Paul -
I have just reread your material attached to me of 8-4-07 regarding the illegitimacy of the taxes on private property, e.g. human labor, all human production costs, et al.  addressed to the Office of the National Taxpayer Advocate, et al.  It is brilliant work and reflects an unbelievable amount of research time.  You may well serve yourself as an legal research fellow in any constitutional law firm.  I can see a large office helping you pursue a legal education in whatever specialty you choose.  I know you are consumed now, but in the future, you may well find a place in this growing freedom movement to play an even more pivotal role in returning our long lost basic freedoms and liberties.
You like Gor,  have a genetic predisposition to the law.  Many of our leaders have been driven to the top of their field by pain and suffering.  We need people like you in prominent places to carry the flag of freedom.  The Institute of Justice and Pacific Legal Foundation would love to have you on their staff as a volunteer at least, I would imagine.  And this is the irony, though they cannot help you and us with your case directly, there may be a greater purpose or a mutual great purpose, if you will.
We desperately need constitutional law advocates to assist property owners and all others who are systemically being illegitimately devastated of every natural, inalienable, common, constitutional and prior high court precedence decision on basic rights.  I would like to see a volunteer office established within and under an existing law firm to support cases such as yours.  Also this Office of Constitutional Advocacy would offer a "home" or spring board for other people such as yourself who have become self taught basic rights advocates.
I would like to suggest this to Bob Williams of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, PLF and IJ and  the Williamson Law Office, Bill Williamson.www,
There is an growing vacuum in the spirit of freedom that needs to be quickly filled with the likes of you and all of us who are drawing lines into the sand of takings that have eroded the framers and God's laws long ago.
Last and not least, I did not see in your research above mention of taxes on other private property including private land and homes and other personal property.  Do you have any research or wisdom in this area?
Thanks for all you have done to become a living example of the confiscation of our basic rights.  This was meant to be a short email, but I rant on as usual.
Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, WA