To:     NARLO Members, American Rural landowners, Interested Parties, Government Types and the News Media
From: Ron Ewart, President, National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO)
FOR:  King County, Washington recipients,.but if you live any where near a large urban center in America, this garbage is going on your area as well

We want to specifically thank rural King County Council Member's Lambert and Dunn for  sending us their glossy "Guide to the 2008 King County Comprehensive Plan" and alerting the rural landowners of King County to another vicious assault on their freedom and property rights by King County Executive, Ron Sims.    Here he is:
Dictator of King County, Washington
on the front porch of his Castle in the City of Seattle
God of the environment, the protector of any wetland, the procurer of walking trails, the defender of Seattle's homeless and mentally ill using rural landowner's money and the expert on global warming who never saw a new law or a carbon-emission-reduction-regulation he didn't like.  Laws that only affect rural landowners, passed by Sims and council members who live and work in the urban areas of King County, (Seattle) with urban-socialist mindsets.  They don't live in the rural areas of King County, but they inflict their socialist and radical environmentalist policies on us, nevertheless. 
These are just a few of the new regulations that "Tax to the Max" Sims wants to perpetrate on the rural landowners of King County, according to Council Members Dunn and Lambert:
1.    Integrate public health more extensively into land use decisions.
(More extensively!  And what does 'public health' mean?  Anything Sims wants it to mean.)
2.    Regional commitment to addressing the impacts of global warming.
(Global warming - A natural event over which man has little or no affect, but gets to pay for anyway.)
3.    Carbon emission standards during building environmental review.
(More global warming nonsense, but it will cost you dearly.)
4.    Implementation of salmon recovery plans and protecting Puget Sound.
(If you own property with any type of flowing, standing water or moist soil, look out.  You have no rights, only the fish have rights and Sims will make sure of it.)
We are told by Council Members Dunn and Lambert that the County Executive is planning aggressive action against carbon emissions that will return King County to historic pre-1950's levels by 2050.  This isn't just ludicrous, it's insane.  Sims will only be in office for another 3 years but he will leave his legacy of the global warming fraud on the rest of us, for many years to come, IF WE LET HIM.
IF WE LET HIM, Sims wants to get into our private personal health lives by forcing us into walkable communities and reductions in obesity, as part of growth management.  He has got to be kidding!  So much for free choice.  This is nothing more than Smart Growth and Sustainable Development policies gone mad, brought to you by your local government, but mandated by the United Nations under Agenda 21, as codified into law by Presidential Executive Order (Clinton) without a treaty being ratified by the Congress.  (look up Agenda 21 on Google.  You won't believe it.)
Dunn and Lambert go on to say that revisions to the Shoreline Master Plan will be more restrictive than the recently passed Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO).  The CAO almost triggered a revolt in rural King County and Sims wants to restrict us even more.  We say, let him put the screws to us.  The more he squeezes, the quicker we will get to rural landowners rising up en masse against city-based, socialist planners that have lost all touch with constitutional principles, free choice, free markets and individual liberty.
Perhaps it is time for another protest against Ron Sims and the Gang of Six.
Mr. Sims wants to use his dictatorial powers to turn rural landowners into serfs, beholden only to him and the all-mighty "Gang of Six".  Slowly but surely Sims and his partners in crime, that "Gang of Six", the un-holy alliance of Democrat/Socialists, Seattle-based Council Members, who aid and abet Sims' every whim,  will strip King County rural landowners of the last vestiges of their constitutional individual liberties and their property rights, IF WE LET THEM,
Here are pictures of the Democrat/Socialist King County Council Members who use their urban power to turn rural King County into a serfdom where the "King" extracts his pound of flesh through taxes and draconian environmental regulation, to further their socialist and environmental goals.
"The Gang of Six"
From left to right Bob Ferguson, Larry Gossett, Julia Paterson, Dow Constantine and Larry Philips.  The all live in or very near Seattle and thrust their socialist and environmental city policies on the rural landowners of King County.  The question is, how long will the rural landowners take it?
God!  When are you people going to wake up and take back your once-free country?
In protest,
Ron Ewart, President
P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027
425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848


A powerful non-profit organization, representing and defending the rights and interests of the American rural landowner

Dedicated to restoriing, maintaining and defending private property rights

and returning this great land called America, to a Constitutional Republic.

P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027

425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848

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