To: NARLO Members
From: The National Association of Rural Landowners

Dear NARLO Members:
Attached, as a WORD document, is the December 2008 NARLO Monthly Newsletter.  We recently learned of a Washington State landowner, near the mouth of the Columbia River, who has been under a vicious assault by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Department and two Non Governmental Organizations (NGO's), the Columbia Land Trust and Ducks Unlimited.   Our lead article describes some of what this landowner has been through.   The following link will give you an idea of what this landowner and the other adjacent landowners are up against.
We hope you will find the lead and other articles of direct interest.
We are providing the Newsletter a little early this month, to give you the opportunity to read it over the long Thanksgiving Day weekend.

In this issue of the NARLO Newsletter:
Lead Article: "Salmon Recover vs. Property Rights"
1.    Sundown in "Kalifornia"
2.    America the Illiterate
3.    The Future of Freedom in America (Red-Blue County Map of America)
4.    Are We Truly a Center-Right Country
5.    Indonesia's Climate Follows the Sun
Constructive comments to the NARLO Newsletter are always welcome.
In addition, we would like to share a few comments we have received to our numerous articles and essays that are reaching a national audience.

"Ron, I just LOVE how you are able to put into words what we are all feeling - I don't have that gift. And it *is* a gift! "
"That is one of the most moving and well written articles I have ever seen. I have learned a great deal from reading your writings and wish to express my appreciation for your works. You are a great patriotic American who loves your country and the hard fought for freedoms it represents. It's troubling to see the direction things are headed, the rural folk are arming-up and the urban city folk are sucking-up. However your passion is contagious and your efforts are making an important impact, I'm sure."
"Your OpEd about 'Producers and Takers' and Icecream Cones is well taken. I liked it very much.  Keep up the good work."
"Great column. You hit the nail right on the head. This is exactly what is coming. Those of us who carry the load will just sit down and drop out of our responsibility.  Why be responsible when you can use other people's money (OPM)?  Why struggle to get ahead when others want to take it from you?   Although I do not agree with Ayn Rand on her vision of religion, Atlas Shrugged was and is a great book.  Capitalism keeps us free!  Good job and keep up the great work."
"Nothing more needs to be said. Ewart's article nails it, and nails it well."
"Well written, Ron. I admire you for sticking to your beliefs and carrying the fight."
"I hope that this finds you well. Allow me to congratulate you on a fascinating website and what seems to be a powerful organisation.  My name is Finn Ballard and I am a doctoral student of Film and Television Studies, from Ireland."
"I felt it necessary to thank you for your website and dedication to the rural landowners. Six month ago I was not involved in anything like this. Your information has been helpful and I love your article titled "RURAL LANDOWNERS GETTING SCREWED BY THEIR CITY COUSINS"  We can relate to your article here in Tuscaloosa County Alabama."
"I just dug out your excellent "Warmed-over environmentalism" treatise from December 2005. It's the best written thing I've ever seen on the global warming issue, and I'd sure like to see that it gets read more."

As always, if you would like a printed copy of the newsletter, please send us an e-mail with your request.
Allow us at NARLO to wish each of you a pleasant Thanksgiving day, because in spite of all the troubles we face, the American people are among the most blessed on this planet.  We have much to be thankful for, but we have much to defend and fight for as well.
Thanks for supporting NARLO.  We are running quite low again and if any of you have the resources to help with our efforts, it would be greatly appreciated.  Our efforts are paying off.
Take care,

Ron Ewart, President


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