To: NARLO Members and other interested parties
From: Ron Ewart, President, National Association of Rural Landowners
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"How Much Will You Give Up,
Before You Fight Back?"
By Ron Ewart, President
Copyright March 1, 2008 - All Rights Reserved
Every single day, while you are looking the other way, your government is stealing things from you and they are doing it with stealth and without constitutional authority.  They are just doing it and no one stops them.  To help them with their theft are the thousands of social and environmental special interest groups that lobby government incessantly for something they want, at your expense.  From the President, to the U. S. Congress, to the state houses and yes, even in the counties and cities, all across America, legislators, lawmakers and bureaucrats are levying ever-increasing taxes and passing tens of thousands of new laws, acts, regulations, restrictions and ordinances that take things from you, mostly your constitutionally guaranteed freedom and liberty.  You can forget about your pursuit of happiness.  These are the thousands of new laws on top of the millions of already existing laws.  It is as if a spider has gone mad and never stops spinning a web that finally traps him in his own biological silk.  That is suicide and of course it is insane, but that is exactly what your government is doing to America and you and has for almost 10 decades.
Just try building anything on your property and watch your bank balance sink to zero from all the fees and charges government levies.   You watch the months click by as you wait for your permits without regard to the limits that weather places on you, or to the time value of your money.  Just try screaming out for justice when government decides to take your land under eminent domain, for other than a clear government purpose.   You watch the attorneys eat up your life savings as they try to challenge the almighty government juggernaut, as so many have and have lost everything for the privilege, because they believed in our constitutions and justice, that they never receive. 
You watch as your government wastes billions of your tax dollars on poorly thought-out programs that do nothing but have unintended and very expensive consequences.  You cry out for redress on the illegal immigration problem, that your government refuses to fix, when the "fix" is pretty damn easy to do just by building and patrolling a fence and enforcing current laws. 
You watch as your children are brainwashed and indoctrinated from Kindergarten through four years of college, while you pay through the nose, roll your eyes and do nothing.  You stand by and watch your government spend billions of your dollars and pass law after law to save the salmon because government says they are endangered.  Then you watch as the Indians, the commercial fishermen and the seals harvest this so-called endangered specie.  There is not a peep out of you when these educated idiots tell you we have to dismantle perfectly good dams that provide power, irrigation and fllod control, to preserve a fish that is being harvested to extinction.   Talk about cross purposes and contradictions!
You watch as your presidential candidates promise the moon from the public treasury to the undeserving, that will drive America into financial chaos.  You watch as your government passes laws that drive up the cost of housing, energy, food, cars and everything else, exponentially, for reasons that defy common sense, but only pander to some wealthy special interest group.
You watch as they promise universal health care that will do nothing more than raise the cost of health care, decrease its quality and give government the rationale to further control your behavior, because they say they are paying for your medical care, which of course they are not.  Medicare is nothing more than government-run health care, but many doctors are now refusing to accept Medicare patients because government is reducing what they pay the doctors, to control costs.  Just imagine what it will be like under government-run Universal Health care.  You can kiss the best health care service in the world, goodbye!
You watch as government outlaws the incandescent light bulb that has served Americans since Thomas Edison provided one of the greatest services to mankind and invented it.  They are going to replace the incandescent bulb with a fluorescent bulb that has mercury in it and if it breaks it will cost you $2,000 to clean up the resulting hazardous waste.  Oh and it will also cost you to dispose of the fluorescent bulb.
The minute these thieves that call themselves politicians go into session, the stealing begins.  They pass gigantic, poorly-managed social programs that take billions of dollars in the sweat and labor from the millions of us that are working and transfers our sweat to someone else, who isn't.  Their so-called safety nets discourage the work ethic and entice others to jump on the government bandwagon so they don't have to work either.  (A free lunch for them that isn't free for you and me)  Need we mention the millions of illegal aliens who come here by breaking our laws and attach themselves to our schools, hospitals and safety nets because their wages are so low they can't exist without government assistance.  Then they send billions back to their homeland that they gain from the exploitation of our taxes.  Need we also mention what we all saw in living color on our TV screens from the Katrina/New Orleans event.
These so-called representatives of the people steal your land with draconian environmental regulations and you stand by and let them.  They use your money to buy up more private land for so-called preservation for future generations, when in fact they should be surplusing more land and transferring it to private individuals instead.  When government owns most of the land, you get to pay with your taxes, their right to mismanage that land.  Need we mention forest fires that are caused by government's mismanagement of the land they supposedly hold in trust for you, but lock you out of it.   Forest fires that burn up hundreds, if not thousands of homes, as well as coughing up millions of pounds of particulates and CO2 gases into the atmosphere, blocking out the sun and making it hard to breath for some.
These burglars pass laws to control all human behavior.  Not just the bad guys, but all of us.  They pass smoking bans, burn bans, transfat bans, obesity bans and other laws that ban that certain behavior from everybody, not just the few who are the problem.  They steal from you your God-given right of free choice.  Now they are levying taxes, fees and tolls to encourage (force) you to get out of your car because they unilaterally believe that driving your car contributes to man-caused global warming, with no scientific proof that it is.  They are passing land use laws with the sole purpose of driving you out of the rural and suburban areas and into large cities, stacked like rats in a cage.  Why?  To pander to a bunch of half wits who pray at the alter of the God of Environmentalism and want to force us all, with the power of government, to bow and pray to their God, as well.
If a thief broke into your house to steal and did to you what government is doing to you on a daily basis, you would be furious, angry and hungry for justice.  For example, what if the government told you that to discourage you from having any new babies (government-mandated population control), they passed a law that said you had to board up two of your bedrooms in your house?  Hold it you say, "government would never do that".  Oh contraire!  Government has already done it to the rural landowner by forcing the landowner to lock up 65% of their land that they can no longer use, just because the landowner wanted to improve their land with a home, a barn or a fence, or a drainage ditch.  Government's reason for passing this law?  To provide open space, clean water and aquifer re-charge for the public at large, at the rural landowner's expense.  Never mind the equal protection clause in the U. S. Constitution.  So if the government can take rural land by just an ordinance, without due process and just compensation that our constitution requires, what is to stop government from forcing you to board up two of the bedrooms in your home to control population?  Absolutely nothing!
And if they did, what would you do about it?  Nothing, like you are doing now?  Or would you fight back and tell government to go to Hell in no uncertain terms.  Power always fills a vacuum where no other power is present.  Government power has filled the vacuum that the CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED has left empty.  If you have your hand out to government for anything they offer to you for free, they will instantly bind your hands with invisible hand cuffs (laws and regulations) and they will own you.  No!  They already own you.
So what does it take to get you angry?  What does it take to wake you up?  What will it take before you finally tell government where to get off and mean it.   You have already given up the ship.  Will you further give up your dignity and your life?  America and her people are a testament to what freedom and liberty can produce.  Give it up and you will see what slavery and serfdom produce.  Nothing but more docile slaves and a government that grows more powerful by the day.
The inmates are still in charge of the asylum.
How much will you give up to the inmates,
before you fight back?

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Ron Ewart, President


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