Subject: Paul Hiatt Case - Connecting Dots of WA Gvt. Collusion Taking Private Property

I would like to suggest the following. 
Secrecy and no exposure to the public is killing our cause and we must go public with the collateral damage to all good property owners who are systematically being taken and framed on trivia property cases all over Puget Sound.  Government is increasingly using this heavy handed approach to make public examples to force the green agenda of the State, Puget Sound Regional Council, county and cities and green non government groups.
We need a consortium of rural and even sympathetic urban district Senators and Representatives to use this growing collateral damage for our best good.  Paul, is your district Senator and Rep sympathetic to your cause and can you get them to attend a meeting?  Perhaps we can we get several of the most hurt district Senators and/or Representatives together, e.g. Senator Roach and Representative Hurst and brainstorm?  I would like to also include a couple people from WA AG Rob McKenna's office.  This could be Tim Ford, see below, and a contact Ron Ewart has that is pro property owners.  Also it would be helpful to have Bob Williams of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation.
Land use restrictions have long ago gone into land and property owner abuse.
Our message is the rural property owners are seeing and experiencing an increasing wave of extreme abusive government enforcement and meddling regarding private property as a result of the green legislation coming out of Olympia, e.g. GMA, CAO, AG Preservation, Open Space, etc. 
Here's  some random research and comments on Paul Hiatt's case.
1.  Here's a picture of Pierce County PA Allen Rose as Chair of Pierce County Library System FYI
Conflict of interest?
2.  Also here is the Investigative Services Division of the Pierce County PA.  Would this be a place to start a compliant against Rose, et al.
"The Investigative Services Unit was created by this office in 1988, becoming the first such program in any prosecutor's office statewide. It has since become a model for other prosecutors, providing the public with independent investigations of alleged official misconduct, officer involved shootings and complex fraud cases and assisting local area law enforcement with unsolved homicides and other violent crimes."
3.  Here is Rose's boss, Gerald Horne, who heads a staff of 225, the largest law office in Pierce County .  I would also want to file this same complaint with him.
4.  Here are the WA Assoc. of PA's, all 35 or so counties.  I wonder if they would be interested in knowing their own dirty case laundry?
5.  Here is the WAPA mission statement FYI
6.  Here is Attorney General Rob McKenna's new Open Government Ombudsman Tim Ford.  I think we should talk to him.
7.  WA AG office mission statement
8.  WA AG "Avoiding Unconstitutional Takings of Private Property" - This is the best link and gives more reason to talk to Rob McKenna's office of Paul's case.

"The failure to fully  consider these constitutional limits may result in regulatory activity that has the effect of appropriating private property even though that outcome may not have been intended. If a court concludes that private property has been “taken” by regulatory activity, it will order the payment of just compensation equal to the fair market value of the property that has been taken, together with costs and attorney fees.  In other cases, a government regulation may be invalidated if it is found to violate constitutional substantive due process rights."

9.  Fish and Wildlife have a special tab with the WA Association of Prosecuting Attorneys -'%20Manual%20Updated%20April07.doc
I would like to see the AG office and some of our more vocal district Senators and Representative have a meeting with us to discuss options. 
I have a growing suspicion that the counties, State, cities and non government groups such as Puget Sound Regional Council are all in bed with each other to varying degrees along with the Fed.  They help each other directly and indirectly to make government work better.  Better said they help take away all our freedoms and liberty better and faster. 
I think a case can be made that property owners and their rights are systematically being regulated, prosecuted and convicted into civil and criminal areas by certain key government leaders at the top in government and non government movement in Puget Sound.  Even if we can just paint a picture of the tracks of the green camel going into the different tents of government, that would be enough for the public to react. 
The methods, extent of energy and aggressiveness toward rural property related issues is a loud statement.  A property owner, whether farmer, rancher, horse boarding, hobby farm, etc. has an inalienable rights to work his land as he see fit.  All of this green unconstitutional GMA/SAO/CAO nonsense needs to be backed out of all rural farm land.  The legislature created this mess and they can dam well correct it before all of us end up in jail and prison with Paul Hiatt.  The counties probably with the encouragement of the environmental groups such as Washington Environmental Council, Autobahn Society, 1000 Friends of Washington/Futurewise, Center for Environmental Law and Policy are successfully pressuring government to become extreme to push their extreme measures.
The height of corruption of pandering to the environmental causes is evidenced in this green taking movement in Puget Sound where the courts and the councils have become Gestapo to innocent rural working property owners who need to tend to their problems on their land ASAP. All these green takings are nonsense and have turned a political party pandering movement into a nightmare for all of us. 
Getting media coverage would be a bonus but I'm not counting on that.  What I am proposing is that a small group of us pay a visit to the AG's office regarding Paul Hiatt and the list of other property owners who have been victimized by the counties.  Rob McKenna office appears to be well armed regarding this subject.  Please check out this on his site;  Ron Ewart tells me he help revise this to better support property owners.  Thanks Ron for that!
Enumclaw, WA

Advisory Memorandum:

Avoiding Unconstitutional

Takings of Private Property

Rob McKenna

Attorney General

December 2006

The extent of the collateral damage on property owners is being withheld even to most in government who do not want to open this taking up for public opinion. 
Evergreen Freedom Foundation and Bob Williams have started gathering the property owner horror stories and expect to start an office on property rights in Olympia.  I do not know the timing but it cannot be too soon.  We will all be dead and buried on our own property by the time Governor Gregoire and her green government take every constitutional and natural right away for us rural property owners unless there is some overt public out cry.  It is just a matter of time before they will go after the urban property owners.

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The National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) remains connected to prosecutors in every

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SNOHOMISH COUNTY seeks a land use attorney with at least five (5) years of experience advising clients and

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