To Rural Property Owners of Washington State, Government Types, Interested Parties and the News Media:  (If you don't live in Washington State, ignore this message)

So who are the folks that are trying to derail I-933, the Property Fairness Initiative?  Who is behind No ON I-933? (See  It includes only three groups.  Democrats, unions and environmental organizations.  Here is the list of endorsers to NO ON I-933.  See:  (entire list shown below)
You can find the names of the directors and organizers at:  One of them is a previous employee of Futurewise.
Of course Futurewise is on the list and Futurewise and others have given NO ON I-933:
Opponents, calling themselves Citizens for Community Protection, have raised $385,538 - led by $75,000 cash and $21,023 worth of in-kind donations from Futurewise (formerly 1,000 Friends of Washington). Retired Seattle software developer Paul Brainerd gave $50,000, the Nature Conservancy gave $38,500 cash and $2,529 in-kind, and the United Food and Commercial Workers District Council 17 gave $25,000. Among local donors was the Olympia Food Co-op, which gave $200.
(From an article in the Olympian Newspaper, June 23, 2006)
Please note the amount of money they have raised so far: $385,538.  And more is pouring in.  Can you imagine what one of our groups could do with this amount of money?  Freedom costs money too.
The following people do not believe in the Constitution (Federal or State), they do not believe in FREEDOM and LIBERTY and they certainly don't care one wit about property rights.  What they do believe in is absolute, dictatorial control over the American landowner.
NO on 933 Campaign Endorsers
20th District Democrats
38th District Democrats
46th District Democrats
A-1 Builders
Aerospace Machinists 751
Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians
American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Council 28
American Federation of Teachers Local 1789
American Federation of Teachers Washington
American Planning Association
American Rivers
Audubon Washington
Benton County Democrats
Bricklin Newman Dold LLP
Camano Action for a Rural Environment
Carnegie Group
Clark County Democratic Committee
Columbia Riverkeeper
Conservation Northwest
Democracy for America (Bellingham)
Democracy for America (Kitsap-Bainbridge)
Earth Ministry
East Lake Washington Audubon
Evergreen Islands
Farm Bank Project
Finest Kind Orchards
Friends of Clark County
Friends of Grays Harbor
Friends of Northshore
Friends of Pierce County
Friends of Skagit County
Friends of the Hylebos Wetlands
Gifford Pinchot Task Force
Grays Harbor Audubon
Green Party of Washington
Guemes Island Property Owners Association
Hart's Nursury, Inc.
Hood Canal Environmental Council
Ironworkers Local 14
King County Democratic Central Committee
Kitsap Audubon
Kitsap Citizens for Responsible Planning
Kitsap County Democratic Committee
Lands Council
League of Education Voters
League of Women Voters of Washington
Lower Columbia Basin Audubon
National Wildlife Federation
Native Fish Society
Northwest Washington Labor Council
Northwest Energy Coalition
Olympia Food Co-op
Olympic Coast Alliance
Olympic Forest Coalition
People for Lake Whatcom
People for Puget Sound
Permanent Defense
Pierce County Democratic Committee
Pilchuck Audubon
RE Sources for Sustainable Communities
Responsible Development
Save A Valuable Environment
Seattle Audubon
Service Employees International Union 775
Service Employess International Union Washington State Council
Sierra Club - Cascade Chapter
Sierra Club - Northwest
Skagit Audubon
Skagit Citizens Alliance for Rural Preservation
Skagit Democratic Committee
Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland
Snohomish County Labor Council
Tahoma Audubon
Taxpayers for Washington's Future
The Nature Conservancy
Thurston County Democrats
Transportation Choices Coalition
United Food and Commercial Workers Washington State Council
Urban Visions
Vancouver Audubon
Vulcan Inc.
Washington State Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters
Walla Walla Democratic Committee
Washington Association of Churches
Washington Blue Green Alliance
Washington Conservation Voters
Washington Environmental Council
Washington Machinists Council
Washington State Building Trades
Washington State Democrats
Washington State Labor Council
Washington Tax Fairness Coalition
Washington Toxics Coalition
Washington Trust for Historic Preservation
Washington Wildlife Federation
Washington Public Interest Research Group
West Sound Conservation Council
West Sound Wildlife Shelter
Western Students for Sustainable Food
Whidbey Environmental Action Network
Winlock Meadows Farm
Yakima Democratic Committee
Yakima Valley Audubon Society
"Never have so many participated in their own demise, while not lifting a finger in their own defense."  (Sounds like Europe circa 1939)

“There are those that recognize danger and act.  There are those who "see" it, but do nothing.  But unfortunately there are way too many of those who don’t "see" anything at all.”      Ron Ewart

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The National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO) is a non-profit corporation, duly licensed in the State of Washington.  It was formed in response to draconian land use ordinances that were passed by King County in Washington State (Seattle) in the late Fall of 2004, after vociferous opposition from rural landowners.  NARLO's mission is to begin the long process of restoring, preserving and protecting Consttitutional property rights and returning this country to a Constitutional Republic.  Government has done a great job of dividing us up into little battle groups where we are essentially impotent at a national level.  We will change all that with the noisy voices and the vast wealth tied up in the land of the American rural landowner.  The land is our power, if we will just use that power, before we lose it.  We welcome donations and volunteers who believe as we do, that government abuses against rural landowners have gone on for far too long and a day of reckoning is at hand.  To learn more, visit our website at
President Roosevelt, in his 1933 inaugural address said, “…. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.  I maintain that the only thing we have to fear is unbridled government.  The only way unbridled government can exist is if WE THE PEOPLE allow it.  Unfortunately, we have.