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  Thanks for the sad but true story of the loss of our property rights. The King County head Ted Sullivan came out to review the 90% of my property already deemed unusable by the County due to the reasonable use permit I signed as a condition of a building permit. So they already have locked up 90% of my land! In fact Ted told us we probably would not even qualify for a tax break on the 90% wetland because we did not sign into the permit on our own willingness! It has to be reviewed first in mid April. I am not holding my breath. King County is as corrupt as they get, no question. After I get thru this insane process and get into my house, I will write a story about what is happening. Not that anyone will believe me. People already think I am making up how bad the County is. Like you said, once they experience it, they understand where people like us are coming from. At some point it must be stopped and reversed to give us back our rights. But I trust no one that holds political office to do what is right. Even the people who want to change the system here in King County are afraid of the feds and another set of insane restrictions against our rights. We are losing civil rights every day with the current governments (local and Federal) and I do not see it getting better anytime soon. 
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Subject: You Can Check OUt Anytime You Like, But You Can Never Leave

Joe -
Please give me a call regarding your application to do the Public Benefit Rating System and Open Space.  The PBRS and so called Open Space program is very bad.  I ignorantly went into it in 2002 before I became aware of all the WA State, county land grabs.  The following comments are my opinion of what is going on along with tens of thousands of property owners in this county and State and in America. 
As the Eagles wrote in "Hotel California"  ..."You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave....."
King County will lock you in for at least 10 years or you will pay a 20% penalty.  Then  they have the right to trespass on your property anytime to inspect you.  You  become a County operated farm that has to comply with DNR, DDES and all the environmental extreme ends of the government.  They also will charge you near usury interest rate when you do want to get out. 
As you know King County is one of the most corrupt governments in America along with WA State.  Their intent is not to help you but to deprive you of as many of your constitutional and God given rights as they can.  They do this with extortion, false advertising, fraudulent elections, etc.  The 1000 so called Friends of Washington(Futureunwise) and CELP (Center for Environmental Law and Policy) and Nature Conservancy, Autobahn, etc. are behind many of these programs.  They are silent partners who are land vultures, suing land owners, cities, counties, states and the federal government to get their way. 
King County DNR is bragging they have locked up 950 landowners and 10,400 acres.  This is very bad.  The government and environmental groups are illegally stealing our land and water rights.  The legislature, courts and executive offices are so corrupt they pander to the environmental lobby with hat in hand for reelection funding.  It is a true pimping out of our freedoms. Our State and U.S. constitutions are clearly ignored.  A free land owner does not have a chance in court.  You can tell how bad it is, when the land owners are under siege by their own government.  There no common sense in any of these mean green programs. 
The County sent me a letter and wanted to come onto my land.  These people are Gestapo mentality.  Tens of thousands in King County and in Washington State know this. The government  have no clue what they are doing except taking land away from the private sector and locking it up for their own career security and the environmental extremists view of America.  This includes Ted Sullivan who is the Project Program Manager of PBRS and the Timberland Programs. 
This program may sound attractive, as it did to me, 5 years ago, but do not be fooled.  You are walking into "Hotel California" , where you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave..."  This is how the counties and the State are running these land grab programs.  This is not worth the little bit you will save.  We no longer own our own land.  It is a fractionalized ownership, even an indentured ownership.  This is a communicable disease that is spreading across our once free land.
I am getting out of here ASAP.  I am not putting a dime into this government farm any longer because of the socialist in King County and Washington State.  They lie, cheap and steal to stay in power and they have even sent out goons to our fellow property owners trespassing, breaking and entering and brutalizing wherever they can get away with it. This environmental madness will ruin a person and their family just to get your land.  All of us who live off our land know this by direct experience. 
I am a member of several local and national property rights groups.  The property owners, gun owners, contractors, loggers, farmers, ranchers are angry as hell.  We are armed and we are fighting mad.  Those who are not fighting this organized theft of our private property, are on the take.  A hundred years ago rustlers were shot and horse thieves were hung.  These county and state people behind these takings, would not be alive back in the good old days.  The only way they can get away with stealing land, is by silent organized, behind closed doors, political theft.  We know who these people are.   The Seattle people who control the politics in the State do not understand what is going on.  They are waking up as they too are becoming victims to government and environmental madness.
I figure I am "saving" about $100/month on this Open Space program.  I am retired and on a fixed pension and thought it was a good way to cut my cost because I do not have cost of living raises each year.   But I was very wrong.  This program has cost me everything.   Not only can you not use your land the way you see fit, your land ends up not be usable at all, in these programs.  Call me for details.  It has hurt me so much, I am leaving as soon as I can.   A man cannot be free and operate his property in King County as he sees fit.  Environmental insanity is a perversion that is indescribable unless you experience it.  Many of our property owners have invested their lives and savings into their property for retirement and/or to pass on to their own families.  Now they cannot do this.  They become destitute in their retirement years because of this green madness.
These government land control programs are costing tax payers, home and land owners and the future buyers, billions.  Anything government touches turns to salt.  Government urban planners  pretend they can control our lives, our freedoms and our farms while driving us all into the poor farm. 
Jack Venrick
Indentured WA King County Rural Land and Home Owner
Moving To A State That Encourage Freedom Not Socialism
Enumclaw, WA