I am taking the liberty on this Memorial Day to raise awareness of my 4-year legal fight to proudly erect a large American flag on my commercial property in Leavenworth, Washington.  Thankfully, countless Americans across this great nation may freely display an American flag today or any other day without prior government approval.


Unfortunately, if any Leavenworth Citizen displays a flag without a permit, they will be breaking the City’s flag ordinance enacted to keep me from erecting a large American flag within their Bavarian-themed city.  The flag ordinance requires engineering studies and approval of a building permit to erect a flag of any size, while limiting both the size of flag and height of pole allowed.


Please consider watching the 7 ˝ minute video we produced about the issue, by clicking the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ul44taBMoPk .


Also, please consider forwarding this email to your friends, associates and relatives to help build pressure against Leavenworth’s flag ordinance.


Should you like factual information about my attempt to erect a proud American flag, including an overview/narrative of the matter, city staff reports, trial court briefs, and related information, they are available at my website www.FoundationForLiberty.org/flag.htm.


If it is within your inclination to do so, also please consider contacting the City of Leavenworth directly to give them your (respectful) views of the matter.  The City’s contact information is also available at www.FoundationForLiberty.org/flag.htm.


Finally, and least important of all, if after looking into the matter you should like to make a small (tax-deductable) donation to the quest to fly a proud American flag, please also see www.FoundationForLiberty.org/flag.htm.


May long wave the Star-Spangled Banner over the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.


In Liberty,







Matt Erickson

Crown Industries

207 Mission Ave.

Cashmere, WA  98815

(509) 782-4010

(509) 782-4012 fax

Matt@CrownIndy.com  e-mail




Foundation For Liberty

207 Mission Ave.

Cashmere, WA  98815

(509) 548-1520

(509) 782-4012 fax

President@FoundationForLiberty.org  e-mail



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