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Sent: Sunday, July 02, 2006 8:47 AM
Subject: The green Fox Is On The Town Oh (Sound)

I've been talking to some greenish folks about 933, and I've found that standing on the constitution or the idea that the green agenda is wrong is not effective at changing their mind. But here is the one thing that seems to work:
When they claim 933 would be a huge setback to environmental protections, point out that it does not effect society's ability to take or regulate property at all. It simply spreads the burden equally, so that everyone shares in the cost. That will motivate people to be realistic about it. Instead ofstealing billions of dollars from a few people, the People are still free to take whatever they want -- they just have to share the burden of paying for it.
That seems to be the most effective approach... Don't say they don't have the right, etc., etc... They cannot be convinced. Just point out that society will be more careful and "reasonable" about what they take, because they will not be able to dump the entire burden on a tiny number of people.
That is the critical point... 933 will not cost society billions of dollars... They can keep all of the regulations in place if they really want to. It just spreads the burden fairly.