Paul H. is a silent legend around here.  He has been pretty much his own defense during this whole episode and has done massive amount of research into law local and national.
Paul has a neighbor from hell and a Pierce County Prosecutor and judge from purgatory.   You may as well walk into Boston in 1775 and ask the occupying British for help.
We have many property owner horror stories.  There have been several aborted attempts to document all of them.  A few of us are working with Evergreen Freedom Foundation, a conservative freedom group in Olympia, WA to encourage them to establish a property rights center.  Bob Williams who heads the organization seems to be leaning to doing this.  I have attached an email from one of his interns who was gathering local horror stories.
30,000 property owners and contractors, et al sued King County WA regarding their extortion activities.  An adjoining county judge ultimately ruled against King County but it was the equivalent of a slap on the hand.  There was no penalties imposed nor other enforcement to force the county to change.
I have included some other local stories over time attached above.  If we had minstrels they would be singing about these people. 
Not only is property owners story valid and true but there are hundreds and even thousands of such stories in King County alone.   99.9% of the people are afraid to say anything.  Ron Ewart and some of us did an audit of the King County Department of Development & Environmental Service (DDES).  Think Gestapo.  We found 1500 tickets issued in one year on rural property owners over nonsense issues. 
I have attached the Charles Strauss Story and Chuck Pillon Story and others above FYI that are public knowledge in the Seattle and King County WA area.  These people have gone through hell and Chuck Pillon is still fighting King County.   Many of the members of CAPR and NARLO are there because they have been taken by the government.
Jack Venrick
Rural Land Owner
Enumclaw, WA