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Subject: [proprights] Nature Conservancy Is Not Good

January 29, 2006

Dear Forbes, Charity Navigator, American Institute of Philanthropy,
Give.org and Harris:

I am a property owner on 10 acres in Washington state.    I noticed
your endorsements of Nature Conservancy on their  web site at
https://nature.org/aboutus/ after receiving one of their soliciting
mailings for money.  I am the wrong person to ask for money to give
to any environmental organization.

As a member of property rights groups here in Washington state we
are experiencing escalating aggressive over reaching property
takings by the local governments as well as  radical environmental

As you may know there is a national environmental trend taking
private property against the individual owners choice not only with
eminent domain takings such as New London CT vs. Kelo but in the
rural areas.  Rural property owners are experiencing private
property takings through excessive government regulation, forced
ordinances, draconian enforcement, massive buy up of large tracks of
land by rich and powerful environmental groups that do not live in
the area, preferential big developer deals with the cities, etc.  

We are also seeing our national forest systemically shut down from
use by  rich out of state powerful eastern environmental lobbies
such as Nature Conservancy. 

In Montana we were prevented from salvaging the burned down timber
from more recent  forest fires.  The logs had to be harvested within
two years to be usable.  This was stopped by environmental lobbies. 
What a waste of such a needed resource and a stick in the eye to the
local unemployed logging industry.  Now there is growing concern
from Montana people that the ground cover is becoming more of a
tinder box because of these forced green practices.  Lumber mills
and entire towns have been shut down because of these radical green
organizations.  We are forced to buy our lumber from Canada now and
can only harvest timber from private lands.   Timber is our most
renewable resource.  Yet the green lobby has systemically sued the
government and shut down an entire industry devoted to providing
lumber to build our homes.  This has caused enormous problems and
increases in home prices.

Green groups have successfully shut down our sources of fossil and
nuclear fuel further pressuring the price of power to go up.  Green
lobbies sue and block the construction of more refineries, oil
drilling, coal fired power plants, nuclear power plants, block
additional dams for hydro power, etc.   While in their self
righteous green ideology they cry for more green power which is
impossible to provide economically at commercial power loads.

You can see some of the problems created by Nature Conservancy in
the following  articles.
1.  https://www.newswithviews.com/Shaw/michael.htm
tml 3.   https://www.freedom21santacruz.net/site/article.php?sid=332
3.  https://www.newswithviews.com/guest_opinion/guest19.htm
4.   https://www.takingliberty.us/.
5.   https://eco.freedom.org/el/20051102/lamb.shtml.
6.  https://www.sepp.org/indenvir.html

7.  https://www.sovereignty.net/p/ngo/              
This is an exceptional site over viewing the green lobby and how it

I would like to ask you to review your endorsements with these
stories in mind.  Gone are the days when giving money to these green
causes is good.  They have amassed over 10 billion dollar war chest
and sue  at the drop of a hat and take huge blocks of land out of
public use and circulation.  We are experiencing it here in
Washington state.  I cannot use half of my land plus have limited
access because of these insane environmental organizations.

Their calendars may be attractive as well as their web sites and
they may convince you of their great causes for the environment but
their good intentions have long since been covered over by their
over reaching self righteous green aggression.  The UN and
government agencies and the non government organizations like Nature
Conservancy and the Sierra Club are creating  movements of green
ideology of sustaining development and vast wildlife corridors that
threaten the core of freedom and liberty in this country.   They are
in bed with many in the government.  The local property owners do
not have a chance.  The King County government and two local
environmental groups are suing the rural property owners in King
County to stop us from merely voting on whether we want our property
rights stolen.  Another fact to know is the environmentalist never
imposes these draconian regulations on himself nor does he live in
the country where they are imposed.  The environmentalist invariably
lives in the city.  What does that tell you?

I have been involved in defending our property rights for a couple
years and it is a huge local and national problem.  The local King
County Council and Executive and two small environmental groups have
stolen our property.  Our case is before the Washington State
Supreme Court.  It was just heard and will be decided within the
near future.

This is a cultural war between the cities and environmental lobbies
and the rural property owners.   It is a battle between David and
Goliath.  It is near impossible to convey to you on email the
destructive enormity of these green organizations (Non Government

I urge you to drop support and recommendation of Natures
Conservancy.  Also I urge you to review all of your green
organization support.  Especially check out the list of the top 100
environmental foundations at
https://www.sovereignty.net/p/ngo/wealthy.htm.  Nature Conservancy is
near 13% of the total assets of these 100.

I would also urge you to increase your recommendation of support to
property rights organizations who are battling on coffee can budgets
against the green machinery and their corresponding government


John R. Venrick
Washington State

When evil, injustice, and violence are being committed, if
look on unconcerned, they must be regarded as accomplices in the
In the end they also suffer as much as the criminals  by their
passive association
they provide encouragement to the evil doers."  SSB
"When evil, injustice, and violence are being committed, if
look on unconcerned, they must be regarded as accomplices in the
In the end they also suffer as much as the criminals  by their
passive association
they provide encouragement to the evil doers."  SSB

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