Wolves make a killing
The wolf program has nothing to do with any promised esthetics of a "seeing experience" for the mire handful of individuals who would deliberately SUV, hike, walk, crawl, ATV,  wheelchair, RV or Harley into a wolf den.
Each “look see” probably costs us taxpayers $10,000. Can we afford this show?
When Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt announced a wolf initiative in 1994, it is said by many including a U.S. District Judge, that Babbitt misinterpreted the law, exceeded the authority of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and ignored the concerns of the Indigenous whose homes were on the very land he wanted to plant wolves.
Why did he do this? Study the history of ESA, and you’ll clearly see how it has been mis-skewed  by an elite few to gain control over the usage of our land and water. 
After all, he who gets control over land and water gets the gold! It’s all about money.
All takeovers of land, water, company or private property, follow the same formula. 
Depending on the structure of the organization, this formula works by: Finding something “to save;”  Waiving public debate; Ignoring shareholders or members;  Pretend they found this thing “to save” on your land; “Disturb” you to such extent you (Now spent financially, physically and mentally.) throw up your hands and cry out,  “I can’t handle this anymore.  I give up!”
Yesterday, the take-over artists enlisted the federal government’s help.  Today, they  receive welfare from.. and dictate marching orders to...our federal government. 
In the case of Endangered Species, the once well used Spotted Owl has been re-placed by the wolf, polar bear,  the overpopulated and very common meadow mouse, and a myriad of critters.
Since 1994, untold numbers of ewes, lambs, calves and other livestock and pets, have been lost due to wolf killings.
I doubt whether Bruce Babbitt or any  wolf follower drone has suffered a wolf kill. With that as a given, their lack of comprehension as to the financial and mental toll these kills have on those who have incurred such losses, should be absolutely disallowed from any decision making process.
Meanwhile, Babbitt now enjoys money and status as head of the World Wildlife Foundation.  Together with Al Gore, his new something “to save” is the entire earth from sea to shining sea and everything above and below. After all, he who gets control over land and water gets the gold!
It’s not about a “seeing experience”for the many.  It is instead, all about money...for a few.
Can you imagine the  killing these wolves are making?
Roni Bell Sylvester
P.O. Box 155
La Salle, CO 80645