September 4, 2007

The Honorable Judge Kathryn J. Nelson

Pierce County Superior Court, Dept. 13

930 Tacoma Ave. S., Room 534

Tacoma, WA 98498

cc: Mr. Thomas Larkin, Presiding Judge as well as the news media

Re: Paul Hiatt, Case No. 06 1 03844 6


Dear Judge Nelson:

I am not only a friend of Paul Hiatt, but I applaud his attempts to defend himself against the tyranny of a justice system that delivers little if any justice. He has been pushed, shoved and emasculated by a district court judge (Kenworthy) who clearly had no constitutional jurisdiction in the case and a prosecutor (Rose) who seems to have found some particular delight in persecuting an American citizen for a non-existent crime that they (judge, planning dept. and prosecutor) colluded to manufacture in order to make an example out of Mr. Hiatt for his alleged "crime" of putting a ditch in on his own property. This was made abundantly clear from a statement made in court by Judge Kenworthy, directed at Mr. Hiatt that went as follows: "Mr. Hiatt, that land has a past going back into the mist of time. It has a future going into the mists of time, long after you, and your momentary title to this parcel has faded into nothingness. But in the meantime, your intentional deprivations have violated the law, and for this, you are to be held accountable."

The judge then threw Mr. Hiatt in jail for over 60 days on trumped-up contempt of court charges with a $100,000 bond. While murderers, drug dealers, car thieves, burglars and the like roam free, we have a self-appointed district court judge who believes he is the torch bearer of the environmental "flame" and by God he will see that "his" land is protected from the likes of one Paul Hiatt.

I have read the transcripts and the briefs in this case. The issues for appeal are everywhere. Prosecutorial misconduct appears to be blatant and premeditated. How dare Mr. Hiatt defend himself on constitutional and common-law grounds. How dare he set himself up as his own attorney and take on the closed society that is our judicial system. How arrogant of him that he would enter the secret realm of attorney, prosecutor and judge to seek justice, where there apparently is none.

Mr. Hiatt, his wife and family have endured a 4-year emotional roller coaster and exhausted their life savings at the hands of a vengeful judge and prosecutor who are out to make an "environmental" example of this upstart American citizen who would dare to challenge their authority and allegedly "scar" their sacred Earth. All this while a car thief has to steal a car seven times before he goes to jail.

In light of the above, we respectfully request that you grant Mr. Hiatt a release of all charges with prejudice and put this miscarriage of justice to rest immediately. If you put him in jail and fine him for this manufactured crime by an out of control prosecutor and judge, you will be a party to the continued judicial travesty that the system has perpetrated on a law-abiding Mr. Hiatt and his wife.





Ron Ewart, CEO and also Ron Ewart, President

Triangulum Corporation National Association of Rural Landowners

P. O. Box 1031 P. O. Box 813

Issaquah, WA 98027 Fall City, WA 9802