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Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2006 12:21 PM
Subject: [proprights] Dr. Robert N. Crittenden

I  just started to read  "Politics of Change-  A Brief History" by
Dr. Robert N. Crittenden copyright 2000.  He also wrote "Salmon at
Risk" in 1995.   This material is a must read for all involved
saving your personal property rights.   I got the book and CD
through CAPR with a donation.  Crittenden's web site  is
https://www.robertcrittenden.com .  He has some additional good
reading regarding Land use and Watersheds .

One of our CAPR people was telling the story of the "Salmon at Risk"
book around some beers the other night.  The bottom line here is the
decline of salmon was deliberately caused, mostly by manipulating
the parts of their life cycle which the public does not see. 
Crittenden also talks about the Boldt decision and how screwed up it
was and how it created an artificial environmental crisis.  Its a
long story worth reading in both of the books/CD above.

Dr. Crittenden says he naively went to the State offices of one of
the largest environmental organizations (DOE?) to complain that the
WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife was cooperating with the Tribes to
deliberately depress the salmon....  "The State Director agreed with
him and said you will never be able to prove it."

Then Crittenden says he went to a local environmental newspaper and
clearing house.  "They agreed and told him the rest of the story. 
The heads of the State Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, Ecology and
Natural Resources have been meeting weekly with the heads of the
Tribal Fish Commission and the leading Environmental groups to
decide how they would impact various salmon stocks to leverage
environmental or land use management programs"

So the big picture is;  global warming is a gross distortion ,
Endangered Species Act is highly ineffective, over hyped and grossly
overreaching and over funded,  the fish runs are being manipulated
for political gain, big Eastern environmental money has shut down
all government forests.   The UN, the environmental Non Government
Organizations and our government are using all this to take away our
personal freedoms and liberties in this country including our
property for a globalist agenda toward sustaining development, smart
growth, eminent domain, breaking the US sovereignty, levying UN
taxes, undermining the US Constitution and some international global
companies are jumping on board to reap the profits.

Dr. Crittenden says that Weyerhaeuser was one of the major sponsors
of declaring the Spotted Owl endangered along with the Ancient
Forest Alliance, Sierra Club, Wilderness Society, US Fish and
Wildlife Service.  Turns out of course that the Spotted Owl nests
not only  in the old growth forest and they are going extinct
because another predator owl(s).  This contrived disaster shut down 
the logging industry and broke up families and dispersed them all
over the country and cost the tax payers dearly.    According to
Crittenden, this artificial disaster created a shortage of timber
and a sharp rise in prices in  1994 which was the most profitable
year in Weyerhaeuser history. 

You'll have to read both these books.  Its pretty entangled and a
complex story.  He covers the whole gamut of takings from timber, to
fish, to water rights to property rights to wilderness corridors
plus a highly detailed history lesson in civilization.   He even
weaves in the Trilateral Commission.  This is all a national
embarrassment and a huge crisis of taking based all on manipulation
of environmental data spinning out myths on a grand scale. 
Government has gone over the edge now and has become tyrannical and
our worst nightmare. 

Dr. Crittenden is a quantitative biologist with commendable
credentials.  Check him out.

Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, WA


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