Perhaps you saw this in the Seattle Times today in the local section. 
Dropping in to help the salmon

"In an experimental project to enhance salmon habitat, The Nature Conservancy contracted with Columbia Helicopters to install tree-sized logs in two intertidal channels of the Stillaguamish River estuary, north of Hat Slough in Port Susan Bay. A dozen 1,000-pound concrete ballasts were dropped from several hundred feet above the ground to anchor the logs in place."

They just keep doing it at any cost to us.  Experimental project?!!!  Helicopters, 12, 1,000 pound anchors, twenty-six pieces of woody debris (huge logs), cabling.  The insanity conitinues.  Who pays?  We do!  Screw the danger to young humans.
And we haven't even begun to fix the thousands of culverts the federal judge has mandated, which at some estimates will cost well over $100,000,000 for state highways alone.
Am I the only one who cares about this crap?