Creating legends of restoring salmon runs of  yesteryear is not unlike restoring the once great American buffalo herds that roamed the American plains. 
Green government and non government groups recreate themselves on the broken backs and minds of each generation propagating and inducing urban myths for the sheeple to believe and profit from while they are leadthe masses  to slaughter.
Other fireside fantasies include "man caused" global warming, "alternative" energy, "sustaining development", usurious interest is necessary, direct taxes are constitutional and necessary, your own your land with fee simple title, ad nausea. 
Restoring the salmon runs and buffalo herds of yesteryear is right up there with the myths of replacing fossil and nuclear fuel with green energy while pretending that man causes global warming with his .017% net net contribution justifies control the weather and the natural born state sovereign Citizens lives. 
These are all legends within legends crafted and funded by eastern and global elite's to separate the natural born and their several states from the full use of their private and public property and their traditional way of life. 
Today we are none-the-less clever than yesteryear in creating Salem Witch trials of the innocent, burning property owners at the stake for their refusal to comply that the earth is flat and the sun revolves around the earth. 
Whether it is the church, state, political parties, Bench, Bars, Bankers or political Brokers, mainstream media or acedemia,  nothing will stop one group from stealing the property of another for their own power and profit. 
The art of war has only changed in color, i.e. from blood red to cold to green.
I give you the Legend of Boise Creek and other fish myths that will turn your red blood cold, link below.
Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, Washington