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From: Deborah Jo Buck
To: rob.mcgowan@kingcounty.gov
Cc: cindy.drake@kingcounty.gov ; jacksranch@skynetbb.com
Sent: Monday, April 21, 2008 9:17 AM
Subject: Regarding parcel number: 0121059061

Below is a letter I sent to King County DDES.
We have lost our home because of DDES.
There is no way that we could have afforded the permits that DDES wanted us to get and spending all that money on permits would not have assured us that we could separate the property and keep our house from demolition.
Our home is out in the woods at the end of a dirt road and we had a nice little home and a very nice yard. Our children and grandchildren can no longer play here. Now all of that has to go away because DDES wants so much money and they don't care about us.
Allen built our home and now is tearing it down. He is a stressful mess.  We are getting no compensation for our property or our home.
Allen's parents don't have to tear down their place and it was also built without permits.
What are we to do. This is really and emotional and financial strain.
Please respond.
Deborah Jo Buck

April 21, 2008
To Whom It May Concern:
Regarding parcel number: 0121059061
2.49 Acres
Address: 29250 & 29238 170th Ave. SE
Kent, WA 98042
Legal owner: Chamma T Buck
My name is Allen Buck.
I purchased .50 acre from my parentís 24 years ago and built a home without permits. I made a proper drain field and put in a 1000 gallon septic.
My .50 acre was not legally separated from my parentís 2.49 acres because we had no funds to do it. Now my home has to be torn down because DDES will not consider the separation unless my home is not there. Why could it not have been "grandfathered"?
DDES wants me to fill in the septic tank and I would like to leave that open for use for a RV dump.
Why is it that my parents do not have to tear down their home or get permits?
I think this is very unfair and I would like to know why this is being done this way.
Please respond.
Allen Lee Buck
29238 170th Ave. SE
Kent, WA 98042
Debbiejobuck@msn.com or bucksugar@cs.com