From: Paul
Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2008 11:10 AM

This is to ask each and all of you to recruit any possible legal help on what I am about to file in the attempt to expose and reverse this travesty and stay out of jail in as little as one week, when the thirty day window from denial of my appeal and collateral attack in the Superior court December 19 runs, and they may send this back to Kenworthy for enforcement of sentence in violation of the rules and despite my attempts to be heard further up.
Excepting for any trusted attorneys you review this with, this information is for your eyes only until I get these next Petitions filed, because I cannot afford to telegraph punches.
What I desperately need from all of you is for you to personally contact any and all even  possibly interested legal resources and foundations, including but not limited to your member attorneys you named previously, and attempt to recruit them pro bono to file amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs in support of my several Petitions about to be filed.  It is literally now or never, if you can be of any help.
I have had an interesting development as of January 3, when the Clerk of the Court of Appeals, after my repeated written protests to their having unlawfully dead-ended my case,  finally issued an Order Recalling Certificate of Finality for "clerical error" permitting Motion For Discretionary Review to the State Supreme Court.
Attached is that incomplete Petition For Discretionary Review to the State Supreme Court on the remaining two counts of contempt, (the portion describing those decisions for which I am requesting review), which has the potential to expose and reverse this whole can of worms, for the egregioius violations of rights and law.  These decisions accurately described there are so outrageous to be more than sufficient to gain any interested attorney's attention, and convince them this thing is rotten to the core, so please urge whoever you might contact to review on a strictly legally privileged and confidential basis, this document.  If they are interested I will be glad to provide the rest as soon as it is completed, including the evidence, or they can simply download it as soon as it is filed and scanned.  A friend of the court brief in this or the other Petitions would be a godsend, for obvious reasons promoting my odds of some hearing. 
In your sole discretion, you might offer them a hefty percentage of a USC Title 42 ss 1982, 1983, 1985, and 1986 federal civil rights case for the deed to Pierce County and the several actor's posessions if they are interested in helping me prevail and pursue redress of grievance, but only if you are personally certain they are trustworthy. 
By this coming thirty day deadline, I have to have filed, (in the presence of a witness, with the rule requiring the Superior Court Clerk NOT to remand this for sentencing until the Court of Appeals accepts or denies review of my Motion For Discretionary Review on the appeal which was just denied.  I am then supposed to have  2 weeks to file the actual motion past filing notice, but I have no reason to suppose they will obey their own rules at this point, so I must have it ready in case they throw me back in jail.
Also, of course, I must have the attached petition/motion to the State Supreme Court filed before then, and no way will I have the resources available to file subsequently due briefs from jail, which is a problem I haven't figured out yet.
The third absolute necessity in the next week, (while I work to try to earn the necessary filing fees and not leave my wife destitute if I am thrown back in jail), is to Petition for an Extraordinary Writ requiring Superior Court to obey the law on the jurisdictional issues in my Motion For Relief From Judgment (statutory collateral attack), which was unlawfully and deliberately deep-sixed with the recent appeal, in a maze of procedural violations, without the required findings on the law for appeal.  That Petition will clear the way for application for direct review to SCOTUS if the state supremes deny review or shoot it down on review, especially on the state constitutional Art. IV ss 6 want of jurisdiction of the district courts over title and possession of our real property at law, which decidely is a case of first impression I still can't believe none of the interested property rights foundations are behind me on.
So do what you can if you can, fellows, and let me know if I can provide anything further within reason.  Obviously, I am swamped enough that I cannot drop what I am doing to meet urgent deadlines to organize and provide reams of material, but the Superior Court appeal case pleadings, at least, are electronic record for review, and the rest is public record, and; I will have completed pleadings for filing here shortly which boil it down further than anything to date.
Thanks and God bless you for your desire to help, and your help to date.  Time is of the essence, and if I don't respond you will know what happened and can always get hold of my brother Dave.
Yours for Freedom,