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Published: Sunday, November 27, 2005

Will state protect endangered folks?

I would like to add to the list of "endangered species" that Washington Supreme Court Justice Mary Fairhurst mentioned in the 7-2 ruling against Ferry County's Growth Management Plan to protect wildlife habitat in Ferry County:

1. Employed taxpayers - Ferry County collects the least amount of sales and property taxes of any county in Washington state.

2. Doctors and dentists - Ferry County residents have to travel to other areas for medical and dental care, because providers can't afford to pay the high cost of medical/dental malpractice insurance because of the low income of their Ferry County patients.

I also believe that there may be creative tax sources for the county to pay for additions to the Growth Management Plan:

1. Fifty percent tax on any donation to any environmental group by a county resident.

2. Sixty-five percent tax on any trial lawyer's fees for bringing a Ferry County environmental case to the bench, statewide.

3. A $5,000 undesirable "person's" tax on any Washington Supreme Court justice who enters the county for any reason.

4. A $10,000 tax on any member of "Concerned Friends of Ferry County" who do not live in Ferry County!

5. A $100,000 tax on any non-resident of Ferry County who owns a cabin or land in the county with a $10,000 surcharge for state Supreme Court justices' property.

In closing, I would like to make a suggestion to the seven Washington Supreme Court justices who voted against Ferry County in this case: Get therapy!

Bob Clark



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