Location TBD
  • Nov. 8-9 Retreat – Location TBD
  • Dec. 2 Meeting – Dumas Bay Centre, Federal Way

Keep up to date on the Partnership’s meetings page:
>>> https://www.pugetsoundpartnership.org/psi_meetings.htm

Opinion research results online
Telephone surveys and personal interviews conducted by Cocker Fennessy and Moore Information, Inc., this spring show that an astounding 75 percent of the general public hasn’t much of a clue that Puget Sound is in trouble. Three out of four people on a telephone survey rated the environmental health of Puget Sound as “excellent” (7%) or “pretty good” (66%) compared to 19% who rate it “not so good” or “poor” (5%). The question was repeated at the end of survey – after respondents heard messages about Puget Sound’s poor environmental health. The positive ratings declined, but remained positive (58% excellent/pretty good) compared to 40% not so good/poor. The research showed the Partnership how important educating the public about Puget Sound’s problems will be. Read the reports at:
>>> www.pugetsoundpartnership.org/research

Your feedback wanted!
Got something to say about Puget Sound? Let us know! Go to www.pugetsoundpartnership.org and click on the “Feedback” button on the top. You’ll find an easy-to-fill out feedback form as well as other ways to contact the Partnership. We’ve added an archive of previous communications to the Partnership as well, so you can read the reports, emails and letters that have been sent in.

Background on the Puget Sound Partnership
Gov. Chris Gregoire created the Puget Sound Partnership in December 2005 to develop aggressive actions to help solve Puget Sound’s most vexing problems by 2020. This public-private group of regional leaders has 15 members and four legislative liaisons. Brad Ack (Puget Sound Action Team) and Jim Kramer (Shared Strategy) are the project managers. The Partnership meets regularly and the public is invited. If you have questions, contact the Partnership’s lead staff member, Martha Neuman, 206-625-0230 or mneuman@sharedsalmonstrategy.org You can also visit the Partnership’s Web site:
>>> www.pugetsoundpartnership.org



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