The Real Wolf Story (an inconvenient truth)

The facts are that Canadian Wolf introducction into Idaho and other areas of the US by the USFW service has not only been wiping out the majority of the elk and deer herds, but they also have wiped out the native Timber Wolves.
These immense and efficient killers are non-discriminitory about what they kill.
What is also unknown by most is, they Kill for Sport and NOT just for their survival as many believe.
View this site and see for yourself what is really going on in our wilderness areas through the protection of the USFW and the EPA. The pictures are very graphic and may change your mind about wolves and our misunderstood misique with them.
Check out this site....boy is it an eye opener.


PS. It's also understood that cougars do the same thing, only each mountain lion kills a deer or elk every week. That's 52 beautiful deer or elk gone every year, just because of one predator/mountain lion. With these different and very efficient killers, no wonder our herds are disapearing so fast.