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Subject: ESA Repeal for the Meek

ESA Repeal for the Meek

March 10, 2006

By Julie Kay Smithson propertyrights@earthlink.net


Endangered Species Act (ESA) repeal had many recent champions, but “reform" appears to have blanketed those formerly in favor of ESA repeal. No blizzard ever hushed D.C. so effectively. 

The ESA is a Draconian 'piece' of unconstitutional legislation fraught with language deception that makes 'interpretation' a veritable smorgasbord for the judiciary. It puts resource providing in America on a deliberate crash course with extinction. Its power to hurt cannot be overstated. The intent to stop all resource stewardship -- her farmers, fishermen, loggers, miners, and ranchers -- is nothing more than a plan to get control of those resources.

The ESA consistently uses speciesim. Pitting a large predator against deer or elk is a lopsided scenario: the large predator always wins. ESA proponents appear to think herbivores have no place in Nature other than as 'prey species' to nourish large predators.

If the meek are to inherit the earth, some caring people are going to have to stand up for them!

America has gained little, if anything, by the ESA’s unconstitutional mandate to 'stop doing everything,’ according to the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of sawmills in America that have 'gone missing.'

Nada, according to the ranchers who are being squeezed off lands that their taxpayer dollars helped buy -- at the behest of groups like the Center for 'Biological Diversity,' which implore the public to stop letting domestic livestock defecate in rivers and streams. Wildlife continues to defecate wherever and whenever so moved.

Zilch, if miners, loggers or fisheries are queried. They have each faced ever-taller, strangulatory regulations, bound hand and foot by red tape that has either run them out of business or stopped them from ever going into business -- business that has often been multi-generational.

Where has responsible resource providing gone? It's been outsourced to third world countries, whose resources are being plundered by those that care not a whit about 'the environment.'

ESA repeal would put the meek -- from the flora and fauna that have been incinerated in 'controlled' and 'prescribed' burns set by federal agencies, to those that far prefer the private lands owned, cherished and stewarded by private American generational resource providers -- back on a healing path.

Such species, including humans, flourish under a Constitutional Republic -- and wither under any other form of government.

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