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"Resist, Resist, Resist"
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
Copyright December 7, 2007 - All Rights Reserved
Every day, government tightens the screws on the American people by passing and then enforcing new law, after new law.  The U. S. Congress never saw a new law to restrict the people they didn't like (more on that later).  But all across America, people are finally waking up and taking action to thwart the lawmakers and the enforcers, by resisting through every lawful means.  Take for example, the story of Andrea Elliot of New York state, who "esplained" it to a couple of nosy agriculture enforcer/inspectors.
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"NY Dairy Farmer Turns the Tables When the Ag Inspectors Arrive for a Mystery Visit"
Over the last two weeks, Andrea Elliott has been writing emails to farm associations, her Congressman, and members of the U.S. House and Senate agriculture committees-- -all urging that the upcoming farm bill not include funding for the National Animal Identification System (NAIS).  She and her husband, Jim, own a dairy farm in the Catskill Mountains of New York, and she made it plain in her notes that she is adamantly opposed to registering the farm's 80 cows under the federal program.

Recently she received a call from an inspector with the New York Department of Food and Markets in Albany that he planned to come by the farm for a special inspection, based on "a complaint" made to the department's Division of Milk Control and Dairy Services.

Andrea couldn't imagine who might have complained, and what the complaint might have been about.  Her farm, Crystal Brook Farms, sells nearly all its milk to a local creamery for pasteurization.  She sells a few gallons of raw milk occasionally to individuals who stop in with their own containers, under New York rules that allow sale of 25 gallons a month without a permit.
Today (Tuesday), the inspector, Bradley Lyle Houck, arrived from Albany, two hours away, together with her regular local dairy inspector, and Andrea was prepared. As soon as they arrived, "I turned on my video camera.  I think that made them a little uncomfortable. "

Then, she says, "I asked the state inspector to fill out my form."  Her form is a three-page "public service questionnaire" that asks for the inspector's identity, his principal reason for doing the inspection, how the information he gathers will be used, and other such data.  "He shook his head and refused," says Andrea. "He said, 'I have to be authorized by Albany.'" He tried to make a call on his cell phone, but couldn't complete the call because the farm area has no cell reception.

Andrea persisted. I said, "This is our property and I can require you to fill it out."  He offered his state ID and badge.

Andrea moved on.  "I asked him why he was here and he said a complaint was received in Albany. "What was the complaint?  "He said he couldn't tell me."

Who filed the complaint?  "He wouldn't tell me.  He just wouldn't go any further.   He said all complaints that come into Albany are treated as confidential. "

"I asked him what statute allows a complaint to be treated as confidential.  He said he couldn't quote a statute."   At that point, the inspector asked if they could talk off-camera.  Andrea declined.

"He said, 'I guess the best thing would be for us to come back another time."  The two got back into their car and took off.

Andrea adds, "At no time did I deny him the inspection.  I didn't ask him to leave.  All I did was ask him for specific reasons for the inspection.. .I have a right to know who my accuser is."

Andrea seems to have added an entirely new dimension to the agricultural inspection.  Especially one with such an intriguing coincidence connecting it to NAIS.
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Did Andrea win a small victory, you bet.  Because she resisted.   Will the inspectors be back?  Probably.  Is Andrea prepared?  Of course, because she believes in the sanctity of her property and God-given property rights and is willing to defend them by challenging and questioning the government enforcer/inspectors' authority.
Now here is another reason you'd better start resisting.  Read the linked article below and start thinking seriously about where America is headed.  To Hell, is where it is headed and organizations like ours and other American patriots are going to be targeted, if another new law is passed, that Congress is considering.  You won't believe what is contained in the Bill, as described in this article.  The source and the writer are credible.
Our individual freedom and our sovereignty are in grave peril.   If we do not wake up, and soon, we risk losing both.  If we don't start resisting the government's usurpation of the "Consent of the Governed", in a decade or so, America, land of the free, will be unrecognizable and we will be anything but free.
The first line of defense is your property line.  Post NO TRESPASSING signs in full view of any road or trail touching your property.  Then send certified letters to the Sheriff of your county, the county commissioners, the director of the planning department (all counties have them now) and then send copies to the State Governor and Attorney General.  Let it be known that you will not tolerate trespass by government agents of any kind and nature.  If you need a sample notice-of-no-trespass letter to send, e-mail us and we will forward a sample to you.
If government agents do show up, take pictures, record their voices, use a video camera or other device and get them on the record.  Don't be shy.  Ask them for their ID and photograph it?  Get the license number and description of their vehicle.  Ask them if they have a warrant?  Question why they are there, what is their legal authority to be there, by local, state or federal statute and have at-the-ready a Public Service Questionnaire for them to fill out and sign.  If they do fill it out, make sure they sign and date it.  If you want a copy of a Public Service Questionnaire, e-mail us with your request.
If you don't protect your property and your rights, make no mistake, government will, with malice, walk all over you because they feel empowered to do so.  Why do they feel empowered?  Because not enough Americans have challenged them and resisted their unlawful actions, much less their authority.
Today is the 66th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  It is our privilege to pay tribute to and honor those that died or were wounded there and all those brave men that are still living, that survived the attack, for they are all heroes.   
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