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Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2006 7:56 AM
Subject:Thurston County . . . Rural zoning draft draws crowd

The Thurston County story is pretty different than King County. In that case, it is truly a rural county -- the council realizes that they DO represent those farmers... they thought they were taking the easier path by knuckling under to legal pressure... but all their constituents had to do was make it clear to the council members that they'd be fired if they didn't stand up for them.
Things are very different in King County, because we rural folks are a minority... We do a demonstration or two... The council laughs it off, knowing we have no ability to effect them. The major media is all urban hard-left, demonstrations get no coverage. Instead of encouraging more rural folks to get involved, and build bigger and bigger events, the people who tried get discouraged and feel their efforts are wasted -- which I fear is actually the reasonable conclusion.
Certainly we would be less of a voice in the wilderness when working at the state level, because we would be less of a minority. It's pretty hard to organize much of a PHYSICAL protest at that level. Perhaps if we could rally everyone for one big event in Olympia or something... Best to give it one big huge shot, rather than a greater number of smaller events, I would think.
But also keep in mind we're going up against big money from the Greens, and hard-left media, and a State Republican Party that is against us.