To Ken Shock
Brinnon, WA
Dear Ken:
In response to your e-mail, the "tipping point" for a revolt (see below) has come and gone many years ago.  The "people", except for a very few, have no stomach for a fight.  It would appear that "things" are going to have to get far worse before enough people (that's hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people) say "enough is enough" and put action where all their rhetoric is.  King County's CAO issue is only alive because of the hard work of Rod and Laurel McFarland (CAPR), who with dogged determination, kept the Referenda moving through the courts.  Even if the High Court does rule in the Referenda's favor, that will only be half the battle.  The rest of the battle will be getting the wimps of rural King County to VOTE to repeal the CAO.  If they do, now that will be real win.  But the rest of this exercise is just so much smoke with no fire.  Most of the people are either ignorant of the threat, or are just too lazy to get involved and government just increases their power every day while the people sleep.
The people of Jefferson county were catalyzed into action against DOE and WRIA in-stream flow rules because of the diligence and perseverance of one man, Norm MacLeod.  Only one or two lead, the rest follow.  Unfortunately, "the rest" is way too few.
The legislatures and the courts constantly rule against us.  City folk constantly put politicians in power that refuse to abide by, or ignore, our Constitutions.  Unelected bureaucrats rule the roost in direct violation of our constitutions.  Change will only come when enough people rise up in force, in angered protest against their government and tell them that they are MAD AS HELL and THEY AREN'T GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE.  Only a wholesale peaceful revolt where THE PEOPLE say and mean, "we aren't going to abide by your laws any more because they are unconstitutional and we are under no duty to abide by them."  But people are just too busy with their own lives to be interested in freedom, liberty, property rights and the pursuit of happiness.  Their apathy and lack of interest will be at their own peril.
Now if all this had happened 100 years ago, the guns would have come out, or some politicians or bureaucrats would have been tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.  Those days are long gone.  We've been bought, sold and conquered without a shot being fired and hardly anyone lifted a finger while the deed was being done.  For over 30 years I tried to warn people that this time was coming, but they wouldn't listen.
Nevertheless, I'm trying to "light the fire" and I am making some headway.  But the unknown is, will I make enough headway before the government decides to stop me, or Rod McFarland or Norm MacLeod, or others who decide to poke their head up above the noise level?  One thing is for sure.  If others don't support the leaders with their time and their money, nothing will change, except the leaders will be shot down in flames by the government they resist.
Ron Ewart
Fall City, WA
425 222-9482

Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 11:49 PM
Subject: Lacey council will meet tomorrow to discuss Olympia's water grab


This is shocking thievery.....Salmon be damned, people have to live

Are we approaching the trigger point for a revolt...Ahhhh, the sacking of
the DOE offices
by hoards of disposessed rural (and urban) savages :-)  ( can you see that

ken shock

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Amazing how these municipalities are so eager to pile on in a condemnation
effort aimed at a private entity that purchased a disused brewery in
Tumwater, isn't it?  All because the owner wasn't interested in selling the
parcel's water rights to the cities . . .
Market value for the water rights?  These outfits aren't interested in
paying market value.  They want to find a court that will help them get it
for a pittance of what it's worth.  If you are denied access to additional
water, any water that's already appropriated rapidly escalates in value . .
. and price.
So . . . if you have any sizeable water right on your property, are you
going to be safe from eminent domain condemnation if Ecology persists in
refusing to grant new water rights so that municipalities can develop to
their GMA-induced build-out levels of population?  Not likely.
Remember how proud our government officials were when they told us that
can't happen here . . . because the Washington Constitution has stronger
property rights protections than the U.S. Constitution does?  Wonder what
they are thinking now?


Lacey council will meet tomorrow to discuss Olympia's water grab


Lacey City Council has announced a special meeting to discuss the
acquisition of water rights from All American Bottling Company, the owner
the former brewery in Tumwater. The special council meeting will begin at
3:30 p.m. Wednesday in council chambers, 420 College St. S.E.

The meeting has been spurred by the city of Olympia's Feb. 13 decision to
begin condemnation proceedings at the site, establish the market value for
the water rights and give them access to the property to assess the
locations of wells.

All-American Bottled Water wasn't interested in selling the water and city
officials, concerned about the city's high growth rate, feared losing
to the brewery water entirely.

Olympia Mayor Mark Foutch said the city will talk with Lacey and Tumwater
about possibly sharing the resource.<