There is no evidence either from ethnographic
accounts or archaeological excavations to suggest
that rates of accidental trauma or interpersonal
violence declined substantially with the adoption
of more civilized forms of political organization.
In fact, some evidence from archaeological sites
and from historical sources suggests the opposite.
Mark Nathan Cohen
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Subject: [Capr-discussion] Thank you, Senator Cantwell...

Yesterday's Seattle Times featured a full page ad on page A13 (inside back cover of A section) with a large headline:

   "Thank You Senator Cantwell, from your friends at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge"

Then there was a beautiful picture a full page width and about 7" tall showing some type of deer with a baby fawn following it across the tundra. Ms. Cantwell's smiling face, outlined with a white border as if it is a snapshot, along with a very classy "shadow" effect, is partially overlaid on the tundra photo, about 8" tall by 4" wide, at a little "haphazard" angle. Again, an exceptional (ie: expensive) professional photo, with a lovely "narrow depth of field" which shows a vague fuzzy natural setting in the background

Below the picture is the following text:

"Thank you for keeping the Arctic refuge out of the defense bill and the oil rigs out of our home. With your courageous vote, you protected a priceless national treasure, rescued funding for our troops, and restored honor to the U.S. Senate."

Below a double line it says "Paid for by: Alaska Wilderness League <blah blah> , Washington DC 20001 and...   <lists about 30 other groups & individuals who apparently "endorse" the ad.>

As an aspiring professional photographer, photo editor, and marketing person, I am extremely impressed. What a great ad!  This wasn't something her nephew put together! Top professionals! And a big newspaper. Cost them well into 5 figures to publish, for sure.

When it says "keep the oil rigs out of our home", it is not clear who it is talking about. The natives in the region are strong supporters of drilling, as they desperately need the jobs it will create. The wildlife in the region would likely benefit rather than being harmed, as they did with the previous Alaskan pipeline.

So my question is, when it says "our home", who is it talking about?  The Alaska Wilderness League" has a Washington DC address, so obviously it isn't them.