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From: Ron Ewart, President, National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO)
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"One Man Can Make a Difference"
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
Copyright November 30, 2007 - All Rights Reserved
One man (or woman), who has the courage, the will and the vision, can make a difference.  That difference was never more clear than in the battle between one Tim Eyman and the Washington State Supreme Court, the Washington State Governor and the Washington State Legislature.  By catalyzing thousands of Washington State voters with his constant message of lower taxes and government oversight, he beat all of these government types into submission and rubbed their noses in it.  When the State Supreme Court ruled Initiative 747 unconstitutional, an initiative that put a 1% annual cap on property tax increases, Tim went to work like no other and whipped the voter/taxpayers into a frenzy that poured all over the Governor and the Legislature.  Under extreme political pressure they had no other choice but to call a special session and reinstate the provisions of Initiative 747, without changes or modifications.
Tim Eyman, that one man, love him or hate him, has used the two issues of government control and egregious, unreasonable burdens on taxpayers, to raise the level of awareness about what government was doing and what government was doing was stealing our tax money for every damn little program they were fed by the socialist do-gooders and the radical environmentalists. 
One of the Senators from the Ho Chi Min socialist City of Seattle, Adam Kline, got into a pissing match with Eyman during the special session, on where Eyman thought there was fat in the budget.  Eyman wouldn't answer him, so like so many liberals, he launched into a name-calling tirade against Eyman, calling him a chicken and a coward in front of the cameras.  These liberals just can't stand it when the people show the lawmakers that they serve at the pleasure of the "Consent of the Governed".  Fortunately, Eyman was wise enough not to dignify Kline with a response.
In one day, the state House and Senate passed into law, what the not-so-wise State Supreme Court took away in a five-to-four decision.  Once again, the voters and the taxpayers won because one man, Tim Eyman, who used the bully pulpit he had established on behalf of taxpayers over the last 10 years, to bring the out-of-control and mostly arrogant lawmakers, to their knees.
So yes, one man can make a difference, if he has the courage, the will and the vision to stand up and let the three branches of government know that he is mad as Hell and he isn't going to take it anymore, and then do something about it.
I applaud Tim Eyman personally and all those other one-mans who have the courage to take on Goliath with just a sling shot, together with the anger of the people who are mad as Hell and aren't going to take it any more.
Let this one man, Tim Eyman, be a beacon to others to take on Goliath with nothing more than a sling shot and the "Consent of the Governed".  Goliath was defeated and so can a government who has lost all touch with the people they are supposed to represent and who have lost all allegiance to the Constitution of the United States, as they attempt to take America down the dead-end path of abject socialism.  But the one mans of America aren't going to stand by and let them do it without a fight.
Ron Ewart, President
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