To Rural landowners, Government Types, Interested Parties and the News Media:

NOTE:  If you don't live in King County, WA, consider yourself very lucky, because King County and the city it surrounds (Ho Chi Min City of Seattle), is a socialist, communist and radical environmentalist stronghold.  But federal, state and local government, everywhere in America, is becoming just like King County and Seattle.  The following is just another example of where your government is headed, unless of course your area has already arrived and it probably has.
At least there is one fighter (Chuck Pillon of May Valley) in King County that is not afraid to take on the entrenched out-of-control establishment.  He saw a grievous wrong and righted it and he didn't do it through established procedures.  He just did it.  At least there is one red-blooded American who is not afraid to face the wrath of God (King County Government-County Executive Ron Sims and all of his minions think they are God) and face them head on.  He may have to pay a huge price for what he did, unless WE THE PEOPLE of King County reach out and support him.
His story was in Monday's King County Journal and you can see it in its entirety at:
Chuck, seeing the real danger to humans (our kids) from placing woody debris in rivers to enhance fish habitat, finally had enough and he took the law into his own hands because government wouldn't do it.  He took his equipment to the Cedar River just south of Renton and took the woody debris out of the river.  How many kids has Chuck saved by this one single act, that government negligence wouldn't do?  Why is it that fish and fish habitat now have a greater priority than humans, the true endangered species?
Similar conditions exist on the Snoqualmie River and government does nothing.  Lives have already been lost there too.  Who knows how many un-reported near misses have occurred? 
In law, these dangerous conditions are called attractive nuisances and if you have an attractive nuisance on your property and someone gets injured or killed (as has happened many times on rivers containing woody debris) you would be liable and probably sued into the next century.  But government can have an attractive nuisance in full view and if your caught removing it to save lives, well then you are guilty of a crime.
Now Chuck is no stranger to controversy.  As a matter of fact, I think he relishes it.  Because Chuck is a fighter and a doer, not a complainer.  Several years ago he took on the establishment (King County Government) because of their in-action in cleaning out May Creek that was causing severe flooding to adjoining landowners.  So Chuck went in with a track hoe and cleaned a portion of the creek out by himself, without a permit.  (see the King County article)  He still has a huge fine against his property for that action.  Now King County destroys wetlands and does things without a permit all of the time, but of course if you and I do it, it's a crime.
Now why does the government put woody debris in rivers?  Because some scientist told them it would benefit fish habit, but the scientist's equations didn't take into account the unintended consequences.  Dead kids.
Now it gets worse.  if you think that what Chuck did is bad then take a look at this idiocy:  Kids were swinging off of trees on a rope into the Cedar River near Renton, WA.  Some of the kids were getting hurt.  So a King County Sheriff cut down the two offending trees.   King County Government, under the department of Development and Environmental Services (DDES), filed a code violation against the King County Sheriff's Office for cutting down trees next to the river to save lives.  
Government filing violations against government.  Ludicrous!!
Now we expect that Chuck is going to face some severe penalties and possibly jail time for what he did.  We are investigating setting up a legal defense fund for Chuck to defray some of his costs.  We will keep you posted on our efforts.
I mean after all.  A legal defense fund was set up for our ex president, one William Jefferson Clinton, that raised millions of dollars.  What was he guilty of?  Lying under oath to a grand jury and sexually messing around with a trollop in the oval office, who could have been a spy.  Ole Billy Boy wasn't trying to save lives like Chuck was, he was giving in to his inner temptations,  lying and adultery.  And he was in town yesterday campaigning for our illustrious senator, one Maria "Cant-do-to-Well".
More later.
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