To:     NARLO Members, American Rural landowners, Interested Parties and the news media
From: Ron Ewart, President, National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO)
FOR:  All recipients - but mostly those in Washington State
NOTE:  Although the following described event is taking place in Western Washington, these travesties of injustices are happening in your area as well.  Individual landowners are being targeted with a vengeance for even minor environmental violations.  A father and son spent 21 months in jail for allegedly dumping dirt in a wetland when they had written approval to do so from the Army Corps of Engineers and local agencies.  Those written approvals were not allowed as evidence in court.

Fellow rural landowner, Paul Hiatt, Pierce County, Washington, has been under a vicious attack by the judicial system (District court) for 4 years now, for digging a ditch on his own property, allegedly in a wetland.  The prosecuting attorney, planning staff and a district court judge have colluded to manufacture evidence of a so-called environmental crime, where there was none.  They have altered documents and evidence to essentially create the crime.  Paul has been thrown in jail by the judge on trumped-up contempt of court charges with an accompanying cash bond of $100,000.  He sat in jail for over 60 days, unable to defend himself in this Kangaroo court.  It took his brother and a writ of habeas corpus, plus $20,000 in cash to get him out of jail.  He was then later sentenced to 90 days in jail and is free on appeal with another cash bond of $5,000, on top of the $20,000.
The case is now in Superior Court and next Monday Paul is expecting to be thrown in jail again for 90 days this time, while the court totally ignores the rule of law and the indisputable legal defenses that Paul has filed with the court.  They aim to "get" him for his alleged "environmental trespasses".
Attached is a letter we sent today to the Superior Court judge who will be ruling on the case next Monday, with a copy to the presiding judge of the Court, requesting that all charges and fines be dropped against Mr. Hiatt for the reasons we mentioned.  We have also attached a summary of the happenings that led up to the alleged criminal event.  The summary goes up to about late August 2006, where the district court judge threw him in jail for over 60 days.   Other than the case moving up to the Superior court, most of the events since August of 2006 have been procedural.  The summary is quite detailed and not easy to follow, but it does give a chronology of what has happened to him at the hands of our so-called justice system and an out-of-control prosecutor and planning staff.   We ask that you do not contact Mr. Hiatt.  He has enough to be concerned about without fielding a lot of questions.  His very liberty is at stake.
For those who are local (Western Washington), we ask that you review the two documents and write a letter to the court so that it will be received before next Monday.  The appropriate addresses appear in our letter.  After reading the attached information, please put your own two cents worth in a letter to the court in the defense of Mr. Hiatt.  The Hiatt's have exhausted their entire life's savings in this battle and are just about at their wit's end.
If we do not help and defend each other, we have no chance of rolling back the executive, legislative and judicial injustices that will eventually hit each of us, one by one.
Below our signature block is an e-mail from Mr. Hiatt asking for our help.  We are asking for your help on his behalf.  The time, place and date of his hearing next Monday is listed in the first paragraph of his message.  If you can make the hearing for a show of support for one of our own, we know it will be greatly appreciated.  The judicial system needs to hear our outrage.
Please don't let Mr. Hiatt and his wife down.  They desperately need your help, today.
Ron Ewart, President
P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027
425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848
(Fax No. 425 222-4743)

Greetings Ron.
I am hoping you might forward this urgent request, with attachment, for witnesses in my property rights "criminal" appeal hearing for reconsideration of my motion for Relief From Judgment on September 10 at 9 AM at 930 Tacoma Ave S, (Pierce County Superior Court), third floor, Department 13, Judge Nelson.
As you know, I cannot seem to have the law enforced on my behalf against official corruption, still have a 90 day patently bogus sentence (which it is fairly clear they intend to enforce in October/November) hanging over my head for having performed exempt maintenance on my land (under state law), have already spent over 60 days in jail on contrived "contempt" charges for having expected any semblance of fair trial and in the direct attempt to extort property absent compensation, and am low on options after a four year battle which has cost my livelihood and life savings.  If there is any humanly possible answer, it is exposure, and that requires public interest, which is most effective in the form of witnesses physically present in the courtroom.
After having stalled and delayed any appeal hearing for nearly a year since my appeal brief on the wetlands conviction was filed October 18, 2006, and after directly violated the rules and then  the prior court order of this same judge to file that brief by a date set certain, this judge specifically set this hearing for the purpose of granting the prosecution's motion for extension of time to file their brief, after denying my Motion For Relief, (requiring dismissal with prejudice and vacation of all judgments by every known measure of law), on August 3.
Attached is a nearly complete transcript of my oral argument presented August 3, which is public record, to forward for review of everyone who might be interested in attending.  This motion was denied on completely contrived procedural grounds, with absolutely no refutation of the law presented by the prosecutor, either written or oral.
If anyone out there cares that the corruption and lawlessness in our courts is very near the root of the problems rural Americans are facing in the abolition of our property rights, economic liberties, and other, fundamental rights, now is the time to vote with your time and energy.
The head of the Puget Sound Regional Council, Bob "Drool", stated only this morning on NPR that quote, "..We are going to reduce rural population", explaining in detail the Plan, (UN Agenda 21, right out of the playbook), to urbanize the population of the counties of Washington to the cities by social engineering through use regulation.  What we rural land owners need at this point is probably protected minority status...
Sincere thanks to any and all who will make time to attend.  This thing can and will punch a hole in their coercion and control routine when I prevail.  Please come prepared to take notes, to place them on notice We The People are interested.
Best regards,
Paul Hiatt