Sent: Monday, January 12, 2009 6:58 PM
Subject: [proprights] It's back . . . the Y2Y bill is already in the hopper

For all Washingtonians who want property rights to be protected . . .

Last year, the Y2Y bill was defeated in House Committee, largely through the diligent efforts of Representative Joel Kretz.  At the time, Senator Jacobsen said it would be brought up again this Session, and here it is.

One recurring question during the last round was, since Washington DFW already cooperates with the Y2Y project on an informal basis, why do they need a statutory requirement to do so from the Legislature?

As a reminder, the Y2Y project is in search of at least one state (Idaho, Washington, Montana) or province (Alberta, British Columbia), within its boundaries, for official endorsement.  What is not mentioned is that there are several more of these “mega-corridor” projects in various planning stages, including one that would encompass most of the Cascades, and would likely branch to include a corridor from the Cascades to the Olympics, with much of the Olympic Peninsula eventually becoming core habitat for keystone predators.

Senate Bill 5064 (Management of the Yukon to Yellowstone Rocky mountain ecosystem)

Introduced by Sen. Ken Jacobsen, (D-Seattle) (D) on January 12, 2009, directs the department of natural resources to participate in the cooperative programs of the Yukon to Yellowstone conservation area with wildlife management agencies and conservation organizations in other states and provinces comprising the Canadian Rocky mountains ecoregional area.

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